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2020 Video games
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
What video game releases are you excited for in 2020? A few of mine: 1. Sons of the Forest 2. Dying Light 2 3. Cyberpunk 2077 3. Watch Dogs Legion Maybe Half Life: Alyx too, if I get a decent paying job I will buy VR this year
2020-01-05 13:52
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God | 
Poland henlo
crusader kings 3
2020-01-05 13:52
Cr2 looks pretty old now, I guess a new one is necessary
2020-01-05 13:54
God | 
Poland henlo
its mostly because of the old mechanics and the old engine ck2 right now is at its peak when it comes to the playerbase but there is only so much u can do with an 8 year old game especially after 7 years of dlc added to it
2020-01-05 14:00 Wtf happened April 2018
2020-01-05 14:06
God | 
Poland henlo
they gave away the base game for free on steam
2020-01-05 14:07
Ahh of course. That's still pretty crazy though.
2020-01-05 14:10
God | 
Poland henlo
it was a free weekend thing everybody got it in their steam library for a weekend and if they played it they got to keep it i imagine most people turned it on at least once for this reason hence the big numbers
2020-01-05 14:15
+1 CK2 is a pretty great game but clearly wasn't designed to be that big and last that long. CK3 could actually be awesome. Plus grand strategy games could really need a good title, e.g. Civ6 is pretty shit.
2020-01-05 18:36
Paradox tends to do a pretty good job. Although with most games like that, there's usually still a lot of tweaking/changes to be done after initial release which can disappoint most but they usually eventually get it right. I think Civ 6 came a long way with the recent DLCs, similar to how paradox handled Stellaris (and I guess if you look back, same with Civ 5 as well). There are definitely some good titles out there, but this has the potential to take the top spot.
2020-01-06 00:52
yeah Paradox actually has some decent games, bit overpriced but it's often small devs so I don't mind too much Civ 6: I don't see it. It's been like 3 years and multiple DLCs and half of the players still play Civ 5. It has never taken that long and while the game isn't all bad I just don't get what it even wants to be. Like they still have multiplayer but it's terrible, AI in singleplayer is laughably bad, basically just spam archers and kill your neighbor, also playing against a stupid but cheating AI isn't fun. And the content they add seems pretty useless, e.g. I don't even mind the climate change thing but it's so late game it's literally irrelevant. And CK does a much better job at nations/dynasties/RPG aspects, CIV is just "lol you are gandhi, also here are two special units, don't you feel like a civilization?". And like a hundred other dumb stuff... e.g. all victory types are basically "invest in science".
2020-01-06 01:54
I definitely understand what you're saying. I pretty much only play multiplayer with friends so I don't usually run into the same AI issues you described, however, that is kind of the case in most games like this, no? Some get it better than others (and civ is definitely low on the totem pole) but generally, the AI is pretty shit compared to a player. I will say you're 100% right though in saying 'invest in science'. You need science for pretty much any victory type. I guess I still enjoy it because I never looked at civ 6 as a 'replacement' for civ 5. I still play both and enjoy them all the same.
2020-01-08 23:42
It just seems the game has no direction. Realistically it can't be everything. E.g. they could try to use machine learning and create a really good AI. Or improve multiplayer. Or just be a casual game but Civ 6 basically wants to be everything and just ends up being mediocre. It feels like for everyone part of Civ there is now another game that does the same but better.
2020-01-09 02:10
CK3 is gonna be poo-poo
2020-01-06 11:07
CK2 is already an RPG-strategy mixture
2020-01-06 11:08
SWE brain
2020-01-06 11:09
you edited your comment
2020-01-06 11:09
ok swede
2020-01-06 11:09
Brazil 1930
dying light 2 here too
2020-01-05 13:52
Mount and Blade: Bannerlord if it finally decides to release
2020-01-05 13:52
And also CSGO 2
2020-01-05 13:53
There probably won't be a new CS game for a while now, Valve have managed to really boost CSGO's players
2020-01-05 13:57
Finland Smoonah
I wouldn’t call cheaters a “boost in players”
2020-01-05 19:06
2020-01-05 18:22
March I guess? Some people already have Beta so it'll be released for sure.
2020-01-05 18:34
2020-01-05 18:34
+100000 the mechanics feel great on the beta and i can't wait to be able to play single player
2020-01-06 03:54
Slovakia bad_at_life
hope forest 2 will be fun as 1
2020-01-05 13:54
Same, I'm also interested to see how different it will be, if it will be about bringing the fight to the monsters as the trailer suggested
2020-01-05 14:04
0/8 nt ireland
2020-01-05 13:55
What is a bait about this And I'm not Irish wtf
2020-01-05 13:56
never heard of this games and they look shit when i searched them up
2020-01-05 13:56
There's no way you haven't heard of any of 2,3 and 4 1 is a sequel to The Forest, which was a great game
2020-01-05 13:58
ur prob a 43 year old playing emo games i feel bad for u now
2020-01-05 14:05
I'm 18 and none of those are emo games
2020-01-05 14:07
how can you be hltv patriot if you get baited like that smh my head
2020-01-20 16:23
1. I know he was baiting 2. I'm not patriotic towards hltv, I'm a patriot on hltv
2020-01-20 17:02
Netherlands n0b8m8
0/8 nt patriot
2020-01-05 13:56
Fak u
2020-01-05 14:02
Only cyberpunk
2020-01-05 13:56
dying light 2. recently bought dying light and finished it on 100%, possibly the best game of the decade for me.
2020-01-05 13:57
Europe Zumito
Elden Ring
2020-01-05 13:58
Looks interesting. I just finished Sekiro and that was great
2020-01-05 14:02
God | 
Poland henlo
+1 i cant believe no one is talking about this game especially after the success sekiro had this year
2020-01-05 14:02
No one's talking about cuz there isn't much to talk about we only got a very small teaser.
2020-01-05 14:10
Germany DokiDoki
Warcraft 3: Reforged
2020-01-05 13:59
For me; 1.Cyberpunk 2077 2.Dying light 2 3.Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 and maybe Resident Evil 3 Remake,but not as many as first 3 game.
2020-01-05 14:00
baldurs gate III by far
2020-01-05 14:10
Who cars about these shitty games cs bestest 😎🤙
2020-01-05 14:11
2020-01-20 16:23
Watchdogs obv, but I doubt my pc will be able to run it
2020-01-05 14:13
Nepal Nepali
Four more months to go.
2020-01-05 14:18
To Cyberpunk?
2020-01-05 18:21
Nepal Nepali
2020-01-06 17:18
juice | 
Iceland vvrid
so dying light 2 is not out yet? jesus i thought there is already 3 of them.. overrated game af
2020-01-05 14:20
There's Dying Light and Dying Light: Bad Blood, that's their battle royale thing that I think was a bit shit, although I never played it.
2020-01-05 18:20
Imagine being hyped for ubisoft trash.
2020-01-05 18:21
Why not?
2020-01-05 18:24
Guaranteed garbage.
2020-01-05 18:25
Not all Ubisoft games are garbage!
2020-01-05 18:26
They are. Their worse than EA. Your flag gives you a pass for being excited for legion though.
2020-01-05 18:28
Watch Dogs 1 was good, and so are Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and more!
2020-01-05 19:01
2020-01-05 21:02
2020-01-06 01:08
Assassin's Creed Origins was kinda good but Assassin's Creed Odyssey was very good
2020-01-06 11:11
No they weren't lol.
2020-01-06 13:28
Yes they were lol.
2020-01-06 17:57
Imagine enjoying an ass creed game. I'd be embarrassed if someone saw me playing it.
2020-01-06 21:51
United Kingdom Cosharek
Mothefucker imagine hating on someone because they like a game that you don't, get a life kiddo
2020-01-09 03:13
Slovenia Josip09
+1 i don't remember last ubi game
2020-01-05 18:26
im hyped for vikings in ac
2020-01-05 18:36
1. Cyberpunk 2077 2. Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga 3. Overwatch 2 (maybe this year, and it really isn't a new game)
2020-01-05 18:23
damn who plays lego these days? when i was a child i played it with my bro
2020-01-05 18:37
real mens play lego games
2020-01-05 18:48
Dying light The last of us That's it
2020-01-05 18:23
The last of us 2 Ghost of tsushima Nioh 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Doom eternal Elden ring
2020-01-05 18:26
Slovenia Josip09
1. the last of us 2. 2. cyberpunk 2077 3. ghost of tushima
2020-01-05 18:27
Same for me, and in that order. Back 4 Blood at #4 I guess too.
2020-01-06 00:42
Denmark Erkin1
Elden ring Psychonauts 2
2020-01-05 18:29
Last of Us 2 Cyberpunk 2077 Kerbal Space Program 2 Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord
2020-01-05 18:39
Legion keeps on getting delayed so I don't think we're getting it in 2020, fellow fan
2020-01-05 18:37
Europe Niko0
Counter Strike Source 2
2020-01-05 18:49
Europe Niko0
good vid but its going to happen. Its so s1mple to port csgo to source2 and make billions of dollars again.
2020-01-20 16:18
they invest in VR
2020-01-20 16:20
Europe Niko0
Fuck no, reason why vr hasnt blown up is that its not profitable yet
2020-01-20 18:45
Azerbaijan Talley
watch dogs legion? are you serious?
2020-01-05 21:03
steel | 
Canada ZHF
Breath of the wild 2
2020-01-05 21:04
1st one was mediocre
2020-01-06 22:52
steel | 
Canada ZHF
I liked it alot
2020-01-06 22:56
all games are the same nowadays, either you get games where you are in a post apocalyptic world and robots are a real thing and you are trying to survive or you get an open world game with nothing new
2020-01-05 21:04
2020-01-05 21:55
nothing new, tries to be like dark souls
2020-01-06 00:16
You know they're by the same developer right?
2020-01-06 00:30
then why release it if it bring nothing new to the table? just another money grab and people actually liked it because it had minimal changes lol
2020-01-06 03:28
It does bring something new to the table. Have you played either?
2020-01-06 03:39
ok boomer
2020-01-06 22:53
Half Life Alyx Last of Us Part II Sons of the Forest Cyberpunk 2077 Marvel's Avengers
2020-01-05 21:57
Stalker 2? Anyone?
2020-01-05 22:03
2021 brat
2020-01-06 00:32
Final fantasy 7 remake
2020-01-06 00:33
The last of us 2
2020-01-06 00:35
United States AuraVII
1. Resident Evil 3 remake 2. Dying Light 2 3. Sons of the Forest
2020-01-06 00:53
Denmark nrth_LUL
1. Monstrum 2 2. Resident evil 3 remake
2020-01-06 00:55
New stronghold, hopefully a remake of crusader but with bette graphics. Better than AoE btw.
2020-01-06 00:56
The Outer Worlds: The Sinking City: EDIT, ill link trailers as well.
2020-01-06 01:01
2020-01-06 11:13
Yeah :)
2020-01-06 11:23
Played it twice through and wasn’t disappointed, does it have a later PC release or something?
2020-01-09 03:02
It releases on Steam 2020. And it says this on Steam: "The Outer Worlds will be available on Steam one year after launch on other exclusive digital PC platforms." So yeah, i guess i cba to get it some place else and just w8 for steam ^^
2020-01-09 03:09
Europe Niko0
why just not epic store? I bought g2a code for like 14.99e
2020-01-20 16:19
????????????????? Supporting Epic and G2a in 2020 LMFAO. I could just wire my money to some shady mafia in Balkan instead.
2020-01-20 16:20
Europe Niko0
Who cars. I'd rather wire 10e to Balkan mafia than 59.99e to Gaben.
2020-01-20 18:45
lol, you are part of the problem. Obv Valve is sh*t as well, but these shady ass companies such as G2A and Epic is way way worse. Here:
2020-01-20 18:53
but epik game man plant tree
2020-01-20 19:00
Europe Niko0
Who cars. Im happy that some people are so optimistic that they think individual choices matter, but this grey area exist neverless, so you might as well get something out of it.
2020-01-20 19:18
1. Stop using this shit meme. 2. You should care, but expected from a Fortnite kid i suppose.
2020-01-20 19:41
Europe Niko0
1.Car? 2. Sorry, i thought i was speaking to an adult with valid opinions, not a kid who goes offensive without any reason. Have a good day.
2020-01-21 16:34
2020-01-06 01:04
Slovenia cahinho
2020-01-06 01:10
2020-01-06 01:16
Not this year
2020-01-06 01:16
No reason to make a new one when they're setting peak player records
2020-01-06 01:17
Europe Niko0
Yes this year. Its going to be just plain o'l csgo ported to source2
2020-01-20 18:46
Not this year, they have no reason to yet. Making the game free has bought it at least another year of life, probably more. And they just released Agents. Don't forget that Valve are only in it for the money.
2020-01-20 18:52
Europe Niko0
Yes, thats why this is greatest time to reveal new CS. Think about it, there is now hundreds of thousands people following cs scene, so if new game gets released, those same people will rush to steam to buy it.
2020-01-20 19:19
2020-01-06 03:35
all the league of legends games besides the card game because fuck card games on a computer
2020-01-06 03:38
Guatemala Nicaraqua
Counter Strike : Next
2020-01-06 03:49
haha lmao sooner some other company do better e-sport shooter rather than valve will fix cs:go
2020-01-20 16:16
Counter Strike the evolution.
2020-01-06 11:04
FIFA 21 Kappa
2020-01-06 11:04
Age of Empires IV The Elder Scrolls VI GTA VI
2020-01-06 11:17
Csgo 2
2020-01-06 11:26
Counterstrike: Global Offensive mens)))
2020-01-06 13:34
2020-01-06 13:39
Ukraine Sav1aN
Dota 3
2020-01-06 22:57
Sons of the Fores??? What is this
2020-01-06 22:57
Sequel to The Forest
2020-01-06 23:13
2020-01-06 22:59
Flight Simulator 2020
2020-01-08 23:44
Resident evil 3
2020-01-08 23:44
1. Cyberpunk 2077 2. Dying light 2 3. Watchdogs Legion Hate on them all you want but I really enjoy a lot of Ubisoft games, especially the recent AC games. Hoping for a new one this year sincethey took a break last year, might be 2021 for new consoles or something.
2020-01-09 03:08
Poland Arknes
2 of 4 games are from polish company. EZ 😎
2020-01-20 15:51 "Polish exports of games, consoles and video game devices increased by an astonishing 3,810.5 per cent in the five-year period from 2013-18, making the country the fourth largest video game exporter in the world, behind only China, Hong Kong and Japan."
2020-01-20 19:09
Poland Arknes
2020-01-21 16:40
Kazakhstan despard
The last of us 2 & cyberpunk
2020-01-20 16:15
1 Cyberpunk 2077 2 Ghost of tsushima 3 Nioh 2 4 The last of us 2 5 Dying light 2
2020-01-20 16:22
Wolcen Diablo 4. 2021 GTA 6. 2021-2022
2020-01-20 17:05
Serbia K4bby
Total War Troy Age of Empires Warcraft III Reforged Doom Eternal Ori and The Blind Forest sequal
2020-01-20 19:08
Belarus slpng
wow shadowlands
2020-01-20 19:19
0/8 wow is dead
2020-01-20 19:20
Belarus slpng
stfu wqs are 10/10
2020-01-20 19:24
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