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kamil replaces MiCHU in ex-VP roster - Report
Italy EKSDEE1 
kamil - ex- Izako Boars players, he also used to be cs:go coach. - He us practising with ex-VP roster. possible VP roster if they want to play together: Snax kamil phr snatchie vegi Kuben (C) But there are also informations about snax and vegi joining MiKSTURA so its not official yet. source - Eksperci Chomcziego group
2020-01-06 19:09
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He is practising*
2020-01-06 19:12
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2020-01-06 19:13
Their team will just get worse without Michu (their best player). No hope for them.
2020-01-06 19:15
Don't care
2020-01-06 19:15
Czech Republic Limacool
Kamil is actually really good igl
2020-01-06 19:15
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not bad, but if they want to become tier2/3 team they need to change phr
2020-01-06 19:18
next morelz or okolicious LMAO
2020-01-06 19:16
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2020-01-06 19:21
Denmark Chokemark
2020-01-06 19:19
literally who? loool
2020-01-06 19:23
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kamil- played for Izako-Boars, was a coach, he also played for like 2 months in some Indian team xd
2020-01-06 19:26
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so this guy wasn't good enough to play in any polish team and retired to be a coach? ok this is even more random move than +okoliciouz
2020-01-06 19:36
At least they have igl now
2020-01-06 19:27
Who replaces who in what team?
2020-01-06 19:28
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kamil replaces michu in ex-VP roster
2020-01-06 19:30
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Snax washed up, some random from pact, fattie from AGO, Snatchie that missing 9/10 shots and kuben that do nothing in that team LMAO SRACZIE wanted go international but as you can see no one want him so he decide to stay with noobs LMAOOO cringe as fuck
2020-01-06 19:30
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doest change the fact that snatchie is with minise best Polish sniper
2020-01-06 19:31
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LMAOOO MHL is 100x better than these noobs also hades nt, even stomp playing decent gg for your no brain.
2020-01-06 19:32
now -phr +mozuinho/rallen and ez
2020-01-06 19:30
Snax/Furlan Dycha Michu mhl Vegi/innocent Unfortunately impossible to make it happen
2020-01-06 19:35
How do you learn tha... Oh wait... ur flair OMG
2020-01-06 19:39
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