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don't use bois
BnTeT | 
Ethiopia bruhboi1337 
Deposited 40 dollars and the transaction went through smoothly. I showed them proof and everything but "they could not confirm payment belonged to their services". And betting on this site before, it is rigged. They allow betting on fortnite, where they sponsor the players. And once I put in 50 dollars on the streamer winning, he just rushes in and dies + laughs like he doesn't care. I bet on him losing and he tries super hard (he is actually really fking good). This site's tournaments are also sketch af. Please switch to a different site or something just don't use
2020-01-09 05:23
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United States unban_forsaken 
how much?
2020-01-09 05:24
North America FutureOfNA 
it was literally the first 3 words
2020-01-09 05:27
Estonia whosmans 
2020-01-20 06:30
Czech Republic Xedys 
NA education
2020-01-20 16:04
Imagine thinking gambling services are legitimate, you got defrauded and have no one to blame but yourself.
2020-01-09 05:25
i don't give 2 shits about 40 dollars, this site hosts tournaments and has ads everywhere. Most american betting sites are legitimate. Once betting sites are international they are fking frauds.
2020-01-09 05:27
You gave more than 2 shits you gave like 100+ words ahahahahha
2020-01-09 05:59
2020-01-09 06:22
I applaud your selflessness
2020-01-09 06:22
Germany RobiDable 
Yeah, he was throwing beacuse wanted your 50$ lolololololol
2020-01-09 05:26
i tested this on another sponsored stream and same shit. It is so obvious and he has 12 viewers.
2020-01-09 05:27
North America TL0 
lmfaoooo you're dumb af for putting money on a sketchy site claiming to be "online gambling"
2020-01-09 05:27
which is what half the people do here. THanks.
2020-01-09 05:28
United States BGS 
half? like 3/4, most people are to young to know how sketchy it is though.
2020-01-09 06:25
Germany leftist 
hello im ggbet ceo ty for $40, ez money ez lyfe
2020-01-09 06:10
faking bish
2020-01-20 06:34
just use bet365 or betway dude never these no name sites
2020-01-09 06:11
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy 
+1 those ESPORTS BETTING SITES always seem sketchy lmao just a use a normal one like u said: bet365
2020-01-09 06:13
Brazil Collee 
2020-01-20 16:09
2020-01-09 06:12
Don't risk on no names sites. seems sketchy.
2020-01-17 16:38
these sites with "GG" "loot" and shit are just a big scam
2020-01-20 06:27
judging from the way you write you are probaby not even 18 years old you aren't allowed to gamble yet
2020-01-20 06:28
gg.scam 😂🤣
2020-01-20 06:30
Europe Vallon3 
Are you at least 18? Thanks for the warning, though.
2020-01-20 06:31
Estonia 424hhhh 
-Gambles -loses his money -gambles again -loses his money again -"DONT USE GG.BET FAKIN FAKED RESULTS LOOKIN ASS WEBSITE BAD WEBSITE BAD GAMBLE" Dude, just don't fucking gamble lmao. The house is supposed to win on any website / casino.
2020-01-20 06:45
Russia RogueDecay 
dont trust sites that are getting promoted in esports, simple as that small tip, if withdrawal takes more than few hours on virtual wallets like paypal this site is legit SCAM may be they not gonna scam you right away, but eventually they will fair bookers always does the best service to compete among others, many of them are so big they don't really need a promotion
2020-01-20 07:09
Canada rayrayrayray 
Use pinnacle
2020-01-20 07:17
I dont think you was the only one who made a bet on that event) im pretty sure that someone made an opposite bet and won)
2020-01-20 15:41
betting 50€ on fortnite streamers in some random pub games? what - the - fuck ......
2020-01-20 15:45
Sweden hoey 
+1 this guy has a betting problem
2020-01-20 16:05
this is exactly the result you should to expect when betting on fortnite)
2020-01-20 15:47
imagine betting on fortnine streamer LMAOOOO 1 iq
2020-01-20 15:50
No need to scam if you have such clients)
2020-01-20 15:55
shrek | 
Norway de1ka 
maybe, I had deposited 2 euros at my birthday into it (i know its isnt that big) but I placed like 20 cents on random slots machine and won 20euro, from first spin and they restricted my account xD then I wrote to support, but it couldnt do anything, then I said that I will contact europe human rights and they instantly removed restriction and returned my 20 euro.
2020-01-20 16:02
Czech Republic Xedys 
2020-01-20 16:08
shrek | 
Norway de1ka 
yeah rofl
2020-01-20 16:12
i think larger problem is betting on FORTNITE STREAMERS lmao 😂
2020-01-20 16:13
Them and i swear half those games are thrown anyways lul
2020-01-20 16:14
Cant afford to get scammed by sketchy gambling servers.
2020-01-21 10:34
Be careful with betting sites such this.
2020-01-21 12:55
Sketchy, scam indeed.
2020-01-23 14:06
betting on fortnite streamers is a bad move haha
2020-01-23 14:18
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