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TSM Roster
Rumored to be: WARDELL vanity Subroza Sick moose There is no way an org as big as TSM is actually gonna get this team lmao
2020-01-12 09:34
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2020-01-12 09:34
-team except for Wardell
2020-01-12 09:38
Subroza is still a known cheater too, I don't think TSM would be that braindead to sign him lmao.
2020-01-12 09:39
United Kingdom Dylan9007 
Is he tho
2020-01-13 08:42
BeZ | 
Denmark zixzenz 
A known cheater? go take an IQ test rn I'm curious fr
2020-01-13 09:08
A little rude but in my opinion I think he is/used to, my bad for saying 'known' but take a look at this. I'm not a fan of bcko but this seemed to intriguing.
2020-01-13 17:14
If he were a known cheater he'd be out by now. Every pro has people that look at some of their work and claim "cheater!"
2020-01-13 17:16
Yeah that's why I pointed out, it was my mistake for using "known".
2020-01-13 17:17
+1 . All good. :)
2020-01-13 17:18
I want to +rep you for being understanding.
2020-01-13 17:18
BeZ | 
Denmark zixzenz 
So you are one of those zzz... Flusha cheats too, right?
2020-01-14 06:26
I don't have enough knowledge in the cheating subject, it was just my opinion. God knows who was and still is.
2020-01-14 16:50
BeZ | 
Denmark zixzenz 
I bet you no one is in the top scene.
2020-01-15 06:49
Canada ssau 
what people fail to understand is that you can make a video like this, of absolutely any pro player you want. if you're looking for it you're going to find it. these things happen ALL THE TIME. doesn't mean the player is cheating.
2020-01-15 07:34
Yes of course, but this one is probably the most convincing one yet, most people even agree that he did cheat during this period in CLG. Watch the video, you can't tell me those were just coincidences.
2020-01-15 16:29
i'm convinced he cheated during / before his time with CLG. There is a lot of evidence, fishy crosshair wiggles and suddenly its all gone and he's back at beinga mediocre player. i know it's innocent until proven guilty but i for myself am 100% sure he did.
2020-01-13 17:20
2020-01-13 17:43
United States MacAnTosh 
moose imo is capable of being a actual top NA talent
2020-01-12 10:50
I don't know about that. he never really dazzled in tier 2 NA CS tbh I don't think he's bad, but this is TSM. They are a HUGE org in LoL. They should have a better team lol edit: I mean maybe WARDELL, moose if you want a risk or something, and then I don't even know who else is left and available right now with all the orgs that just moved in. But DEFINITELY not fucking vanity, Sick, and Subroza
2020-01-12 10:53
Sick is talented but so damn inconsistent. Moose is actually good like they’re saying and wardell. I’d add two euros and and they’d be competitive at t2
2020-01-13 08:17
yea but they are TSM, that should be a tier 1 name lol
2020-01-13 10:16
This just looks like a fpl mix wtf
2020-01-12 09:36
+1. Needs some changes imo but not sure who.
2020-01-12 09:36
Subroza and vanity for Europeans Edit: maybe refrezh and styko
2020-01-13 08:19
2020-01-13 17:12
it looks just terrible lmao. But according to RushB and some other sources, this is what they are looking at
2020-01-12 09:37
2020-01-12 09:39 RushB is usually pretty good. Not Dekay levels of accurate but still rather good. Obviously being PRELIMINARY doesn't even mean it's close to finalized, but even to consider this come on lmao
2020-01-12 09:41
Netherlands staticNL 
weren't they the guys that said TL were looking to change naf for autimatic, and it turned out to be a complete lie based on what one "source" said, who didn't really have any insight into the team, lol.
2020-01-13 21:50
-WARDEL +DaZeD -sick +ryann
2020-01-12 09:48
device | 
Asia krezjj 
DaZeD?????? ALOOOOOOOOOO????????????????????
2020-01-12 09:52
hahaha +1 just for comedy reasons
2020-01-12 10:03
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
m0E DaZeD steel Stewie2k smooya (?)
2020-01-12 10:10
Ocean? cro_? Troubley?
2020-01-12 10:10
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
doesnt matter u can join their Teamspeak for 50$ / game this org becomes the richest by the end of the year, then they buy astralis ez
2020-01-12 10:11
brilliant idea
2020-01-12 10:26
smn | 
better than their previous NA roster
2020-01-12 10:05
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
2020-01-12 10:09
India stiwa5k 
Doesn't sound so bad
2020-01-12 10:27
Russia MeowZer 
can be max top50 with such personality like wardell
2020-01-12 10:28
I think they'd do great against the likes of NA giants like Bushido Boys, CLG Red, and of course Asuna's Anime Aimers though they might struggle against the behemoth that is the New England Whalers
2020-01-12 10:34
Russia MeowZer 
matchup with AAA wil bee tough for them
2020-01-12 10:33
true, also edit
2020-01-12 10:34
woxic | 
Turkey sedo7 
why would tsm buy this tier5 roster?
2020-01-12 10:28
how should I know? lol
2020-01-12 10:31
Zeus | 
Russia V9l1k 
TSM Roster is BIG joke!
2020-01-12 10:48
tired of seeing wardell play amongst noobs, can't he just get caught by a good team?
2020-01-12 10:50
Sweden meistr0 
Really trashy team yeah. They should do: WARDELL Moose +3 Or buy a EU team etc.
2020-01-12 10:51
With how many orgs that have just moved in available talent IS scarce. I mean TSM has the capital to pull some talent off smaller orgs if they're willing to spend the cash. Possible targets are....... slim but: WARDELL jamppi (where did he go btw?) nawwk (although he is likely going to NiP) boltz NaToSaphix moose kioshima like who the fuck else is there right now? There's just no more room for big orgs unless they straight up buy a top team
2020-01-12 11:03
Sweden Dooozy 
Jamppi are not allowed to play in majors, so TSM are probably not looking to sign him, OttoNd would be good choice instead.
2020-01-12 19:09
I can't remember, did Valve ever actually make a statement on Jamppi?
2020-01-12 19:18
Sweden Dooozy 
They didnt make a statement directly towards him, but they have said that players that had a vacban are never allowed to play in Valve events (majors, minors). Thats why OG passed on Jamppi and signed mantuu instead.
2020-01-12 19:38
I wonder if they'll ever address him individually BEFORE a team signs him and tries. They're so silent on so much
2020-01-13 08:14
Russia Livestock 
good. moose stay America!
2020-01-12 11:04
dycha | 
Poland JKG 
another pointless NA lineup with subroza that will disband in 3 months LMAO At least C9 made a great decision about their roster (finally!)
2020-01-12 11:06
yea there really isn't enough room in CS atm to form all these teams. People need to just start buying full teams
2020-01-12 19:00
2020-01-12 19:10
Sick was just signed by Gen.G, it makes no sense for him to switch team so fast and for TSM to pay the buyout
2020-01-12 19:24
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
He’s only a standin mate, BnTeT isn’t available for these qualifiers so he’s playing
2020-01-12 19:28
okay, thanks for clarifying mate
2020-01-12 19:29
United Kingdom OneBinG_ 
Would go for ShaH over Wardell personally
2020-01-12 19:27
Singapore repu1se 
I might be brain damaged but I actually think this roster is not that bad. I would sign WARDELL and moose, and build the roster around these 2. Keep subroza and Sick on trial, kick vanity and get an IGL.
2020-01-13 08:32
BeZ | 
Denmark zixzenz 
Wardell and sick are the only promising players on this team tbh. Wardell is pretty talented, and is probably NA's best actual AWPer and Sick got some experience and can also go off at times.
2020-01-13 09:11
Oceania venjful 
Tsm are a shit org.. reason astralis are where they are now.. started there own org.. tsm fucked em over.. Stick to fortnite and lol, tsm..
2020-01-13 09:12
better than having no org for t2-4 players tho, and since t1 players won't join em, this is what they can come up with
2020-01-13 10:29
United States RULE34TRACER 
Fan of 100 Thieves
2020-01-13 10:30
,-Wardell +Shazam or Nifty Ez Top 40
2020-01-13 09:12
United States RULE34TRACER 
eUnited 2.0. Doggo team. Won’t achieve anything.
2020-01-13 10:30
Why aren't they attempting to get European players wtf, also why dont they get a player like Smooya now that he seems open to about fucking anything
2020-01-13 10:30
smooya might still be a risky case for some orgs. he's matured a lot but i think orgs rather just wait and see how he develops as a player and as a person. i hope he can turn some heads in chaos and then gets picked up by a bigger org in 2020
2020-01-13 17:22
hopefully because ngl he is wasting his time with chaos
2020-01-13 17:32
I don't understand why they are going for a NA team, because there are really only 9 good players right now in NA and they are all in Liquad or EG. Insted they should go for an EU team
2020-01-13 10:34
theres rumors of a new na league and all the big orgs are tryna get a team to play in it ex. gen g, tsm, eg, crazy, 100t
2020-01-13 17:15
But that still donsn't chance that there only are a few good players in NA, so yes mabye there is a new league coming but that dosn't mean that it's going to be as good as EU CS.
2020-01-13 21:46
ZywOo | 
United States Frotha 
2020-01-13 21:58
Better than having no team at all.
2020-01-13 21:49
United States Mufftings 
TSM has terrible management, no one should sign with them
2020-01-14 06:29
sick may be getting replaced by infinite because sub doesn’t like sick
2020-01-14 08:23
United States Chicom 
they missed out on the og guys and there arnt enough good players on the market to make a nee team. they wont come in
2020-01-15 07:13
OG lineup is most likely a scam so they re lucky
2020-01-15 07:20
Germany Illyasviel 
well they originally had sick autimaic (unknown at that time) twisstz (same) relyks and semphis when they went to NA so I do believe this is true
2020-01-15 07:26
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