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need help for a girl !!!!!!!
Asia han_meister 
i got a female frnd, her relationship dying, i got rid of mine cause mine was shit but i didnt get rid of mine so as to get her someway. i even tried to save her from getting rid from hers'. but turns out we both are single now. im all the time trying to be that good person to her, but she never wants to even like get a bit of close someday. she's all day like youre sweet and stuff but never wants to talk anything serious. turns out im talking for a month or so more and then i'll just ask dafuq is wrong and stuff, why leading me and all if you dont want shit. but yeah, you did nothing wrong and just forget about the girl if she doesnt care. girls will always appreciate the bad guys, i know this. WHAT TO DO ?
2020-01-13 18:04
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2020-01-13 18:05
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
2020-01-13 18:05
2020-01-13 18:06
You talk like a "nice guy"
2020-01-13 18:06
what to do ? the girl just had her breakup and all
2020-01-13 18:08
Slovakia bad_at_life 
ok inspired_loser, why you changed name?
2020-01-13 18:06
2020-01-13 18:07
cause yes i guess i am that ! so i guess maybe i'll try that fake it till you make it . sad
2020-01-13 18:07
Slovakia bad_at_life 
im retarded loser as well, so dont be ashamed
2020-01-13 18:08
glad to have the support !
2020-01-13 18:08
Most people here are losers don't worry, but i didn't understand the end of the story your english is not really good
2020-01-13 18:10
sorry about that, english aint my native language, im just trying. any help on the topic ? like what to do ? she texts me for like 2 hours constantly but doesnt wanna talk anything lovely or stuff
2020-01-13 18:13
Maybe she just wants you as a friend, no solution for that just look for another one
2020-01-13 18:14
but ? ahh, nevermind, maybe you're right !
2020-01-13 18:14
Or maybe she needs time because she just broke up with her bf
2020-01-13 18:16
that is correct, i guess
2020-01-13 18:17
how do i stop looking for her when she talks for daily about 2 hours daily and gets mad when i dont come online or stuff. but doesnt want anything romantic. she misses me, atleast gets angry when i dont talk to her but doesnt wanna come close. how tf am i supposed to stop ?
2020-01-13 18:16
I mean you can keep her as a friend
2020-01-13 18:17
friendzone while i daily fall for her ? na man
2020-01-13 18:22
just sex her ;)
2020-01-13 18:07
Kazakhstan isSaHaD 
I didn't understand anything. But just in case, accept Islam
2020-01-13 18:07
Albania Number1awper 
2020-01-13 18:15
Sweden Greta_Dumberg 
i think u are from Bulgaria
2020-01-13 18:08
why lol
2020-01-13 18:09
tell here you just want to D&D
2020-01-13 18:11
whats that
2020-01-13 18:18
dick and disappear
2020-01-13 18:24
2020-01-19 06:41
United States tatsumi 
Stop simping
2020-01-13 18:18
i will. i promise i will. i mean it.
2020-01-13 18:25
2020-01-13 18:43
What is that?
2020-01-20 01:16
North America 007DBR9 
Interesting linguistic choices... She just wants to be your friend or wants to stay out of a relationship for a while because of the breakup, either way I'd keep texting and stuff and just give it time.
2020-01-13 18:23
time ? but how much
2020-01-13 18:27
Bulgaria Jaganci 
2020-01-13 18:25
Hutler | 
Finland Qurko 
sounds like friendzone
2020-01-13 18:26
how do i get out ?
2020-01-13 18:26
Hutler | 
Finland Qurko 
you don't thats the thing
2020-01-13 18:42
then i'll just leave the convo. ez enuf
2020-01-13 18:42
Brazil JazZ98 
Bang her
2020-01-13 18:49
be confident
2020-01-13 19:50
yeah kinda
2020-01-19 06:40
incel in the making
2020-01-13 19:52
Just don't make urself look desperate pls, don't ignore her for sure but you sound desperate no offense. Start fixing ur life and doing things that make u happy and just get her if u can, care about her but being too avaliable will just make u look desperate, get a hobby or do anything you enjoy doing, move ur mind from her for a bit bcz not only It will make u think less about her but also less dissapointed If she rejects you at one point. Gl, hf.
2020-01-19 06:48
An actual person who wants to help. ALL HAIL HLTV. GG BrO
2020-01-19 06:49
I mean, this thread looks a bit like a bait and you look suprised, don't be suprised If ppl don't take it seriously.
2020-01-20 01:09
How do I make it a bit better next time ?
2020-01-20 06:45
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