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Is it easy to talk to you?
SUN | 
Norway SunsetAtMidnightAndNightAtNoon 
I am a really, really, REALLY difficulty person to interact with. I can try to keep a conversation going but I really never know what to say and people get quite pissed off. So, tell us! Is it easy to start a conversation about something and keep the conversation going for hours on end? (Changing subjects obviously)
2020-01-15 00:20
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United States Jaksin
2020-01-15 00:21
Just stop being such a pussy and be an alpha. It’s not that hard bro
2020-01-15 12:04
United States Jaksin
I'm already a 7 foot alpha with testosterone pumping through my veins
2020-01-15 17:53
stop being modest we all know you 8 foot
2020-01-15 19:37
United States Jaksin
I'm just under 8 foot so it feels unfair to claim I am, don't want to seem like an egomaniac
2020-01-15 20:03
With some people, yeah
2020-01-15 00:21
lmao your username is priceless.
2020-01-15 00:28
an interaction begins 😎👍
2020-01-15 02:14
lmao! ha ha
2020-01-15 04:01
an interaction begins 😎👍
2020-01-15 10:07
Depends, I can talk with my friends for hours but with someone new I can struggle. Mostly because I can’t go on long winded conversations about how I shagged their mum last night.
2020-01-15 00:21
United States Jaksin
true friendship
2020-01-15 00:23
you have friends woah
2020-01-15 02:59
Surprise I know. Your mum introduced me to them.
2020-01-15 09:22
United States Slyckz
very true
2020-01-15 03:58
fuck you dude :dd it was a struggle not to laugh
2020-01-15 09:52
Portugal CRMN1
2020-01-15 10:07
Agreed, there's always a certain awkwardness after u've just banged someones mum
2020-01-15 10:14
damn, your friends let u shagg their mum? okay...
2020-01-15 11:42
They can't stop me, I can't really stop their mums either though.
2020-01-15 12:28
2020-01-15 00:22
2020-01-15 00:22
I'm weird If I don't like someone its easy, its like If I think i'm better than them Its easy for me to have a conversation If I don't think either way about them (like or dislike) its hard for me If I like them it gets easier the more comfortable I am around them. Then It gets really hard again If I really like them because I really care what they think Then the people who i'm closest with (3 people in my life) I am care free and truly myself around. However this doesn't work out good for me most of the time with people i start to care for the most because they realize that I'm actually boring, quiet, and sad on the inside so I just sit in silence when there isn't anything to talk about and people start to realize how boring I am and sometimes lose interest in me.
2020-01-15 00:29
I know how you feel, my friend. I actually am a fucking asshole and completely ignore people in real life.
2020-01-15 00:30
I find people like me better when I'm a dick then when i'm myself. The world is a fucking strange place.
2020-01-15 10:14
Yeah bro people are weird. I just try to act as neutral as I can.
2020-01-15 19:09
2020-01-15 10:01
United States Bonger
Depends on the person
2020-01-15 00:29
No, not even with friends
2020-01-15 00:30
It was not easy when i was younger, but rn i feel like yea, im easy to talk
2020-01-15 01:26
If it's grill then yes
2020-01-15 01:26
Stop reading at "I"
2020-01-15 01:27
I stopped reading your reply at "st".
2020-01-15 02:09
even his reply was more interesting than ur post
2020-01-15 09:32
Well, sorry if I can not an idiot that keeps spamming the forums with fucking useless threads and baits.
2020-01-15 19:37
2020-01-15 01:30
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
2020-01-15 02:11
yes. Im silent a majority of the time. Online? I can talk all day. Irl? Not a sound. I don't even have friends to talk to or hang out with anyway, well at least I used to.
2020-01-15 02:12
I understand you :( People think I have bad education just because I don't like talking and "acting nice" to please others.
2020-01-15 02:17
China Trivago
We can be friends mens
2020-01-15 09:37
USA | 
Czech Republic Antiii
It's exactly the opposite to me
2020-01-15 11:38
same lmao
2020-01-15 17:56
Depends on the context, but I'd say that if the other person talks about things Im interested in and I feel comfortable then yes. Its not like Im a talking machine but Im not silent either (._.)_b
2020-01-15 02:21
Yeah it's hard because im, for the most part, not willing to share anything about myself regarding the future. Any other topic? Sure, but first impression conversations will almost always revolve around the personal stuff. Which is not so personal for most people I guess but I feel its pretty personal stuff.
2020-01-15 03:57
depends on the person
2020-01-15 04:02
It really really really depends on the person I'm talking to. Chemistry means everything to me. I can smalltalk but I get a headache and can't help thinking how stupid and insignificant it is at times. That being said I also have a personality disorder that lends itself to me prefer being alone or with close mates and not being good at making new friends or smalltalk with strangers for hours.
2020-01-15 04:17
yes | 
Korea mryes)
2020-01-15 09:24
Yes, alphas always take the lead
2020-01-15 09:25
I think it is, but I'm so talkative and fast-paced in my thought process that sometimes it's a bit hard to follow what I want to say haha But maybe it is cultural as well ? Like I'm French, we like to talk about everything and I'm a political sciences student, which means I always talk about stuff I don't really know. When I lived in Oslo for two years, I realized it was somehow difficult to interact with Norwegians outside of a specific context. If I was at UiO (missing Blindern so much :( ) I could talk to pretty much everyone, especially within an activity like a course, or climbing, hiking etc. But If I just told myself : "hey let's just talk to some strangers and try to make new friends" that would have been mission impossible. So my point is... maybe you're just...too Norwegian ? :p
2020-01-15 09:29
Norway fredQ
to Norwegian? whats that supposed to mean
2020-01-15 09:39
like culturally speaking I feel like you guys are a bit more introverted ? At least that's what I felt while in Norge.
2020-01-15 09:40
Norway fredQ
U been to Norway? Yeah i know what u mean, we probably r more introverted than most other contries and dont rly like talking to new people, but can hold a convo if we have to tho
2020-01-15 09:48
"When I lived in Oslo for two years"
2020-01-15 10:09
Norway fredQ
didnt see that haha
2020-01-15 10:10
haha spasiba Bolchoï moy brat :p
2020-01-15 13:25
Belgium HLTVnewfag
Sure In highschool it was hard because i was miserable and wanted to kill myself but now its fine Most people that talk to me are cool and like minded people
2020-01-15 09:36
It’s easy if I think you’re at least somewhat interesting, otherwise I generally don’t see the point of trying to make conversation and simply choose not to. Exceptions are of course work settings where I’d have to continue talking to someone I do not find interesting. It’s rare at my work, but it happens
2020-01-15 09:40
China xlands
I believe if people always become quiet when talk with you,the issue is not if you talk something or not,the issue is your words maybe improper
2020-01-15 09:40
Norway fredQ
I mean at school i didnt rly like talking to people, but now when i have a job I can easily talk with all my colleagues for hours
2020-01-15 09:41
Lithuania Sedge
id say say- its very easy for me because i actaully interact more with people 50%+ older than me. when it comes to people of the same age, it's different... not too difficult but often times they're like autistic and are coinsious of everything they say and you say, too much stess
2020-01-15 09:59
flag checks out
2020-01-15 09:59
Medium, not the best one to talk to.
2020-01-15 10:00
Greece Graecos
Silence is not a problem
2020-01-15 10:15
Used to be quite bad at this but I like to think it's gotten better through the years
2020-01-15 10:15
Very easy, I actually prefer IRL convo's and not texting/online, although it was the other way around a long time ago.
2020-01-15 10:16
That's pretty nice so I would like an advice from you since you have changed. People think I'm an asshole for just ignoring them like many times there are visitors in the house and I just walk past them without even looking at them because it's just how much I fucking hate looking at people and talking to them. It also doesn't help that I am extremely shy. Also I hate normal conversations like "hi! / how are you? / hello! / good morning!" or some other generic shit. In social media I just completely ignore people who start a conversation like that and I only reply if the person really comes with a topic in mind, instead of asking normal, boring questions like the ones I listed. What would you do to change it? It can't be "just talk to people", there are obviously steps to make.
2020-01-15 17:28
I'll be honest with you, sometimes you just have to have shitty convos in such situations, I still have situations where, like you said, I should talk to them to be polite.
2020-01-15 19:14
I can only be polite to people in English. I know it sounds very stupid. I don't think it's a good idea to talk to people because I talk very quietly and rarely people understand me and I hate to keep repeating everything I say. I'm lost in this.
2020-01-15 19:53
I dont wonder people's stories, thoughts, views. I dont find them exciting that is why i dont talk too much. If this means i am hard to interact with, then the answer is yes.
2020-01-15 10:28
It's not like I don't like to talk to people The problem lies in that A lot of people don't really understand what I'm talking especially in school so I kinda stopped to talk with em. But It's not like I'm alone I still use to talk with my close friends with who I created great bonds over the years. Also often my Introverted side (as I'm dominant introvert) takes over me and I rather leave conversation. What my point is? It's rather what is your personality some people require lots of people and others only close friends. Maybe read about MBTI stuff as I consider it as pretty (but not 100%) accurate for finding out your personality.
2020-01-15 10:53
I have the same problem. People can never understand what I'm saying because I talk like a retard.
2020-01-15 19:55
Romania Adix935
For me it's vey hard to talk to new people that I meet. I usually wait for them to say something to me, otherwise I'm super quiet. It kinda sucks.
2020-01-15 10:54
Same. If it's a new person I will always wait for the other person to make the "first move" that is starting a conversation.
2020-01-15 17:23
I think im hard to talk to sometimes cuz i dont want to talk at all.
2020-01-15 11:41
Estonia knee_socks
I struggle a lot lately, because my hearing is gone worse. Sometimes I dont realize how silently or loudly I talk. The biggest issue is when someone tells me something and I'm not ready for that - I react weirdly and answer "what?" automatically, or some retarded answer. I'm gonna get a permanent hearing aid in a year or so.
2020-01-15 11:51
I've lost a bit of my hearing as well but I can't say I understand you because your case is obviously much worse than mine. I have the same problem as you, INVERTED, because most of the time nobody can hear me talking as I talk really quietly.
2020-01-15 17:21
It is very easy to maintain conversation for hours, if you just change your mindset to that you wanna know what this person is passionate about. You don't need to ask it directly, just talk about some random stuff ("weather, what do you do for work, hobbies) until you get a glimpse of something that really interests them, then step by step ask more about that. everybody has their own, i've even met person who is kinda passionate about maintaining his "im-boring-no-one-im-not-passionated-about-anything" image. People want to be heard, (except me since I'm a sociopath).
2020-01-15 12:09
Sweden bag0fdicks
As long as you are not gay, wearing hats or have large feet you can easily talk to me. Otherwise I will probably rape you.
2020-01-15 13:05
My feet are pretty large... can we be friends?
2020-01-15 17:18
I am a terrible conversation starter, but I can hold a conversation pretty well.
2020-01-15 13:08
I’m very shy and quiet. Though i would talk if someone would come to talk to me.
2020-01-15 17:21
United States jmarcelo
I can talk with friends for ever, but I have difficulty talking to strangers. I'm not shy or anything, I just don't feel like talking to people I don't know most of the time.
2020-01-15 17:21
Egypt AnsarAllah
Yes, I'm open and easy to approach.
2020-01-15 17:54
no its hard
2020-01-15 17:57
online im p chill ngl irl im really hard to open up but i can keep a conversation going lol
2020-01-15 17:57
I’m only easy to converse with in a completely joking fashion with a friend. Not like any serious adult conversations
2020-01-15 19:12
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