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Screw You Corsair!
theTRUTH | 
Switzerland sovereiign 
376MB software and driver download just so my lights will work properly. All software is so bloated these days.
2020-01-15 04:52
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NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
woah woah woah dude my dad is the owner of corsair
2020-01-15 04:53
Tell him to release a package just for the lights on their keyboards. I don't need all that other crap. Also, why are my lights red with 4 white lights on wasd and 4 white lights for the arrow keys? It's so dumb. Your dad needs to fix this. I paid $140 for this keyboard and it looks stupid by default. Who thought this was a good idea? Tell your dad to fire them please.
2020-01-15 04:56
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
i’m sorry my dad doesn’t actually work for corsair i’m sorry i think i lied
2020-01-15 04:57
Nope, I believe he does. Please handle this for me. Thanks
2020-01-15 04:58
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
oh my goodness i’ve actually never asked where he works he is currently sleeping i will ask him tomorrow
2020-01-15 05:00
2020-01-15 05:04
What if he actually works at Corsair?
2020-01-15 07:24
Albania Number1awper 
just buy those 40$ red dragon keyboards... no point in shitty GAMING ELITE MX SUPERSPEED EXTREME RGB PLATINUM EDITION keyboards
2020-01-15 05:01
I bought it 3 years ago. I quit gaming 4 months after I bought it. Now I have this loud useless keyboard just to type with. At least it's the mxspeed or whatever it's called so typing isn't too bad on it. It has the really shallow registration input.
2020-01-15 05:06
United States syrup_god 
you like low actuation switches for typing?
2020-01-15 05:16
Seems fine for me. But I've been using it for a long time so maybe I'm just used to it. I have no idea what a good typing keyboard is. It's makes sense to me that the low actuation helps me type faster. But maybe that's wrong? idk.
2020-01-15 05:20
United States syrup_god 
probably true for typing faster but i've always found it super unsatisfying to use lighter switches
2020-01-15 05:24
I have only tried red's, blues, and these mxspeeds. I'd like to try browns - I heard they are nice. I kind of want something with less noise. This thing is so noisy! The only reason I haven't got a new keyboard is because I paid so much for this one and nothing is wrong with it.
2020-01-15 05:27
xartE | 
Finland Walrus24 
wat download??? me have no download mens))))
2020-01-15 06:55
iCUE software for corsair hardware.
2020-01-15 07:12
xartE | 
Finland Walrus24 
no download for mens)))) hahahahahahha u no mens))))
2020-01-15 07:58
They r collecting ur data. U agreed on t&c so its fine
2020-01-15 07:02
At least I have pretty lights now.
2020-01-15 07:12
They definitely don't make those in Virginia! hahahahah.
2020-01-15 07:22
:D How you doing friend? Feeling better? Good to see you :) And yes, made in China like everything :/
2020-01-15 07:23
Sup pimpim <3 This is why i prefer Zowie-BenQ stuff, no software and no bloatshit. Ironically as i say that im using G403 mouse and G213 kb.
2020-01-15 07:25
I've never used any Zowie hardware. I like Corsair products, but I hate how bloated their software is. It can do a lot of neat stuff, but I only need it to control the lights. It works without the software but you can't change the lights colour.
2020-01-15 07:28
Yeah....Zowie is fucking bullshit, some of the worst build quality in the top tier market, they just abuse their power because they have by far the absolute most comfortable stuff that exists, and is not even comparable, just think of it this way, Razr and SteelSeries dominated cs for 10 years, around 2012 Zowie pops up and just absolutely demolishes in less than a year, Razer and SS market share went from 90% to less than 10% , Zowie alone held 93% in the CS player. If ever try an EC2-B you'll be blown away.
2020-01-15 07:36
I always wanted to try that mouse but I quit gaming 30 months ago so have no need to buy anything new. I'm still using my 6 year old SS rival.
2020-01-15 07:39
corsair lul
2020-01-15 07:26
United States ottovonlousie 
Corsair number one! Anyways idk wtf u are getting at. I also have GHUB for my Logitech mouse installed and it's like 300mbs. Can't say it's just Corsair.
2020-01-15 07:42
I didn't. I actually said: "all software is so bloated these days." :) I like Corsair, I just hate how the software to control the lights on my keyboard is so large. I wish they had separate software for the lights because I don't need all the extra stuff. The total size is almost 1GB once installed. That's stupid.
2020-01-15 07:45
United States ottovonlousie 
Mine isn't 1GB?
2020-01-15 16:24
You're right. When I installed it last night it said it needed 900+ MB to install it. But it's only showing 628MB on my drive. Still, that's way too large.
2020-01-15 16:38
lmao why would you buy that if you cared about what board you had
2020-01-15 07:48
It's a nice keyboard. idk
2020-01-15 07:49
ZywOo | 
Reunion Frutik 
Corsair OP, not a long ago there was an update that my keyboard matches with wallpaper engine and I didn't even set it up. Like it so mutch bc I don't like when it is flashing but changing after awhile.
2020-01-15 07:58
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