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Amazon Echo Dot
Ukraine QuietRiot 
Amazon has discount on the 3rd gen Amazon Echo Dot right now and I'm considering to try it out. Question is, is it worth purchasing if I don't have a smart home? Will probably get Philips Hue and that's it for now. How useful is it if only connected to iOS?
2020-01-15 09:47
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2020-01-15 09:47
Aleksib | 
Finland Ipaa 
2020-01-15 09:48
2020-01-15 09:48
2020-01-15 09:50
Is it an honest no?
2020-01-15 10:26
2020-01-15 10:33
France OtelloO 
It ends up being useless after 1 month. At first you think it's cool and use it everyday because it's your new toy but then you figure out it does nothing more than what you used to do without it. But at least you have a saved backup of all your conversation at the NSA data center 😎
2020-01-15 09:51
Exactly what I'm concerned about – that I'll just forget about its existence after a few weeks. But the surveillance feature is kinda useful since I often forget things I'm telling myself out loud.
2020-01-15 09:57
France OtelloO 
Then you'll be able to ask your personal NSA big brother agent to recover your memory
2020-01-15 14:41
Netherlands SpiceNut 
-1 that's not the case for me, I have one for about a year, with smart plugs and Hue, and since a few months I have smart light bulbs and a 2nd dot (for stereo music). I use it daily to switch stuff and lamps on and off, like when I come home, I say: echo turn in cornerlampen, and the 4 lightbulbs in the corners of my room turn on. I can even determine the brightness of those bulbs. I also listen quite often to Spotify via the echo dots
2020-01-15 10:41
Netherlands SpiceNut 
Sorry for bad English
2020-01-15 10:41
It sound nice and quite fun :) Do you have Philips Hue or other smart bulbs?
2020-01-15 10:45
Netherlands SpiceNut 
Like I said in my first sentence, I have a Philips Hue :) I also have 5 dimmable smart bulbs and 3 dimmable+warmth/cold adjustable smart bulbs. And I for example connected a smart plug to the lights in my Christmas tree, so when I say: echo turn on Christmas tree, those lights turn on
2020-01-15 10:59
Hehe, that sound cute. But what about smarthome-unrelated features, do you use them a lot? Alarms, search, music etc.
2020-01-15 11:33
Netherlands SpiceNut 
Music: a lot Alarms, sometimes, I'm mostly using my phone for that, for searching too
2020-01-15 12:27
Are you satisfied with the music speaker quality?
2020-01-15 12:29
sergej | 
Finland Dubsq 
it's not very good
2020-01-15 12:31
Netherlands SpiceNut 
For short periods of time or low volume background music it's quite ok, if you really want to enjoy the music, it's not very good. Linking them in stereo is a nice touch though :)
2020-01-15 12:50
you're so true
2020-01-15 13:19
Wouldn't say anyone needs it but it's just a luxury thing, it's good fun as well
2020-01-15 10:29
I wont let Amazon listen to me.
2020-01-15 11:33
I'm sure they will enjoy your stories, don't be shy.
2020-01-15 12:01
United Kingdom Newm1 
I personally don't have many uses for it but i still love it.I use it to talk to my family around the house without having to leave room(helps a lot when im in the middle of a faceit game). I have two alexa plugs one for my PC and one for my lamp . I use it for alarms , I have set up a routine on my alexa so that when my alarm starts in the morning my lamp turns on and wont turn off until 10 minutes after the alarm. Very helpful for a lazy 17 year old who cant get up for work ! If you can make uses for it i would definitely recommend.
2020-01-15 12:46
You've created some nice scenarios, that sounds cool. I feel like without smart home components it won't bring much use.
2020-01-15 13:03
United Kingdom Newm1 
I only have two and I use it a lot. You have to think what you can use it for. You can even play skyrim on the the Alexa !
2020-01-15 13:15
rain | 
Norway Kimmiix 
I have Amazon Echo and I find it useful for setting reminders, timers, alarms etc. I use it every day
2020-01-15 13:19
hell yeah lets share our personal lives with one of the biggest companies on earth. and while were at it sell our souls to them aswell because its just so convenient to have a microphone in your home that listens to literally anything you say to monetize the last bit of freedom we have left. great. fucking. idea.
2020-01-15 14:48
You sound paranoid.
2020-01-15 16:26
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