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NiP earnings ?
France snatje 
Yo, where can I find how much NiP has won since the beginning of CS:GO ?
2012-11-24 19:33
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NiP has won everything since the beginning of cs:go
2012-11-24 19:37
f0rest | 
Europe LoGoN666 DreamHack Valencia 2012 ESWC 2012 DreamHack Winter 2012
2012-11-24 19:52
and 1 tournament @iol only swe teams
2012-11-24 21:17
He is talking about $$
2012-11-24 20:32
DH Valencia: $3000 + DH Winter tickets(?) ESWC: $10 000 DH Winter: $22 500 they'll probably win thor open, the event in prague and northcon as well before the year is over(not sure if they'll attend anything else), which I guess means another $25 000 +/-. on top of this comes salaries obviously, but I have no idea how much that is.
2012-11-24 20:37
+ $4000 at Inferno online tournament in the 1st week of csgo release.
2012-11-26 11:13
world first millionaires from playing cs
2012-11-24 20:42
Finland coswell 
Hope your not serious.. Those sums are still very small comparing to 2004-2008 prize distributions.
2012-11-25 22:21
- 1st 300 € ColdGame Cup #4 (f0rest, GTR, friberg) - 1st 1 000 € CM Storm Cup - 1st 100 € Go4CSGO #6 - 1st 750 € 4PL #2 - 1st 3 500 € SteelSeries GO Inferno-Online - 1st 2 500 € DreamHack Valencia 2012 - 1st 7707~ € ESWC 2012 - 1st 17340~ € DreamHack Winter 2012 33 197 € in less than 6 months, bright future for them.
2012-11-24 20:48
1,327/month for each one of them... not that bright :P
2012-11-24 21:06
United Kingdom ZED-- 
Also have salaries, so yes it is quite bright :P
2012-11-24 21:10
Any idea how much are their salaries ? :D
2012-11-24 21:18
ive heard that its around 1400-1600€
2012-11-25 21:19
2012-11-25 22:14
really? as unemployed i have 1600 before taxes.
2012-11-25 22:17
there is somevideo i think or stream with gtr telling what he earned playing cs.
2012-11-25 22:41
Under wich organisation? before he joined fnatic or what?
2012-11-25 23:06
2012-11-25 23:18
wtf why are they even playing then? i really cant understand this.
2012-11-25 23:21
because they love their job. plus, they get to travel around the whole world for free.
2012-11-26 02:12
Getting payed for playing a computer game that they like, which is also their hobby. What's not to understand?
2012-11-26 10:36
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Aye it's fun now, but in a few years when CS is completely dead, it will be hard for them to find a job, with so little real life experience :P Eitherway, if I was getting paid to CS, even if it was just enough to survive, I'd still do it (if I was unemployed beforehand obviously)
2012-11-26 11:00
Think most people would :) Your capabilities to find a job though has nothing to do with you gaming in your spare time. Unless you generalize and see all gamers as nerdy asocial beings, which we can agree on is not the case :)
2012-11-26 17:17
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Well I just meant that someone who has experience in a field, or who has been studying for the last 5 years, is going to be a better recruit for employers as opposed to someone who has played games professionally. Obviously a lot of gamers do study etc, and some earn a good living from hardware companies (Heaton, Spawn, cArn etc), which is obviously great, but there are a lot more people who have had to start from scratch since leaving the gaming world.
2012-11-26 18:13
you cant live on the salery unless you live home with mom and dad or you have to win tournaments all the time like nip.
2012-11-26 11:00
Who is saying they don't have a job?
2012-11-26 17:14
Sweden d9lk 
ye when he played for SK and HeatoN was suprised becuase it's so low etc. HeatoN also said in some interview that he's tired of organizations not paying money to the players (*cough* SK) and that's why he started NiP again. so, now it's probably higher ;)
2012-11-25 23:20
Do you also travel around the world for free?
2012-11-26 03:29
O.O Your country must be the paradise ... I have to work like a monkey for 1300 euro (8,100 ar$) + the goverment gives me extra 200 euro (1,250 ar$) for being 'dissabled' ... I feel like a worm
2012-11-26 04:45
He dosen't make 1600€ a month before taxes..Unless he was the CEO at Swedbank
2012-11-26 08:55
i get 14200sek before taxes and 10700sek out in hand and thats not good at all, i have to struggle to get it working.
2012-11-26 10:16
everything costs way more here so its not a paradise, i struggle like hell with that little money. ive been in Eritrea for 1 month with that money and i can back with 1000€ and i was a fucking king there.
2012-11-26 10:15
don't ever say such a dumb thing again, maybe some things cost you more duno for sure what (rent, w/e government takes away from you're salary or some other shit), but we have almost the same prices as you with 200E bullshit. prices to the cars are the same, prices to tv's etc are the same shit more or less.
2012-11-26 10:24
I will insist. Your country is the fucking paradise :D Specially in winter *-* (But that has nothing to do with the money earnings :P) Mmmm my 'to do list' now includes 'Going to Eritrea for a month' ^_^
2012-11-26 15:10
its not nice there its really poor place and people might get dangerous since they see that you have "alot of money"
2012-11-26 15:16
Yeah i can imagine it :| Why did you go there ? (If you want to tell, otherwise its ok :] )
2012-11-26 15:31
wtf? you earn money being unemployed, 1600£ is like a millionaire in many places and you dont even work? how does that even work? :) lucky people
2012-11-26 18:22
#68 and down to #89 you have it basicly.
2012-11-26 19:30
thanks,i didnt read furthr before i reply srry.)
2012-11-26 19:52
its fine :) i had a hard time myself to try and explain it and then i saw that comments :D
2012-11-26 20:06
It's higher.
2012-11-26 08:54
u guys LOl , how do u think they receive?? lOOOL its something like 500/600 euros at maximum like ESC are receiving 500 and german teams 800 , and 20/30% of their prizes go for NIP gaming
2012-11-24 21:19
prize money doesnt go to the organisation, never. and you cant make 500 euro only in sweden
2012-11-25 21:21
I've been in many top gaming organisations and the org always takes a cut of prize money..
2012-11-26 03:13
500/600 euros? thats 2 hours for most consultants in sweden. ive heard somewhere that its around 1400-1600€. (thats about the same as unemployed people) no clue how much % organisation takes of the prizemoney but i guess its about 10%~.
2012-11-25 21:44
unemployed receive salary? lol
2012-11-25 23:59
Yes, if you've worked for 80 or more hours a month the last xx months you recieve 80% of your sallary even if you are unemployed.
2012-11-26 01:01
for how long?
2012-11-26 01:04
that is very individual and the longer you go without a job, the harder it is to get the ensurance money. 6-12 months is quite common.
2012-11-26 01:50
hm, i see, i tought the money where for everyone unemployed , no matter if the person worked or not. we have a similar program here, but yours seems to be better :)
2012-11-26 02:38
there are ensurances for people who haven't worked, usually not that much tho. 300 euroes is common for younger people who have finnished school, but has no work and still lives at home.
2012-11-26 02:53
so you are telling me that kids after gradute receive 300 euros still living at their parents?(african kid meme)
2012-11-26 03:48
Correct! they have a... "supervisor" though, who can force them to go to places for job interviews and other type of work educations. Small price to pay tho :)
2012-11-26 04:00
I Denmark you get 800$ to 900$ for studying and your education/university is free :)
2012-11-26 10:33
Are you really 24 years old? You are so clueless. 500-600 euros for "most" consults in Sweden, yeah... right. They've got a good sallary but not that good, with exceptions of course. And then you go about and make up random numbers about how much the orga takes. Seriously, remove your fucking Swedish flag.
2012-11-26 01:00
Sweden d9lk 
ESC 500 euro? no way, kuben said he has a car and own apartment etc lol
2012-11-25 23:21
it was long time ago, and he won lot of money by tournaments, but taz like 1 week ago said they dont earn a lot
2012-11-25 23:24
plus the fact that it's poland
2012-11-26 01:27
germans 800€ wat
2012-11-25 23:30
ESEA code please?
2012-11-25 21:16
wrong thread ;D
2012-11-26 04:58
Thats great bonus money not including salaries
2012-11-24 21:10
If they will get this money, then yes.
2012-11-24 21:13
NiP are not SK
2012-11-24 21:16
If the salary is good , then yes :) is a great bonus
2012-11-24 21:20
1327+1600ish. 1327 taxfree :P 1600ish*0.70(taxes)=1120 1327+1120=2447€=21039,06sek wich is nice money for playing a game.
2012-11-25 22:14
2012-11-26 00:28
Their salaries aren't really good. When cArn for example was still playing he earned about 800 euro a month salary. (Prize money excluded ofcourse) This is what I've heard from a very close source :) So guys keep studying, it doesn't pay off to play CS for living if your not top notch
2012-11-26 01:17
Yep studying will save your future... gaming can save a few years but not a whole life. With a career thats way easier to do, i guess :)
2012-11-26 04:50
To be clear, I said bright future because it's only the beginning of the game and I assume prize pots are going to be bigger and bigger months after months.
2012-11-24 21:28
not really, 1 year and csgo deaded :DDDDDDDDD
2012-11-24 21:37
tbh I hoped this game don't work and see good teams stay on 1.6 but now it's too late. Money call > Game quality, well it's normal when you're a professional player. You play to win a shitload of cash but I still find this game awful to watch and i'll always have the feeling that it can't be as good as 1.6 was.
2012-11-24 21:45
sad but true
2012-11-24 22:09
it need magic... 1.6 was so full of magic
2012-11-26 03:51
2012-11-25 22:23
I'm guessing they earn a little above the national minimum on sweden (which I dont know how much is). Prize moneys are for the organisation (and a bonus for players on top of their base salary for meeting their objectives), they don't split it 5 ways like amateur teams usually do.
2012-11-24 21:33
no ...swe 1500 euros , they earn 500/600max salarie , and 20/30% of prizes are for NIp gaming
2012-11-24 21:50
Portugal picc 
plus prizes, and gaming gear.
2012-11-24 21:54
you dont know shit. prize money goes to players, even in sk gaming. watch a documentary or something
2012-11-25 21:21
The organization gets a percentage from the prizmoney as well but not above 10% i guess.
2012-11-25 21:48
I doubt they have those sorts of arrangements as they're sponsored by telia(one of the world's biggest telecom companies). there's also benq, steelseries and another one chipping in, so there should be enough to go around in the first place.
2012-11-26 01:43
SK had pretty big sponsors too but they took a percentage from the prizemoney i think it was 5% im not sure i read it somewhere.
2012-11-26 01:58
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
They also had like ten teams to pay shit for. Nip only has csgo
2012-11-26 02:07
cuz the staff of SK jsut want money unlike heaton
2012-11-26 11:15
Why do you even comment really? sooooooo clueless.
2012-11-25 22:00
Really, you again. They don't have over 1000 euros a month from pure sallary.
2012-11-26 01:03
i feel really sorry for them if thats true since any cleaner gets around 2233,10 euro.
2012-11-26 11:14
Hahaha... yeah, right. Kid. Grow up and get a clue.
2012-11-26 16:20
wow you are really lost. 1000€ is 660€ after taxes wich is 5776.90 sek. 2233,10€=19545sek wich is 12900sek after taxes and if you ever think this is well paid you have never ever had a real job.
2012-11-26 16:32
I'm not saying it's well paid, I'm saying you are wrong and people get paid less. Not everyone. But 2233 euro for "any cleaner" is not right.
2012-11-26 16:34
ok i doesnt count samhall sorry.
2012-11-26 16:36
Funny guy, also your numbers are wrong. If you make around 2000 euro the taxes aren't that high. 19545 before taxes gives you a sallary of about 15000.
2012-11-26 16:45
Swedish taxes is 34% do the maths urself. and this is my last comment because you are so fucking stupid.
2012-11-26 16:46
You live in Sweden, but 15 years ago? It's not as easy as 34%, there are other things to account for aswell. Why play an expert when you're clearly not?
2012-11-26 16:50 skatteavdrag vs inkomstskatt 2 different things.
2012-11-26 16:59
Din bruttolön 19 545 kr Kommunalskatt5 639 kr Statlig inkomstskatt 0 kr Pensionsavgift, netto 0 kr Jobbskatteavdrag 1 360 kr På ditt lönebesked 15 266 kr
2012-11-26 17:02
Yup, now those are not the numbers we talked about tho. And the 58% is only on the money you earn OVER that amount. Just admit you are wrong. You don't pay 34% with those smaller numbers. I don't even pay 34% myself.
2012-11-26 17:16
– 414,100 means everything under 414100 is 33% but it depends on "kommunalskatten" so in my case its 34% but its all from 29-36%.
2012-11-26 17:20
If you only make 1000 euro per month you barely pay any taxes at all. Or well you do but like 10-15%. Why the fuck do you even argue?
2012-11-26 16:58
so its bad they receive so little money :( they deserve more. ofc all the cs players deserve a lot more than that :( idk maybe the sponsors dont like cs very much
2012-11-25 21:28
Well then again they are playing video games for money...
2012-11-25 21:50
then again, riot spent 5kk $ for one tournament's prizepool while Valve ignores counter strike since always
2012-11-25 22:06
Portugal wrt 
2012-11-25 22:15
yeah BUT THEY BETTER spend more money in developing cs:go so it can be a better game, but they shoul have put a lot prize money for 1.6 back in the days so yeah :( always cs gets ignored
2012-11-25 22:38
Plus that 1 million dollar Dota 2 tournament they had as well..
2012-11-25 22:52
Cs:go earning : ESWC and DH coming soon on november ranking.
2012-11-25 22:17
Meanwhile in EG Stephano is laughing at this with his 8000-10000 USD/month salary
2012-11-25 22:57
lol this is true?
2012-11-26 00:30
2012-11-26 00:58
Ocelote is laughin even more with 15k on streams only xD
2012-11-26 02:11
Stephano has somewhat the same.
2012-11-26 02:14
nop :)
2012-11-26 17:22
Yes he has :)
2012-11-26 17:37
ok , you win :(
2012-11-26 20:08
Finland pulu 
2012-11-26 01:07
meanwhile TSM.Dyrus laughing like a serial killer :D
2012-11-26 13:39
sry but LoL players are nowhere near of SC players. And its not only about salaries... in lol they can only dream about this. There are only those 5people per year who won S2. And its still less... Not mentioning that superstars like Flash or JD have 300-500K year salaries.
2012-11-26 14:48
... i mean money from streaming.. btw NAVI dota laughing so hard AHAHAHAHHAAH same for Invictus Gaming.DOTA
2012-11-26 14:51
And Stephano made like over 300K this year ALONE. :o
2012-11-26 15:30
Meanwhile LoL players are getting millions...
2012-11-25 23:16
haha true
2012-11-26 00:20
Fuck NiP,Delpan is not playing. :(
2012-11-26 00:21
2012-11-26 00:59
Well you also have to take into consideration that the game just came out this year, I expect there to be more large tournaments next year. Don't forget that ESEA will host its global lan next year which will be another $17,500 added to the prize pool.
2012-11-26 03:29
First place is 17, 500? Total is up to 50k now
2012-11-26 12:17
They dont make a lot. The best times in CS was the CPL times 2000-2004... Btw, CS:GO sucks and is not half as interesting to watch as 1.6, so don't think it'll get any better for them...
2012-11-26 10:26
That's your opinion. I think CS:GO is awesome and is much more entertaining than CS 1.6.
2012-11-26 15:22
Delpan would have the opportunity to demonstrate that it is better to kennys
2012-11-26 10:47
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
People will catch up to NiP soon. It's hard to stay on top when you are always winning.
2012-11-26 11:06
Updated after DreamHack Winter
2012-11-26 15:32
thanks ! love this kind of news ^^ unrelated : omg the level of comments on vakarm is fucking saddeining...
2012-11-26 16:45
haha not totally false :D The debates about "saucers" are not better :P
2012-11-26 17:50
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