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you notice how least skilled weapon of the entire game (awp) always is the weapon of choice of people we call "the best" in the world? all up and comers too use the AWP and people think they're good simply because they use a weapon that is so easy to get stats for... zwyoo dev1ce s1mple jampii all these guys who can only awp and people act like their high rating means anything.. this is why elige is real #1
2020-01-15 18:38
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So many good Swedish AWPers men
2020-01-15 18:38
Sweden Lagge15 
JW and Nawwk. Who else?
2020-01-19 18:42
this is why electronic is #1
2020-01-15 18:39
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
2020-01-15 18:45
Czech Republic CyaLater 
2020-01-15 18:50
2020-01-15 19:02
Russia Mike_Shinoda 
2020-01-15 19:51
Finland veganisti 
this is why JW #1
2020-01-15 19:56
2020-01-16 02:53
f0rest | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina veasih 
2020-01-15 20:02
Hard to say, these guys are equally good: NiKo, ropz, elige and sergej
2020-01-16 01:34
Sergej and Niko Nope.. magisk electronic topz elige and s1mple top riflers
2020-01-16 02:25
2020-01-19 15:56
2020-01-20 04:15
device | 
Denmark bebm 
at least for ZywOo, he is better on rifle and awp than elige
2020-01-15 18:39
CeRq | 
United Kingdom Chedders 
2020-01-15 19:49
lol, jampii is hack! im think boomer allu is better.
2020-01-15 18:39
nobody ever called jamppi the best in the world
2020-01-15 18:39
+1 and he's banned LULW
2020-01-15 18:40
still tier 3 god but he has no chance in a top team
2020-01-15 19:01
Nothing wrong with AWPing
2020-01-15 18:39
my dmg friend is actually good id put him rank 5
2020-01-15 18:40
S1mple is now rifler and still has insane stats
2020-01-15 18:40
Too bad he drags his other teammates around along with Electronic. GuardiaN is just a placeholder and check collector at this point
2020-01-16 02:34
Brazil JMB_17 
True! This is why FALLEN is actually the BEST awper ever. He isn't like the typical awper that just sits in a corner with 2x scope and get ez frags, he plays with it like it is a motherfucking shotgun, flashy plays everywhere, pushes through smokes with an awp on his hand. The true goat.
2020-01-15 18:40
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
2020-01-15 18:41
Brazil JMB_17 
fuck you
2020-01-15 18:44
Unironically agreed
2020-01-15 18:52
xd Fallen in 2020
2020-01-15 19:03
Brazil FlyzeraV 
2020-01-15 19:43
Brazil BergaBr 
2020-01-15 19:48
Tbh he was crazy in 16-17 SK years with the awp. Aggressive plays and fantastic timing, but today - just no...
2020-01-16 00:02
kennyS? he basically invented that playstyle
2020-01-16 02:45
Brazil Mr_SR 
2020-01-16 14:45
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Imagine thinking Zywoo and s1mple can only AWP
2020-01-15 18:41
Georgia Megobari 
Expected from Swedistan
2020-01-15 18:42
Other khorkalba 
Zywoo and s1mple are extreme examples of what happens when you give a skilled rifler the most OP weapon in the game. Before 2016, it was typically only less skilled players who picked up the AWP. Players who would never get into the HLTV top 20 without it.
2020-01-19 16:13
2020-01-19 18:48
I think yaNgile and Jamppi are best AWPers in EU
2020-01-15 18:42
awp is fucking broken, every player who can use it properly in mm/faceit not lvl 10 or global will absoulutely rekt others
2020-01-15 18:42
Georgia Megobari 
It's not broken, you just need to play as a team, use flashes, brain and e.t.c.
2020-01-15 18:43
there is reason why almost all top rated players are awpers
2020-01-15 18:51
There is a reason why every top team priority is to make space for your awper to get kills,almost 5k weapon and awpers are one of the most important players in the team.
2020-01-15 19:46
United States Prattatat 
+1 the investment makes it worth the awp playing safe and holding angles/saving if need be. Shit and just because its a one shot kill doesn't mean its easy. Not like back in the day when you could make F1 peeks with the awp, shit was stupid.
2020-01-15 19:52
Agreed,its not that easy to use the awp..
2020-01-15 20:01
not that easy in general, but still the easiest "good" weapon in csgo
2020-01-15 22:15
United States RichardSchitt 
silver spotted
2020-01-15 18:44
well on silver lvl its probably legit to call it broken because there wont be any flashes / coordinated attacks or whatever, so if someone has a little bit of aim with the awp on those levels, it might be too strong lul
2020-01-15 19:50
enjoy making coordinated attacks with 4 randoms, flashes are all right but he can fall back to another corner and make a peek again
2020-01-16 14:00
i bet you can't use any other weapon besides awp
2020-01-16 14:01
You probably dry peek awpers and then cry
2020-01-19 17:09
United States RichardSchitt 
yes elige #1
2020-01-15 18:44
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
+1, don’t forgot woxic too.
2020-01-15 18:44
Reunion 1iquser 
awpers be like "i go mid" and die fucking idiots. stop going mid and let me with my sg peek mid
2020-01-15 18:49
Don't peek mid men(((, enemy ready with r8 to wallbang you
2020-01-15 18:55
Reunion 1iquser 
r8 to weak against my sg
2020-01-15 18:56
Olofmeister, get_right and coldzera weren't awpers tho
2020-01-15 18:53
and the year isnt 2017
2020-01-15 23:13
More like 2014* for Get_Right
2020-01-17 09:14
Other khorkalba 
People forget this, but Coldzera actually used the AWP quite a lot during his prime. And even Olof was considered a hybrid AWPer. That said, the reason why we've only started seeing AWPers dominate the rankings over the past few years is because the pro scene was slow to adapt and get the most out of the weapon. You might say "they're pro players, how can they be slow to adapt?" - well they're also stubborn and set in their ways. Remember how long it took them to realise how insanely cost effective the UMP was before it was nerfed?
2020-01-19 16:18
I know but the thread was for primary awpers and not hybrids..even simple and zywoo are hybrids but they play primary awp for their team (device too)... Olof and cold weren't primary awp ( get Niko in the mix too)..
2020-01-19 18:49
Godxic ??
2020-01-15 19:04
He said the best in the world
2020-01-15 19:45
These players are also always gods with AKs, M4s etc. They are just the peek of what we have in the scene.
2020-01-15 19:08
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
“Gods” stop lying dude. I am pretty sure awpers like device, guardian and allu wouldn’t get those kills if there was no such thing as AWP.
2020-01-15 19:38
Sunde | 
Denmark Wisti 
Device was top 5 in the world before he became awper. Guess we found the new guy in the class here.
2020-01-15 19:56
but when device was top 5, the playerbase was trash. average pro = gold nova aim
2020-01-15 20:11
Sunde | 
Denmark Wisti 
If you think original Fnatic with Olof Krimz and Flusha was trash thats on you. I think they were pretty good.
2020-01-15 20:12
pretty good for 2015 standards
2020-01-15 20:24
Albania Number1awper 
2020-01-16 01:53
either braindead or a failed abortion
2020-01-19 19:09
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
What do you mean? He started to get better after he became the awper.
2020-01-15 20:55
he was a top 5 player as rifler, stop being disabled
2020-01-19 19:09
Never seen zywoo play a gun that has no scope
2020-01-16 01:59
Other khorkalba 
- Give a DMG-level rifler the AWP in matchmaking and he can make it to Global Elite. - Give a top 30 pro player the AWP and he can make it into the top 10. - Give a top 10 player like Dev1ce the AWP and he can consistently be top 3. - Give a top 5 player like s1mple or Zywoo the AWP and they can show an unbelievable level of dominance. - Give MSL the AWP and he'll win an MVP award at a Dreamhack event. The point i'm trying to make is that the AWP inflates everyones stats. To what extent depends on how skilled you are to begin with.
2020-01-19 16:24
Turkey mbee 
woxic better than all btw.
2020-01-15 19:39
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
No, woxic is one of these awpers like device who is absolutely good at awping but pretty shit when using other weapons unless he has a better advantage than the enemy player.
2020-01-15 19:41
Device is a top tier rifler no cap. Woxic is kinda mediocre on rifles tho, that's true
2020-01-15 19:47
Austria k1x_ 
device is actually really good at rifle aswell and woxic is hard to tell since he barely uses rifle, he goes for the ssg mostly to save money for the awp. same with cerq. and i dont think you could call him shit, i havent seen any fails of him or anything like that with the rifle. he is most likely losing duels against players like elige or brehze but otherwise he can keep up
2020-01-16 02:04
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
There is not that much clips of woxic and device using m4 or ak since they are the main awpers. But i do remember watching them live while seeing them loose the ak or the m4 duels. And what is weird is that it only happens when they are using ak or m4. I am not really calling them shit but they are definetly not good at using rifles.
2020-01-16 02:24
Austria k1x_ 
well it depends on what exactly do you think with "good" like there is shit-bad-meh-okayish-decent-good-god tier i would rank woxic okay and device as okay/decent. 50/50
2020-01-16 02:35
DaZeD | 
Turkey qubeKs 
i think both device and woxic might be ranked decent or good snce they are already okay players.
2020-01-16 03:01
Poland neyd 
Well coldzera doesnt play with awp, Niko did occasionally but still he is a rifler, s1mple has always been insane with it, flusha never played it, fer didnt either.... many other players considered to be one of the best at some point havent touched that weapon
2020-01-15 19:42
Europe PandaDc1212 
2020-01-15 19:46
coldzera didnt make top 20...?
2020-01-15 22:16
Albania Number1awper 
2016-17 he was "the best" in the world and he isn't an awper. Most of the awpers u listed aren't even "the best" players until like 2018. GTR, Flusha, NiKo can't even awp for shit and they were "the best" in the world at one point.
2020-01-16 01:55
NiKo can awp what are you talking about.
2020-01-16 02:00
soooo you're focusing on the past to talk about the present...?
2020-01-16 03:14
Albania Number1awper 
yes. All the best players from the past aren't awpers and s1mple is a hybrid player so u dont have to be an awper to be the best in the world??????
2020-01-16 05:19
u stupid? all the top players in the present (the most skilled time) are awpers. thats the point. only awpers.
2020-01-16 22:04
Brazil UZeftG0D 
"all these guys who can only awp" wtf kkkkkkkkkkk s1mple only awp? dev1 only awp? ZyWoo only awp? nice bait bro
2020-01-15 19:47
they do tho
2020-01-15 22:16
Ethiopia sexiestuser 
2020-01-17 09:07
ELIGE TOP 1 HLTV CONFIRMED (trust me bro, bet 4k)
2020-01-15 19:49
i wish
2020-01-15 23:07
your wish is just shit like you
2020-01-17 09:19
india talking
2020-01-17 19:02
Turkey Thunderball 
2020-01-15 20:01
AWPing is for big dick players
2020-01-15 23:58
No, small pp.
2020-01-16 01:49
Point and click adventure players
2020-01-16 02:37
Europe Niko0 
Sure. Thats why every pro game has 10 awps every round and nothing else.
2020-01-16 14:17
just being good with awp is not good enough in top levels. it hurts economy too much
2020-01-16 01:38
Ukraine alexftw 
its like football strikers getting all the golden balls who scores gets the credit no matter what sport it is
2020-01-16 02:23
yep just like gla1ve not getting MVP when he puts up insane numbers while IGLing for the team... na guys dev1ce gets it for holding angle with telescope gun
2020-01-17 00:27
gla1ve - no mvps cuz he is 1.05 big events rating dont be dumb device - lot of mvps cuz he is 1.28 big events + top5 dont be dumb
2020-01-17 19:09
apparently having an average rating means that every single event u play u have that rating.... dumb brain dead kid
2020-01-17 19:16
you can stand out with one 1.10 and then you can do 0.90 on another your average rating will be 1.00 stfu
2020-01-17 20:26
If the awp is so easy why doesn’t everyone use it?
2020-01-16 02:26
ZyWoo- he's a god with any weapon my dude device- started as a rifler and is very good with AWP and rifles s1mple- bruh he's insane with any weapon too jamppi- no one ever said this kid is top world(though he has lots of potential) And AWP is a very useful weapon teams all need them
2020-01-16 02:52
naf better than elige with rifle srsly
2020-01-17 19:05
uh... i never said that
2020-01-20 04:07
Europe Niko0 
>Pro player trains with awp for thousands of hours >Some silver swedistan cry's how awp is easy because he cant jiggle Sure bro. Awpers are good with awps because they use them from day to day. Same players could be good with rifles if they would train with them same amount. Also awp is not even broken anymore, so if you have iq higher than potato you can deal with them easily.
2020-01-16 14:16
and you are just some DMG kid who thinks jiggling is the end all be all.... too bad "jiggling" doesnt really work against like all the top players lmao...
2020-01-16 22:05
Europe Niko0 
Yes it does. If you know how to do it. Also against pro's even with deagles you die if you run round the corner without any utility or without jiggling.
2020-01-17 09:01
you are so dumb
2020-01-17 09:19
Europe Niko0 
Silver spotted
2020-01-17 21:26
stfu u fckn idiot
2020-01-19 13:41
Europe Niko0 
Did you know that under 13yo cant be on hltv? You could get banned
2020-01-19 14:03
U FCKN MORON just stfu nd mind ur business fcker
2020-01-19 17:03
Europe Niko0 
Enjoy ban :)
2020-01-19 17:05
u can njoy my d1ck u fckn bish
2020-01-19 18:32 this is if you won't read
2020-01-17 19:06
Norway therealdagon 
man you are stupid
2020-01-17 00:28
JaCkz | 
France Bubuche 
LMAOOOOOO you don't know the scene if yousay that these people can only play awp
2020-01-17 09:04
yeah imagine zywoo being constant rifle, vitality would win every event lol
2020-01-17 19:07
gg you fckn whore EliGe top 5 this year only because of AUG and him out this year when SG gets totally bulshit lil whore you know nothing about CS fakin bish
2020-01-17 09:18
2020-01-17 19:05
Jamppi is the real top 1
2020-01-19 14:05
Finland pate1 
how is awp the least skilled weapon? sure its not hard to hold angles but quickscoping and flicking recuire skill
2020-01-19 16:06
Other khorkalba 
Not really. Quickscoping and flicking is just basic muscle memory. You're still essentially aiming at a zoomed in target and only need a bodyshot to get the kill. Flicking onto a tiny head in the distance with an AK takes far more skill, because the precision required is MUCH higher.
2020-01-19 16:11
United Kingdom _xC4ctus 
+11111111111111 wtf you speak like the gods
2020-01-19 16:14
I agree awp is 2 ez
2020-01-19 18:35
thats why im top 1, i use pp bizon and rek all top teams
2020-01-19 18:35
Lul both s1mple and zywoo are better with rifles than elige lel
2020-01-19 18:39
zwyoo dev1ce s1mple can all rifle just as good as elige lmao
2020-01-19 18:40
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