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video games are for degenerates
Turkey AslanMashadW 
In every online competitive game ( like cs or lol ) people are toxic af and rage more than turks when you name them arabs. Conclusion? Video games are for mental childs that feel safe because games are being played online and not IRL so they can burst out their anger ( probably cuz someone steals their sandwiches in the school everyday ) towards normal human beings. How funny is that these people can build some sort of ego upon their achievements ( like reaching 3k elo after 5k games or such ). Hoomans are weird creatures.
2020-01-17 17:11
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"achievements" btw
2020-01-17 17:12
Canada ZHF 
I agree, that's why I never take toxic people seriously
2020-01-17 17:12
United States theory^ 
nah im just bored xd
2020-01-17 17:13
wow that's deep bro
2020-01-17 17:13
stfu kid, you're bad and thats why you get rekt by 3k elo guys on faceit.
2020-01-17 17:14
i barely play cs nowadays but nt my biggest fan)
2020-01-17 17:15
ahh but still soo mad that you get rekt every day.
2020-01-17 17:15
Azerbaijan vocaroo 
How do you think you can lose your virginity without reaching faceit level 10?
2020-01-17 17:15
i had my first threesome when the hot girls heard that im lvl10.
2020-01-17 17:16
The common denominator is the internet, not video games. Twitter is as toxic as video games
2020-01-17 17:16
2020-01-17 17:18
lol not everyone who plays video games reacts like that
2020-01-17 17:19
ever played league of legends or cs?
2020-01-17 17:20
i've never played league of legends.... not my type of game lol ofc i've played CS, but not everyone is THAT angry when they play
2020-01-17 18:02
here in eu it feels like a blessing when you actually have a team that's not negative, low morals or toxic, dk how it is in NA
2020-01-17 18:04
I used to be a lot more serious about CS, and that's when i found the most ragers, but now i just don't care nearly as much and i try to play for fun. every once in a while i'll get someone who gets really mad at whatever reason... usually the team just makes fun of them until they stop or mute us lol it's just not worth it to get THAT emotional over something that truly doesn't matter
2020-01-17 18:14
OK | 
Peru TheJuan 
What about singleplayer games???
2020-01-17 17:21
there is nothing to rage at single unless u die on hardcore mode
2020-01-17 17:36
I think very true, smart turk wtf?
2020-01-17 17:21
actually not )
2020-01-17 17:57
Poland WildM 
nt arab men)))))))
2020-01-17 17:22
Reunion 1iquser 
my mans cs and lol make a small amount of video games and communities
2020-01-17 17:24
those are only 2 games yet 2 the biggest competitive online games of all time
2020-01-17 17:37
Reunion 1iquser 
games are more than only esports
2020-01-17 17:38
yee men you have some nice ffa or jailbreak servers too no? )))
2020-01-17 17:39
Reunion 1iquser 
dead in csgo men)))
2020-01-17 17:39
Hutler | 
Finland Qurko 
2020-01-17 18:09
Brazil Norddeutscher 
2020-01-17 18:12
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