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Your potential breakout teams in 2020?
North America pieisgood186 
What team do you think will rise that not many people may know of? Any Tier 2/3 teams that you think finally breakthrough? For those who follow regional CS, any teams we should be on the lookout for?
2020-01-17 19:15
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2020-01-17 19:16
North America pieisgood186 
I like G2 but I think they've ultimately hit their ceiling. They can and will definitely beat the top teams occasionally but I don't think they're good enough to sustain success throughout a 12+ team tournament. They might hit some good form or the clubs above them might fall but I don't see them rising into the top 5.
2020-01-17 19:28
2020-01-17 19:42
North America pieisgood186 
0/1 for listing a random fraction and no comment explaining anything on a public forum.
2020-01-17 19:43
OK | 
South America TheJuan 
2020-01-17 19:17
Quake | 
Uzbekistan s1v9mple 
Na'Vi due to -Guardian
2020-01-17 19:20
North America pieisgood186 
I do wonder if they will look to bring a pure AWPer like Jame and keep s1mple as a rifler or he switches back to the AWP. I can't think of any top tier riflers at the moment that would want to play for Na'Vi.
2020-01-17 19:29
Finland sucstoByou 
2020-01-17 19:20
2020-01-17 19:21
Denmark nrth_LUL 
2020-01-17 19:23
2020-01-17 19:24
Germany rocketlawncher 
Gambit Youngsters (sh1ro ftw)
2020-01-17 19:27
forZe Renegades Winstrike eUnited Nordavind And I didn't just say forZe because of your flair, they're my #3 favourite team to watch
2020-01-17 19:29
North America pieisgood186 
Thanks for forZe shout out! I'm optimistic about our future as well. They get too emotional when they start losing which affects their gameplay even more. I think as long as we can qualify and finish Top 10 in both majors or make one deep run then that will be a big improvement. Winstrike's new management team has a history of success so I'm optimistic about them too. Great mix of young talent and some veteran leadership in bondik and hobbit. I think they may win a few B-tier tournaments this year. NaToSaphiX provides a huge boost to Nordavind, who I already considered to be an up and coming team. They should be able to make some noise in qualifiers and regional tournaments.
2020-01-17 19:37
mad lions win major i thinks
2020-01-17 19:29
2020-01-17 19:31
Serbia avaterR 
MAD Lions Renegades Cloud9 BIG
2020-01-17 19:33
C9 for sure
2020-01-17 19:34
Korea XigNGODtop1 
TyLUL if -Attacker +XigN
2020-01-17 19:35
bruttJ | 
Brazil TheZ7 
2020-01-17 19:38
MAD lions North if they get their shit together a new polish team with michu mhl and rallen complexity forZe
2020-01-17 19:40
also c9 if -oSee +rifle, let sonic go back to awping
2020-01-17 19:42
France Guedain 
ForZe and G2 imo
2020-01-17 19:56
forZe C9 a new Polish team Maybe Gen G and Complexity
2020-01-17 19:59
Gambit Youngsters
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