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Are Males and Females equal ?
France Goosebumps 
2020-01-17 20:05
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2020-01-17 20:06
Socially yes. Biologically no.
2020-01-17 20:06
1 * 0 = 0 300 IQ
2020-01-17 20:07
Biologically, thats where i'd like to get some "deep" explanation (if you can, i dont want to waste ur time)
2020-01-17 20:09
Europe twitchy_ 
Women are worst on csgo by genetics. What else do you want to know?
2020-01-17 20:13
Denmark idkwhoami 
google it, it's not new science, of course biological differences exist. For example Men are stronger, more aggressive and willing to put themselves before others, hence why we see more male leaders. Also because men are more willing to take risks. Women are more empathetic and many other things. These are generalizations obviously.
2020-01-17 20:17
true that men "dare" more (idk if you know what i mean) while i feel like women prefer to have a more stable life
2020-01-17 20:21
Indeed. These habits evolved during the early days of mankind.
2020-01-17 21:12
Why aren't women in the Special Forces? Because they are mentally and physically weaker, also emotionally unstable.
2020-01-17 20:19
Men and women are biologically different in many ways.
2020-01-17 21:11
never were and never will be
2020-01-17 20:07
Finland Tusku 
not in finland
2020-01-17 20:07
Argentina (._.) 
Depends on the item to be analized or context (._.')
2020-01-17 20:08
2020-01-17 20:20
Depends what metrics you're looking at. But just blank equal no
2020-01-17 20:08
United States Bonger 
2020-01-17 20:19
In that regard men and women are equal indeed
2020-01-17 20:26
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2020-01-17 20:14
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
No, equality is a social construct.
2020-01-17 20:15
Payment/socially etc? Yes Biologically? No
2020-01-17 20:18
wdym by equal? No one thinks they're biologically equal, no two people are 'equal.' "Equality" refers to the principle of equality, which derives from utilitarianism, and refers to equal consideration of interests. If someone has an interest, it doesn't matter whose interest it is. This is almost tautological. Hence why sexism, racism, etc are supremely irrational. It requires discounting the moral value of someone's interest/preference based on membership to an arbitrary group. Naturally, this doesn't just apply to humans either - this is why all the top philosophers in the world are vegetarian, as 'species' is just another classificatory device.
2020-01-17 20:20
shrek | 
United States 69420 
2020-01-17 21:13
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
In terms of what?
2020-01-17 21:13
of course not
2020-01-17 21:14
Netherlands Boutdis 
2020-01-17 21:15
2020-01-17 21:17
NiKo | 
United Kingdom ExCeL1234 
In what way? They are not the same, so not equal in that way. Should they be socially equal? Yes. Are they? Not entirely, no. Are there natural differences? Yes. Are these inequalities? Technically, but when we are talking about feminism, they shouldn't be, because they aren't socially constructed
2020-01-17 21:17
Russia RogueDecay 
We never meant to be equal, woman can only give, they can't really create something on their own. We are very different and there is beauty in it.
2020-01-17 21:43
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