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8 ball pool club
Finland Aleksib_is_better_than_Aerial 
Anyone play 8 ball pool here mens? I created 8 ball pool club for hltv people. Feel free to join, its named "HLTV mens))" xD Only globals and faceit lvl 10 pls
2020-01-18 00:39
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Italy iny 
I used to play that when I lost my video card and was waiting for postman to come with my new one, zey uzed do col me snooker s1mple
2020-01-18 00:42
Singapore streetfighter 
how did you lost that video card again
2020-01-18 00:43
I've heard those things can escape in the night when you're not looking.
2020-01-18 00:59
United Kingdom rhuwu 
You man are bad man
2020-01-18 00:47
No no my friend
2020-01-18 00:58
United Kingdom rhuwu 
Yes man my friend man
2020-01-18 01:03
Too much p2w in that game
2020-01-18 01:01
How so? I got maxed out cue playing free event. What else do you even need?
2020-01-18 01:24
the wheel triggers me men, that thing is rigged af
2020-01-18 01:26
You mean free spin? Its useless af anyways. Possibility to win 100k coins doesnt attract when you have 200m coins lmao
2020-01-18 10:13
I get the same 250 coins everytime and one time i was about to win the legendary box the arrow just started going slowly to the next reward ( 250 coins )
2020-01-18 12:40
I only play with my bitches and ur mom.
2020-01-18 10:29
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