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Destiny 2 right now
United States NA_1_OCEAN_EU_0_OCEAN 
Its insane. If any of y'all are playing d2 ATM you know what I'm talking abt. If any of y'all used to play it and haven't in a while, now's a great time to get back into it. The secret missions in this game are crazy. No doubt bungie is the best at adding secrets to their games
2020-01-18 01:31
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United Kingdom shmilx 
I never played D2 but played a SHIT TON of D1, how long does it take for a new player to get to the new light cap? or at least to a competitive light cap for raiding
2020-01-18 01:35
Kriegs | 
Brazil DinooxP 
If you try hard 3 weeks. If you play casual 2 months.
2020-01-18 02:03
United Kingdom shmilx 
shit really? just to get a light level for raids? That's annoying, wish I would have picked it up before then. Is there still like a cap on how many drops u get from nightfalls/raids per week?
2020-01-18 02:10
You start at 750 now, which means you can play all the raids except GoS really as soon as you start Edit: without a light cap I mean
2020-01-18 02:13
United Kingdom shmilx 
shit that's cool, do you have to pay for it like you did in D1? or is it just like here's a new guardian at 750
2020-01-18 02:14
What do you mean by having to pay like d1? The games f2p now but you spend 10$ for 3 months of new content
2020-01-18 02:15
United Kingdom shmilx 
In d2 you could pay for an item in effervesce that would put u up to max level and give decent blue items to catch up in I believe Y3. ik the game is free to play, and I assumed you just payed for the DLC whenever it came out
2020-01-18 02:19
Two of the DLCs are free now. Eververse is also 100% cosmetic now. It no longer gives anything like mods of as armor or guns.
2020-01-18 02:31
United Kingdom shmilx 
good to know, I'll probably pick the game up sooner or later, has there been any news on Destiny 3 or if it will even come out?
2020-01-18 02:53
Since bungie and Activision have split, bungie is saying they're planning on evolving destiny 2 for as long as possible. They'll definitely be putting in some new dlc though
2020-01-18 03:29
United Kingdom shmilx 
that's awesome, I was almost upset that they made D2 cus I couldn't continue with the guardians I already had grinded for. Has Icebreaker finally come back yet or is that still locked away in the vaults of D1
2020-01-18 04:04
Sadly it's still in d1. It has been replaced by a stronger better male. Also having anything other than izanagis burden or whisper of the worm as your exotic is basically a waste, and mountaintop recluse have been problems for over a year (recluse has been nerfed, but still yikes). Other than that it's pretty fun right now. A great time to get back into it
2020-01-18 04:16
United Kingdom shmilx 
damn that's really annoying that there's still a very VERY set in stone meta. The entire reason I stopped playing ToO on D1 was because it was just filled with Last Word which was legit cancer, even after it was nerfed it was arguably the best gun in the game, along with the fire rate pulse rifles, which surprise surprise were also never nerfed. But hey at least they shit on Thorn.
2020-01-18 04:20
Yeah they've brought back last word and thorn from d1. They're both pretty strong, but you can play with other things. There are some exotics that are fun to play with rn. I enjoy using sweet business (basically a mini gun with charge up time) and Monte Carlo (an auto rifle that recharges melee ability whenever u kill someone).
2020-01-18 13:54
Kriegs | 
Brazil DinooxP 
Yeah, you can get 3 or 4 peer week and this makes it very annoying to get a good level for raid. But at least is easier to get op itens/Guns/armor in journeys, if you don't like to solve the quests you can get a lot of items in 3 or 4 days.
2020-01-18 02:15
United Kingdom shmilx 
3 or 4 per week is a lot better than 1 per guardian per week in D1, which is one of the main reasons I stopped playing it, I used to grind out everything in the week then have nothing to do for the next 3/4 days
2020-01-18 02:16
draken | 
Romania Obuz8 
ive recently started playing d2 and yeah its good af
2020-01-18 01:38
Have u been participating in the timelost vault thing?
2020-01-18 02:14
grinding in fps games is pure aids
2020-01-18 01:41
Reunion 1iquser 
destiny did one of the biggest turnarounds in gaming history. shit was zzzzz when it launched, now it's kinda hype ngl
2020-01-18 01:42
It's a shame that they pushed it out early and fucked themselves in the process like so many games did
2020-01-18 01:44
I mean it's currently at one it's best points it's ever hit
2020-01-18 02:10
shit game just play warframe lol
2020-01-18 01:45
nt bungie
2020-01-18 01:46
Russia ToughGuy 
nt creator of destiny2
2020-01-18 01:47
United Kingdom replicanoob 
i had recluse and mountaintop, all pinnacle weapons before shadowkeep and was hooked. idk why i stopped after that, maybe grinding for stuff was too boring
2020-01-18 01:49
Try coming back now! There's another niobe labs type thing going on except it's even bigger
2020-01-18 02:11
United Kingdom replicanoob 
I tried the first niobe labs but failed every time on the 7th wave, spent so long trying to get the icon and gave up later. i also lost all my blizzard friends when shadowkeep launched and i dont know where to find them again so rip
2020-01-18 02:18
It's on steam now tho
2020-01-18 02:30
Is season of dawn any good? Been on holiday for like 2 months and have avoided watching gameplay of it so i can see it all for the first time myself. Love the game :)
2020-01-18 01:52
It's great rn. The season is cool (especially if you read lore). You know niobe? Another version of it is going on rn
2020-01-18 02:12
I saw the season reveal trailer before i left, bummed because saint-14 has been my favourite character since vanilla d1. Gotta wait some more to see him tho haha. And yeah i know the niobe stuff from the forges and i wasnt around to play that either :/ How longs this one been going on for?
2020-01-18 02:39
I think it’s been 3 days now. We’re still on the second challenge tho
2020-01-18 02:46
How many challenges are there or do we not know?
2020-01-18 17:11
We don't know yet. It's been a huge effort to get to where we are now. Bungie has said we're on the right track though, so we'll see what'll happen
2020-01-18 18:01
Damn look forward to catching up on all of it when i get back :D One morr thing srry, do u know when the season ends? Cheers
2020-01-18 22:11
In about 50 days
2020-01-19 02:06
Awesome, thank you
2020-01-19 20:49
ZywOo | 
France Qaze 
Stopped 1.5 months ago i had mountaintop, recluse, izanagi, delirium... And it seems like these weapons are so op that they just can't be replaced. Even the raid weapons are shit in front of them so no point of farming.
2020-01-18 02:00
Germany AYEONV 
played it a lot after release bc i loved destiny 1 but it got boring really fast should have waited for the dlcs to drop destiny 1 pvp was so fkn good until they nerfed all the fun guns like the last word
2020-01-18 17:14
Try coming back now! They've brought back last word and there are a bunch of other stuff. Plus there's a big puzzle mission going on rn
2020-01-18 18:01
Germany AYEONV 
last word is still nerfed i though i guess the pre nerf version was probably my favorite gun in any video game ever) btw can you change the appearance of your character now? my character looked like a monkey
2020-01-18 18:04
What do you mean by that? There are armor ornaments and shaders that you can use.
2020-01-18 18:27
Germany AYEONV 
nah i mean the face of your character wich you can customize at the beginning of the game
2020-01-18 18:32
Oh no not yet.
2020-01-18 20:58
Iran poopmod 
no trials tho..... the game is just to ez right now. i started to play last week coz a friend asked me to play with him, i was 750 and only had year 1 weapons. Rn i have all the op shit and max comp rank..... its just so easy
2020-01-18 21:00
D2 > Csgo
2020-01-18 21:03
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