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Navi CEO come here, Navi's only true fix
device | 
Austria Lottooo 
+Jerry and Boomish back to lurker Jerry is the only successful and up and coming player with natural igl and leadership skills. He will bring out the best from rest of the team, similar but better than Zeus and it looks like he's individually better than zeus ingame as well. I believe, Navi needs Jerry to consistently challenge Astralis. Otherwise, it would be just another fansy player having big name achieved mostly by baiting. Thoughts?
2020-01-18 09:01
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United States kami917 
2020-01-18 09:01
i'm Navi CEO , thanks for the advice , we will made the roster change asap
2020-01-18 09:02
France PopeyeLul 
you will made fast pls
2020-01-18 09:04
Qatar olaolakaka 
ok what did Natasha ate for dinner last night then?
2020-01-18 09:04
idk maybe kebab but who tf is Natasha ?
2020-01-18 09:07
device | 
Austria Lottooo 
Menss))))) Free invitation pass for the next major as a reward then? ^,^
2020-01-18 09:12
actually true
2020-01-18 09:07
Actual, decent, sensible fix. -Blad3 +Lottooo PLEASE
2020-01-18 09:23
device | 
Austria Lottooo 
That's my alt btw)))
2020-01-18 09:40
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
+1, could be great
2020-01-18 09:47
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