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french people weak!
Austria Angelo_Merte 
ur known for revolution and now u just let ur country go to waste just cuz some idiot was put in power? i think its time u get ur head out of ur ass and go out with burning pitchforks again and get rolled over by tanks!
2020-01-18 11:19
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"Work, consume and shut your mouth": about fifty trade unionists and "yellow vests" parade in Nice-Étoile for a protest flashmob.
2020-01-18 11:20
RpK | 
France pol44r 
N OMEGALUL btw 70% of people are already in the streets personnaly im pissed of that everybody protest so BBomers ca keep theyre retirement system but anyway in my country everyone gets theyre pitvhfork out for eveything soooooooo
2020-01-18 11:20
they arent known to be very hard and tough
2020-01-18 11:21
Mongolia bozgor 
last time France had any kind of balls was when an Italian was leading them
2020-01-18 11:21
RpK | 
France pol44r 
corsica ,he was from corsica
2020-01-18 11:26
Mongolia bozgor 
he was born in Corsica into a Tuscan family 👌😎
2020-01-18 11:32
Thanks for remaking history. Also USA leading by a German ?
2020-01-18 11:35
Mongolia bozgor 
do you really learn in french school that Napoleon was french? no wonder romanians like to lie about their history when they are inspired so much by you axaxaxaxa
2020-01-18 11:37
Tell me more please. Looks like you know everything on Napoleon, tell me what is the nationality of Napoleon please and where he born if not in France ?
2020-01-18 11:43
Mongolia bozgor 
because a mouse born in a stable is a horse axaxaxaxa
2020-01-18 11:59
RpK | 
France pol44r 
Thats the most fucking stupid and racist analogy i ever heard About nationality
2020-01-19 12:26
Austria couldn't beat Serbia in WW1 OMEGALUL
2020-01-18 11:22
ropz | 
Brazil ricca 
but serbia strong brato
2020-01-18 11:45
surrender? 🤓
2020-01-18 11:30
The French revolution was the most iconic pre-marx socialistic cut revolution of all, that's why its the most nepharious, evil and fake one, they never got real democracy nor republic in that revolution. Installed the redistributionist anti freedom anti individual equalitarian cultural consensus that they held on to to today. Disgusting. All of Europe sided with them because you are all trash, except for UK and Estonia.
2020-01-18 12:10
there is no actual democracy at the time i'm typing this post
2020-01-18 12:17
I didn't say that, don't try strawman me scum, go eat a snail.
2020-01-18 12:43
ctm bostero
2020-01-18 12:48
nt Robespierrito
2020-01-18 12:57
yesterday our retarded president was in a theater and people invaded it to kick his ass, it started
2020-01-18 12:16
Szohn | 
Nepal Nepali 
The flag doesn't check out.
2020-01-18 12:27
Fuck Macron...
2020-01-18 12:45
Wisla Krakow
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