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s1mple or zywoo?
xccurate | 
Indonesia ZywOomegalul 
who, and give me the reason
2020-01-18 23:49
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United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Zywoo He's better
2020-01-18 23:53
play of the decade ? really ?..... smoking some crack
2020-01-19 01:27
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
What This is the final stage If you're unhappy with the finalists, they beat the other 14 contestants in previous stages due to the votes of other HLTV users
2020-01-19 01:44
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
It was eliminated from the competition That vote is only the final stage, there have already been 3
2020-01-19 14:10
This won already the offical vote. So yours doesnt matter
2020-01-19 14:15
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
This the HLTV play of the decade, not the twitter one
2020-01-19 14:16
they made the vote for it on twitter
2020-01-19 14:18
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
2020-01-19 14:21
frozen | 
Czech Republic StetD 
I mean ChrisJ ace was insane show of his skill and while Happys play was amazing it was mostly luck...
2020-01-19 14:59
2020-01-19 15:31
you see he aimed perfectly the right angle. This wasn't mostly luck. That the players run there has nothing to do with what Happy did. ChrisJ was also great and skill but if the enmys go together it wasnt possible. So If happys was luck then ChrisJ also. +ChrisJ was with 15-9 lead or sth. Absolutely no match changer
2020-01-19 15:37
frozen | 
Czech Republic StetD 
I see what you mean, but: a) Whether it was or wasn't match changing shouldn't really affect the decision of which play was better, cuz clearly it is focused on the greatness of the play standing by itself, not how it effected the game or its outcome. b) Yes if the enemies go together the ChrisJ ace wouldn't be possible, but the same could be said for the one of Happy. c) Aiming perfectly the right angle even through the smoke could do any LEM or higher ranked player in MM.
2020-01-19 16:17
Zywoo, purely for the fact I feel his peaks were fractionally higher than simples. But to close to call
2020-01-18 23:50
Zywoo will be top 1 this year. But S1mple peak is higher and that’s a fact tbh.
2020-01-18 23:56
s1mple peak was the highest in all csgo history so far
2020-01-19 00:05
Russia RussianFemboy 
2018 s1mple = best player in cs go history
2020-01-19 14:51
0 major
2020-01-19 15:51
2020-01-19 17:59
ZywOo because I watched csgo all year and it's evident
2020-01-18 23:51
u r blind, simple is a beast
2020-01-19 03:16
evident isnt... s1mple is carryng na`vi even without awp...
2020-01-19 15:45
s1mpol cus why not
2020-01-18 23:51
s1mple shouldn't even be in the top3, don't @ me
2020-01-18 23:52
2020-01-19 01:15
2020-01-19 09:32
If s1mple gets #1 I legit might delete acc
2020-01-19 15:13
Portugal Benjff 
2020-01-18 23:53
Brazil EnzoAirezZ 
Even in Big Events ZyWOo is better
2020-01-18 23:55
Portugal Benjff 
lol check online stats from s1mple ... not gonna say he s an onliner because he s still amazing in every matches but lol , 1.84 KDR But yeah otherwise Zywoo is just better in every aspects
2020-01-18 23:57
Brazil EnzoAirezZ 
2020-01-18 23:59
only 2 maps played online
2020-01-19 01:22
based on 2 maps btw
2020-01-19 01:24
France Flloox 
2020-01-18 23:54
2020-01-18 23:55
Argentina fedezera 
Their stats are similars but simple has 1.84 rating 2.0 online while zywoo 1.3. i dont think if it has influence. Also simple has 1.28 in major and zywoo 1.14
2020-01-18 23:56
vitality major run was kinda bad tho
2020-01-19 00:04
Argentina fedezera 
so was navi's
2020-01-19 01:13
will be nice to see if s1mple back to highest peack will play vs zywoo in form
2020-01-18 23:58
I think the first will Zywwoo but s1mple is better)))
2020-01-19 00:01
zywoo because he had impressive first year and it is rigged B)
2020-01-19 01:13
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
yeah rigged that simple is still in the race for #1 xd 1. zywoo (+1600 k/d, without him vitality would have been stuck at DH Open tournaments) 2. device (2200 rounds played with slightly lower stats then s1mple) 3. s1mple (660 rounds played LUL) 4. elige MAYBE even 3. elige 4. simple but device got robbed 1000000% here^^
2020-01-19 02:57
Brazil cadik 
s0mple aka 2 tournaments per year aka 0 major kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2020-01-19 09:27
baited by 1nverse the tyloo fan 😎
2020-01-19 21:40
Lmao what does it mean to be best player in the world if you can't win tournament still 0 majors both and not gonna win a single one.
2020-01-19 01:18
2020-01-19 01:19
2020-01-19 01:24
-guardian soon, s1mple back to awp, lets see if navi can win anything in 2020
2020-01-19 01:26
If vitality does -zywoo +device they go out of top 15
2020-01-19 01:20
Lmao you can literally put any good player like niko into zywho role and im sure they gonna be placed #1
2020-01-19 01:22
Bad example, NiKo was a godlike player in his prime and he'll get back up.
2020-01-19 01:27
Good example, whole structure in vitality is build around 1 player everybody can shine here tbh
2020-01-19 01:29
Yeah bud, I'm sure you'd look that good against Astralis. That's not how it works, it never has been and never will be. Discussion over.
2020-01-19 01:40
For sure Vitality got a style of playing that won't work on long distance all of 5 players of astralis have over 1.10 rating while all of 4 vita players <1.00 cause they creating space for Zywhoo
2020-01-19 01:42
Stop saying bullshit. Even if you don't wanna watch vitality games, look at stats, vitality players are all almost the same when it comes to assist/round (0.13) Only 0.1 for simple.
2020-01-19 01:52
yeah overall zywho 1.30 else 0.90 for real who cares that he doing 38 frags on faze if they still losing? it's just not working lmao
2020-01-19 01:53
Yes because they can't even win an aim duel these days. Put ZywOo in a good team and he'll still destroy.
2020-01-19 09:11
How is that an answer to my argument ? I just say that it is bias to say that other players are creating space for Zywoo. He's assisting as much as his teammates. And why are you ignoring that vitality won 3 big events this year ? As much as liquid. Btw, only Australis won (both) majors this year. Does it mean that every other teams are fucking noob team ?
2020-01-19 10:26
zywoo obviously because at least he made it past quarter final on lan and didnt farm stats vs tier 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 teams (at least not as much as mr s0mple)
2020-01-19 01:25
s0mple online god 1.84 rating
2020-01-19 01:26
2020-01-19 01:27
Portugal astacp 
s1mple because this ranking is broken.
2020-01-19 01:31
top 1 top 2 0 major
2020-01-19 02:42
Toxic | 
Switzerland SRB! 
2020-01-19 01:35
One is The God for years, another is The God since his start of tier-relevant career, both are bestest and others aint even close
2020-01-19 01:38
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
yeah, device being godtier since the begining of csgo when s1mple was having troubles playing cs because he was a toxic kid being ESL banned for cheating xd device is by far the csgo goat AND THIS ISNT EVEN CLOSE.... put these other 2 kids aside, they are newcomers compared to device (which got heavily robbed for #2 by HLTV this year btw)
2020-01-19 03:01
Imagine saying a guy was “heavy robbed” by anybody when he actually won the jackpot of cs go lottery: having such godlike team while being average angle camper, deserving to tryhard on lootbet cups vs tier 4 mixes :/ Another “GOAT” already earning money as a professional meme generator in N0rth, its time for his old friend to join and start punching monitors like in dignitas/astralis pre-gla1ve times, gonna enjoy it as I did back in times :)
2020-01-19 03:08
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
put it the other way around.... device cant have higher stats because his teammates are that good and steal kills.... its a dumb conversation.. anyone thinking device isnt the CSGO goat is delusional. simple had 700 rounds played and device 2200... simple IN NO WAY deserved to be placed higher then device this year let alone in csgo history
2020-01-19 03:10
Y, indeed teammates steal kills while always having more death then 3colai, dying first giving info for 3cov3ce where to better save awp. Its even more obvious when in not so common times when astralis lose and teammates aint killing, 3colai still being in line with them while having main awp slot :(
2020-01-19 03:15
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
0.13 opening kills / round (#5) just putting this in perspective kid
2020-01-19 03:20
dev1ce was d2vice now d3vice s1mple was s1mple now s2mple zywoo was zywho now he is zywo1
2020-01-19 01:57
Sweden shonk 
zywoo stats are slightly better on big events but s1mple has a much better rating on majors which matters a lot cause its the reason why naf was only 7th (1.05 kd or something like that) in my opinion if they placed magisk on 5th just because of good stats at the major they should give first place for s1mple since they have 0.01 difference on big events and like 0.10 difference on majors (in s1mples favor) but it wont happen, zywoo is overhyped right now so they would give him the first place even if s1mples stats were twice better
2020-01-19 02:49
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
simple shouldnt even be in consideration here dawg... device got robbed here
2020-01-19 03:02
Sweden shonk 
for sure :) devve 1.23 / s1mple 1.28 rating devve 1.18 / s1mple 1.27 impact
2020-01-19 03:06
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
device 2200 rounds played (in 2019) against topteams because reaching finals on a weekly base against simple (700 rounds played) padding stats in groupstage against shitteams and dropping out of tournament because his team is shit... im to lazy but if we would count games played against top 5 teams it would probably be device 200 vs simple 20
2020-01-19 03:13
Sweden shonk 
too lazy to check some info but not lazy to post this shit you are talking like the majority here. playing against shitteams... woow... i guess every one except liquid and astralis are shitteams for you... and if u open liquid's page u will see that they didnt win shit in the 2nd half of the year. so they were basically losing in semis or even earlier like navi. and they werent playing against shitteams like u said. stop taking this information from your head. navi smashes everyone until semis and then when they face a team like EG they choke because of reshuffles and players like guardian. there are only a few teams that can beat navi even when they are only 4.
2020-01-19 03:22
SaufS | 
Switzerland zulecsgo 
eg, fnatic, astralis, liquid, mouz, 100thieves... teams navi just faced once per tournament becausue they didnt reach playoffs to face more then one of these teams per tournament while astralis had to battle 3-4 of them every single tournament. navi barrely reached playoffs this year, let alone semifinals as you say... also why dont you mention 2200 rounds vs. 700 rounds played? let me guess thats not relevant? xd device got robbed 100% and its even more obvious because of the outrage by the majority of the community, especiallly considering they are supporting device, a player that usually gets shit on by said community...
2020-01-19 03:26
Sweden shonk 
robbed for sure. u did a 1 min research. and after seing that s1mple is better in any aspect ur repeating this bullshit about rounds. wow. i like peple like you. biased and dumb. "i like dev1ce. he has more rounds. i dont care about statistics, facts and weeks of researches made from HLTV to figure out who deserves and who doesnt. "
2020-01-19 03:31
Sweden shonk 
wait. where did u get this stupid information about rounds from? :D 100 maps s1 126 maps devve so you are trying to say that, on average, navi were winning maps for 7 rounds? interesting information
2020-01-19 03:36
dude, did you even compare the stats at all? Zywoo has a lead over s1mple in almost every stats there is. stats s1mple is better at: - major rating 1.24 > 1.17 (though impact is 1.26 > 1.16 for Zywoo) - rating at top 5 events 1.27 > 1.26 - DPR 0.59 > 0.61 - opening K/D 1.73 > 1.62 - opening success: 63.3% > 61.9% That is all. Zywoo is better at LITERALLY everything else, especially at impact rating.
2020-01-19 09:36
Sweden shonk 
so. rating at top 5 events with 0.01 difference dpr 0.02 difference and at the majors? right, 0.07 difference which plays a huge role. electronic had much better stats in everything but magisk was still placed 5. zywoo doesnt deserve top1. everyone in vitaltiy has negative kd except him. they are baiting and doing everything to boost his stats. while s1mple is not aware to open frag and create some space for his team while navi has beast elec with almost equal stats and boombla and flamie who usually have around 1-1.1 kd meanwhile trashtality has 4 player with 0.9. and as i said before, they have 0.01 difference at big events and 0.07 !!! at the majors in s1mples favor. zywoo doesnt deserve first place at all but his overhyped and he would get first place even if s1mple had 2kd.
2020-01-19 14:51
imagine believing vitality are boosting zywoo's stats
2020-01-19 14:52
Sweden shonk 
check their stats and compre their aim and skill with navi players. literally one elec is worth 4 vitality players.
2020-01-19 14:53
we agree on that, it's the next step in your reasoning that's wrong
2020-01-19 15:20
lmao and every other stat you can find Zywoo is better at, there's too many to write them down not only stats but also finals/playoffs appearances, wins, mvps, evps LUL s1mple is lucky to get #2
2020-01-19 15:26
Sweden shonk 
ye very lucky.
2020-01-19 15:27
ZywOo by a mile he was better this year and so were Vitality because of it
2020-01-19 02:53
Sweden shonk 
by a mile :))))))))
2020-01-19 02:55
ZywOo because I watched csgo all year and it's evident
2020-01-19 03:08
coldzera,2times #1,give him one more B)
2020-01-19 03:16
s1mple because higher skill ceiling
2020-01-19 03:23
Georgia Megobari 
2020-01-19 09:17
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu 
Zywoo ofc. All year they were about equal, but at the last tournament Zywoo was much better.
2020-01-19 09:21
EZ Zywoo
2020-01-19 09:31
zywoo never bait for stats however simple only bait zywoo is clearly better thats not even a question lmao
2020-01-19 09:33
World Kobs 
Zywoo owned simple like if he was a tier 4 player every time they faced, simple barely got a positive ratio lmao , simple stat pad vs tier 3 , zywoo stat pad vs top 5
2020-01-19 09:39
#1 Zywho. S1mples team gone mia all year
2020-01-19 09:37
zywoo probably
2020-01-19 09:40
S1mple is a better player, but zywoo is gonna win this one, based on statistics alone. His team has done better in tournaments and his numbers are better. 2020 shall prove who the real champ is, with s1mple getting back on the AWP.
2020-01-19 14:19
Is there actually someone who thinks simple will be #1?
2020-01-19 14:55
zywoo so ez not even debatable
2020-01-19 14:55
at this point hltv can give s1mple top1
2020-01-19 14:55
Denmark LaqeuZ 
2020-01-19 15:02
zywoo is a beast when it comes to important matches, while s1mple....
2020-01-19 15:03
s1mple was carry of team all year, it was very hard year zywoo had everything to become top 1, so it was easier for him probably zywoo will be #1, but s1 in my heart always #1
2020-01-19 15:08
NEO | 
Italy Vincenz0 
pretty sad tbh, that player of the year will be someone who has won mediocre tournaments at best .. but Astralis just too dominant unfortunately
2020-01-19 15:10
2020-01-19 15:13
cype | 
Finland deiasha 
2020-01-19 15:13
BnTeT | 
Indonesia lukerey 
zywoo. because i see a lot of zywoo and less of s1mple.
2020-01-19 15:15
India JW_BesTesT 
Zywoo for sure
2020-01-19 15:52
India JW_BesTesT 
But simple getting second position is good cuz I think device was way better than him this yr
2020-01-19 15:52
France Vipair 
Watch stats and mvps thats it
2020-01-19 21:51
device top 1
2020-01-20 14:27
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