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Colonies and Independence
FalleN | 
United States BigDaddyShrood 
So this whole colonial thing got me thinking, why did the colonies want to be free if they are considered a part of the country. For example, Russia has expanded all the way to the east but the regions have not yet proclaimed their independence even after hundreds of years..
2020-01-19 01:02
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It was a fluke glory to the loyalists
2020-01-19 01:03
Washington got lucky gg
2020-01-19 01:06
what u mean
2020-01-19 01:03
for example your country used to be a part of Spain (La Plata) and it had the Spanish settlers and the natives. Why did they decide to go against their own government and create Argentina?
2020-01-19 01:04
taxes, inequality, dissatisfaction, various other movements for independence around the world
2020-01-19 01:08
Whenever its "inequality" you know the country will turn into a shithole. But yes...that is a big one too.
2020-01-19 01:09
lmao are those the reasons of brazil's independence?
2020-01-19 01:17
your country wanted to take away all the privileges that D. João gave us by making us become a mere colony again, that was the main reason
2020-01-19 01:21
no main reason was the kings will dont get it twisted
2020-01-19 01:51
I understand your question now. The main reason they independice is to be able to have the people located in said territory have full autonomy over the policies that are enforced there. In Argentina's case it was different, we independized because our funding fathers were extremely Libertarian and the Spaniard crown was about as statist piece of shittery as France, if you take a look at our early success it all derives from the 1853-61 constitution which was very much Libertarian, the main difference with the U.S American constitution is that it was even more protective of private property than your original one and truly valued individual sovereignty above all, that's why it abolished slavery in its first itiration and had no tariffs with the rest of the world. As for the rest of South America, is just that the local governance wanted more power than they could get by being a Spanish or Portuguese colony.
2020-01-19 01:08
yeah but for example if any country decides to expand and sends out some people to create a colony and it grows it's still a part of the country and there's no reason to declare independence. Yeah taxes, but the whole point of the colonies is to feed the mother country and that's just how it goes..
2020-01-19 01:14
Well if the mother country is fair and reasonable you wont see much of a revolt, when the motherland starts to impose too much statism, even if your population in the colony are half-french half-russian scum , they will go "why tf we still paying so much???" and take their chances. The only way for a country to expand is by not having colonies, but just expanding.
2020-01-19 01:17
well, we'll see what's gonna happen with Mars, will it become independent and declare a war on us LOL
2020-01-19 01:21
I certainly hope so.
2020-01-19 01:22
bro u realise portuguese crown refuged in brazil during napoleons invasion, later on the king decides to make two seperate kingdoms
2020-01-19 01:19
The Portuguese crown might've been the 2nd shittiest colonists in America, it's more than relevant that at some point the Spaniard and English crowns did somewhat consider some individual Liberties..but the Portuguese crown??? My man, the PTs always thought that humans came to the world to pay taxes and pay homage to the monarchs, private property was an alien concept to them, FULLY... Brasil will one day be a developed free country...Portugal never was and will never be.
2020-01-19 01:23
why so salty? lol
2020-01-19 02:03
How am i salty??? im just educating you.
2020-01-19 02:27
United States sorcrcrc 
iirc the war was originally about convincing britain to repeal the harsh taxes and policies on the american people, and the idea of independence didnt come about until later
2020-01-19 01:07
yeah but they were still british and I don't think that the US was the only place that had to deal with high taxes
2020-01-19 01:16
2020-01-19 01:10
Because russia didn't fuck their own colonies and didn't take everything they've had
2020-01-19 01:10
well they do it now :eyes:
2020-01-19 01:15
In what way? I agree that Moscow is above any other city in Russia, but you are not right
2020-01-19 01:17
Russia is literally selling Siberia to China ok it's not actually selling, but 'leasing'
2020-01-19 01:18
Canada ProvexPyker 
Some decentralization bullshit where they make the colonies without knowledge of tribal wars, culture, relations, so war popped up often because the people were split, enemies were with enemies etc. So they left the colonies giving them "independence" but they are actually still controlled because they are entirely reliant, on the country that colonized them, in terms of money and other bullshit. Tbh idk what I'm talking about.
2020-01-19 01:38
United Kingdom shmilx 
Different Ideologies or harshness/extortion imposed upon the colonies from the homeland is often the reason why.
2020-01-19 01:40
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