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banned by minerva again
North America Big_Baller_Brand 
I won 3 games today completely 0 toxicity only giving info and motivating team fbi - 1000 and I get banned for another 2 days mens((( I quit faceit bye
2020-01-19 21:26
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2020-01-19 21:28
lol i played with animals the last few days and lost 200 elo. i was toxic af but didnt get banned once.
2020-01-19 21:29
they dont report u and I had a mad russian playing only deagle/p90 he probably reported everyone so I got a cooldown because I had one which ended 6pm
2020-01-19 21:32
because i topfragged every game and won several sick clutches :D
2020-01-19 21:35
i be toxic the whole matches and last 2 weeks i haven't got bans but fuck that just quit faceit
2020-01-19 21:33
Cyprus Swishh_ 
imagine getting banned by minerva tho wtf
2020-01-19 21:32
imagine being faceit and making a shit bot that reacts only to reports and doesnt check actual content in chat
2020-01-19 21:33
no, it checks chat verbal abuse - minerva unsportsmanlike conduct - reporta
2020-01-19 21:36
voice chat too?
2020-01-19 21:37
no just dont write anything toxic in chat
2020-01-19 21:38
I wrote xD 6 times so yeah XD
2020-01-19 21:39
u wrote aomething else
2020-01-19 21:39
I didnt, and on voice chat I was speaking spanish to my portugal teammates and laughing all the time, the tilted guy was quiet
2020-01-19 21:40
Denmark nrth_LUL 
Then send us a link to the match so we can watch the demo.
2020-01-19 21:42
aight I memorized I wrote "carvalho - caralho" and thats it
2020-01-19 21:45
+1 i wanna see you play mens)))
2020-01-19 21:44
25 20 27 kills nothing to watch its lvl 6-9
2020-01-19 21:47
Denmark nrth_LUL 
But we want to watch chat to see if you're truly innocent. What do you have to lose?
2020-01-19 22:11
are you a faceit admin?
2020-01-19 22:31
yes mens)))
2020-01-19 23:43
Proof it or i will kill you
2020-01-19 23:53
First send proof you didn’t be toxic in chat)))
2020-01-20 14:21
nt baitzera
2020-01-22 20:57
The roman goddess Minerva?
2020-01-19 21:37
yes romans hate me and ban me faceit
2020-01-19 21:40
Romans are racista against Europe, that's why they tried to conquer all of them
2020-01-19 21:41
they didnt conquer my country tho
2020-01-19 21:45
Mine neither 😎👍
2020-01-19 21:45
Brazil TaxIsTHEFT 
is minerva the guy who always dodge a game when he is at the same team of mattayahu?
2020-01-19 22:14
Yes I said that Ricardo Carvalho is a caralho and he ban me on twitch chat now I sad
2020-01-19 23:56
Faceit is a fucking joke, anti-cheat is worse than battle-eye, minerva is just artificial without the intelligence, and the report button doesn't do shit. It only impacts FBI score. Only reason people play faceit is because of all the pros streaming FPL.
2020-01-19 22:34
you have esea in US and it is actually relevant, in europe you get 4 baiters in your or enemy team and w/l fast
2020-01-19 22:45
ESEA is fucking irrelevant, I think I'll keep the bitcoin I mined thanks
2020-01-19 22:47
weird flex but ok
2020-01-19 22:48
I don't actually mine bitcoin in 2020, that's fucking retarded. I'm talking about this:
2020-01-19 23:08
2020-01-19 22:49
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