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We are mens!
Iceland TylerDurdenStrong 
Be happy we are proud and have fun! If you are sad get yout shit together and go another path in life!
2020-01-19 22:59
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United Kingdom respi 
im sad but its kinda my fault so idk
2020-01-19 23:01
No more bs in your life. Less PC from now on. Work out 6 days a week and go walks on nature
2020-01-19 23:02
United Kingdom respi 
being a functional human sounds so difficult bro
2020-01-19 23:04
Think positive always
2020-01-19 23:05
too much pc? otherwise i don't get you.
2020-01-19 23:12
yeah i guess so, just too much stuff that doesn't amount to anything useful
2020-01-19 23:13
dude you live in a good country, probably can afford pursuing a career or goals you want and live a decent life. why should you be sad?
2020-01-19 23:15
guess i just have doubts that i will ever reach the point of having a decent life
2020-01-19 23:30
it's ok to have doubts as soon as those doubts come along with making plans and putting effort in turning them into reality. having doubts sitting behind your pc 24/7 - not so much.
2020-01-19 23:44
Germany Bundeskanzler 
I go shower now!
2020-01-19 23:02
We shower together! I can bring a stick!
2020-01-19 23:05
We mens bro! 😊🤝😊
2020-01-19 23:05
imagine being women pointless existence would it be couldn't be me
2020-01-19 23:08
Thank you bro that really helped me trough tought times.
2020-01-19 23:09
2020-01-19 23:10
2020-01-19 23:10
All mens)) are brothers
2020-01-19 23:11
xeta | 
Germany _XiLe 
mens)) 🤜
2020-01-19 23:29
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