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Incels of HLTV
hallzerk | 
Im just seeing countless threads from karlsruhe The fact is that most of us HLTV users are 6`0+ and we have insane muscles, we hit on girls everyday and usually show off our epic hltv comments so that girls will come to us to bed. Its easy being a chad when you are like me (6´2, super muscular, 180lbs, blue eyes, top 10 jawlines on HLTV) Any more incels? so sad to see them just dwelling, just become chads
2020-01-20 09:17
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cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
nt karlsruhe
2020-01-20 09:20
I dont keep track of every single incel, i need more so we can lay out a map and just send them a letter of myself naked so they will turn gay and stfu
2020-01-20 09:22
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
2020-01-20 09:24
2020-01-20 09:24
i am 170cm 40kg with 9 gf 14 fuck buddies 22 egfs
2020-01-20 09:20
This is great, typical alpha
2020-01-20 09:21
thank 🗿👍
2020-01-20 09:30
fisker | 
Sweden sweden4k 
Im 6'1 average jaw line, good beard but malding hit on girls: every week but not rn cause I got main chick now No one is perfect men))
2020-01-20 09:23
Perfect 10/10
2020-01-20 09:25
Except that Chads dont hit on girls and instead focus on their own life
2020-01-20 09:24
The girls hit on me while im focusing on completing my Ph.D in Astrophysics
2020-01-20 09:26
North America ChillComrade 
I'm 172cm, I'm a femboy (I have a disorder, yes mens) and so I get creepy messages from people asking if they want to date B) I'm the one get hitting on and getting attention
2020-01-20 09:26
Nice and good at the sametime
2020-01-20 09:30
North America ChillComrade 
Heck yes
2020-01-20 09:31
dont sware
2020-01-20 09:56
North America ChillComrade 
I'm sorry :(
2020-01-20 09:57
Ok your sorry
2020-01-20 09:57
2020-01-20 09:28
Nt but this is actually facts, im not insecure like you
2020-01-20 09:31
no its not
2020-01-20 10:10
2020-01-20 12:27
2020-01-20 12:30
Most incels are on reddit, lot of alpha mens)) on hltv
2020-01-20 09:35
2020-01-20 09:55
you are proof of alpha mens))
2020-01-20 10:14
ty mens)) you too
2020-01-20 10:21
Australia csRIOTgo 
are you from the same country as my Nygaard?
2020-01-20 09:57
Yes am Norway)
2020-01-20 12:28
You're using imperial system, ur the incel here. Fuck you.
2020-01-20 09:58
Sweden DeeColon 
What does Karlsruhe have to do with this? Something I missed? Anything specific about that city?
2020-01-20 10:14
195cm 95kg Green eyes Name Frank D. Loyd the 4th I hit girls every week and the cops wont do shit cause im the son of a powerfull mafioso also im terrifying Chances are i have banged ur wife ur sister and the milf teacher
2020-01-20 10:16
Yeah bro real shit
2020-01-20 12:27
160cm 60kg Brown eyes Name Abu Muhammad I hit girls every week and the cops wont do shit cause im immigrant in sweden Chances are I leech off of government handouts
2020-01-20 12:50
s1mple | 
United Kingdom benchof 
Man I can't believe it, I'm a 5'2" virgin :(
2020-01-20 12:44
Wisla Krakow
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