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1.6 little known things
France Js20 
What are some little known things you know about 1.6? -Using shield in 1.6 actually increases damage you recieve when wearing armor. E.g m4 will one tap you when you have a helmet and 100hp. -T side G3sg1 autosniper has near perfect accuracy running, jumping and unscoped. -CT's SG550 autosniper first 2 shots have bugged accuracy and are at very low accuracy even when scoped. After you shoot the first 2 bullets then the accuracy goes back to normal.
2020-01-20 13:32
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Quickswitching weapons when you attach/remove the silencer does not actually reduce the delay from putting the silencer on or off. If you do it then you will notice a long delay between switching back to the m4/usp and when you can actually fire.
2020-01-22 23:07
everyone knows that wtf
2020-01-22 23:12
not only that, but animation sound continues to the end
2020-01-25 01:36
It did until 1.4 or 1.5 though. It was a legit way to skip the animation.
2020-01-25 15:48
-T side G3sg1 autosniper has near perfect accuracy running, jumping and unscoped. yeah exactly how i remember it
2020-01-22 23:08
I put something as a crosshair on my monitor and literally ran and killed everybody. Was good in surf servers too.
2020-08-03 19:13
you don't even need a crosshair...
2020-08-03 19:29
I think you're talking about CSS or subs in CSGO lol
2020-08-03 22:29
United States jcv999
There were knife headshots in one of the earlier versions (1.3?) right?
2020-01-22 23:11
Pretty sure I've seen those in 1.6 as well
2020-01-22 23:12
United States jcv999
2020-01-22 23:13
yea, on suft servers it was possible to do knife headshot from the back, it dealt something around 360 points of damage
2020-08-06 18:25
you could knife headshot in 1.6 men
2020-01-22 23:13
Myanmar Guzhas
you can 100% knife to the head with m1 m2 is more rare to see, but still viable and happens
2020-01-23 00:14
2020-01-25 01:31
Poland krwc
in 1.6 too yes
2020-01-25 02:32
In 1.6 yes
2020-02-07 01:19
In 1.6 too. I once HS a guy with 720 dmg in 35hp map.
2020-08-03 22:27
United States jcv999
Lol how tf did you stumble into this thread months later
2020-08-05 04:38
Lmao I just saw it. Someone bumped it for sure.
2020-08-05 17:59
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
you can drop 30 frags in 1 half without killing anyone
2020-01-22 23:13
that was my favorite part
2020-01-22 23:14
2020-01-25 01:22
If you planted the bomb you will get 3 frags for explosion.
2020-01-25 01:34
or defusal
2020-01-25 02:29
Yeah. :-)
2020-01-25 02:29
Forgot about that
2020-01-25 14:58
45 frags. 1 half is 15 rounds.
2020-01-31 22:59
I got another one! Facing the bomb explosion does not reduce damage taken. I tried it out with armor or no armor - it makes no difference in damage recieved. It's a dumb myth that gets repeated so many times.
2020-01-22 23:15
Brazil bandicoot
are you sure
2020-01-22 23:20
Yes. I read this "tip" so many times that I thought lets see for myself and nope no damage reduction by facing the bomb when it goes boom.
2020-01-22 23:44
Brazil bandicoot
you sure youre not too close to it? you take more damage from HE's and knife from your back. why would bomb be different.
2020-01-23 00:01
the knife part is totally different from the bombs dont know about the HE dealing more damage when thrown at the back
2020-01-23 00:05
No I'm not too close to the bomb explosion. I know that HE nades don't do more damage if your back is towards the explosion. The same goes for the bomb. The reason the bomb explosion doesn't give you extra damage if your back is towards it is because the bomb is not a knife.
2020-01-23 19:53
It worked in source
2020-01-31 10:20
2020-01-31 16:50
Sure did
2020-01-31 19:50
Testing it in source does not show you're correct.
2020-01-31 20:17
well, it show us that you are incorrect xd
2020-01-31 20:32
I'm not sure if you're trolling or just stupid. There's no evidence this "tip" works.
2020-01-31 20:36
Well, thats good, the first step is to admit that you are wrong.
2020-01-31 21:32
So you're a troll and that wants to keep saying this false tip is somehow true.
2020-01-31 21:39
lol, troll? Have you seen me? And if so, first, what did you think, when you saw me, and second, should i keep rocking the blonde?
2020-01-31 21:44
Sweden quacke
Hahahahahaha good one
2020-08-03 19:28
2020-08-05 18:01
Japan 0x0393
It definitely doesn't in source
2020-02-07 03:06
Brazil bandicoot
I have never played source, only 1.6
2020-01-26 02:12
Yep its a myth.
2020-01-27 19:20
Malaysia Suno[t]
You can silent defuse by timing the right click knife and E at the same time
2020-01-22 23:47
or using awp or scout scope
2020-01-25 02:05
Europe im_we
This doesn't work anymore for 12+ years now.
2020-08-03 18:58
Wtf that was more than 1.6 things. That was like 3 whole things wtf men(((((((😡😡
2020-01-22 23:50
Myanmar Guzhas
scripts and alias commands are illegal in most higher-tier matches, in mixes and gathers you can also get a ban, unless no-one checks ur cfg. silent defuses, no-recoil, jump-binds(cj.lj,mcj) ?i don't think those exist in cs:go?
2020-01-23 00:12
+1 but this shit was so fkin funny on pubs alias w2 "w; w" alias w5 "w2; w2; w" alias w10 "w5; w5" alias w20 "w10; w10" alias crun "+duck; wait; -duck; wait; +duck; w20; w10; w; w; -duck" bind "CTRL" "crun" +mlook +jlook
2020-01-25 01:36
2020-01-27 19:56
if you're not handicapped you can use your pinky to tap Ctrl and just crouchwalk like a normal person. no need for a script
2020-08-03 19:40
2020-01-25 01:27
Running deagle first bullet accuracy is close to 100%.
2020-01-25 01:33
I don't believe that's correct after when i tested it.
2020-01-25 02:01
It's more or less correct. It's not that 1.6 deag is very accurate when running, it's just not very accurate when standing either.
2020-01-25 02:36
Don't agree that it's correct at all. The way he said it makes anyone think the running deagle first bullet has insanely good accuracy. It simply still has significant rng on its running accuracy.
2020-01-25 16:15
That's a myth.
2020-02-07 01:22
It was if u were holding forward and either right or left first bullet was super accurate
2020-08-03 19:15
Yes strafe was the key.
2020-08-03 19:27
it doesn't work
2020-08-06 18:16
+1 you can A D A D in 1.6 but you cant do that in CSGO
2020-08-06 18:19
on nuke, all walls are made out of cardboard
2020-01-25 01:45
I actually tried it out and it doesnt seem to work, What version of 1.6?
2020-01-25 02:14
I know. But does this work on the latest steam version?
2020-01-25 02:19
Europe im_we
Yes, of course it does.
2020-08-03 19:19
first bullet after swapping weapons is 100% accurate on AK
2020-01-25 02:18
the AK does not get 100% accuracy when you do that, it just gets better accuracy. That trick only works on the Mp5 and Ump which also makes it 100% accurate on it running and jumping.
2020-01-25 02:30
i used to buy g3sg1 and just run&gun killing everyone with its op accuracy unscoped
2020-01-25 02:28
I know pitas secret
2020-01-25 02:30
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim
hunt eco frags)
2020-01-25 16:09
-AWP's second unscoped shot after a shot with scope was straight -knife headshot did the most damage by all weapons -silenced M16a1 headshot at helmet did about 89 dmg while unsilenced it was kill -throwing grenade at Nuke above missiles at B site, you could kill enemy above at yellow box -all the maps were paper made. You could kill through 10m wall -doing double boost at radio room at Nuke you would be appeared on the roof - at D2 throwing smoke as terrorist above mid door ,it would land at the rocks,dragged and smoke door at B site -placing c4 at A plant D2 between box and wall it was impossible to defuse -knifing by behind without vest was 1 hit kill -shooting the floor at Nuke, inside the small windowed room next to ladder as CT, you could break the window downstairs at B plant spot
2020-01-25 15:26
"-silenced M16a1 headshot at helmet did about 89 dmg while unsilenced it was kill" LOL you moron. Anyone knows the unsilenced m16a1 doesn't one shot kill a 100hp enemy with a kevlar+helmet.
2020-01-25 16:07
+1 wtf thats blatantly false
2020-01-25 16:17
maybe i dont remember right.. last time i played 1.6 was at 2013
2020-01-25 17:59
hitting someone with a knife from behind is a kill with or without kevlar, and also same in csgo
2020-01-25 16:14
I remember knifing someone with 720 damage. The map's name was 35hp.
2020-01-31 23:00
Europe im_we
> -all the maps were paper made. You could kill through 10m wall Not true, Wallbanging still works the same way in 1.6 as it did back in early 2000s.
2020-08-03 19:21
5 boosted ct to defuse thru the floor on nuke a site
2020-08-06 18:20
When it comes to shields, when the player has himself covered if you shoot at the very bottom of the shield you do normal damage even tho u cant see the legs
2020-01-25 16:16
Oh wow I tried it out and it's true. Nice one.
2020-01-27 19:21
I know right xD I loved it when I played with friends in a net caffe and they would be so confused when I just kill them when they had their shields on :DD
2020-01-27 19:42
landing on the very end of an edge when jumping reduces fall damage to 0
2020-01-27 19:50
2020-01-31 12:47
You can jump a highjump with longjump prestrafe if you touch a wall on the edge in the right angle.
2020-01-31 19:53
That's not a bug with CT autosniper
2020-01-31 20:18
Why would it not be a bug?
2020-01-31 21:33
Because CT side with that auto sniper (with almost 100% accuracy) would be too strong so they did that 2 inaccurate shots
2020-01-31 22:54
that doesn't even make sense. If valve wanted to nerf it then they would nerf it in a consistent way like reducing its damage or accuracy for ALL shots or other nerfs. Not by nerfing it by making the first 2 bullets have no accuracy. if you buy the sg550 then all you need to do is shoot the first 2 glitched accuracy bullets straight after buying it and then its back to its "overpowered" state.
2020-02-01 13:10
when u respawn on t spawn ramp on dust2 and limit ur fps to 5 and spam crouch during freezetime it'll slide u down the ramp
2020-01-31 20:19
Europe im_we
You can't limit your fps to 5. The lowest limit is higher than that (I think 20?) and does the job anyway.
2020-08-03 19:23
Guys remember u could alt tab fast and then have windows mouse pointer in the middle of the screen, so u had an "aim" with awp...
2020-01-31 20:21
If you W run while looking at a wall on a certain angle you can get constant 277 speed instead of the regular 250 W run. You can also get +300 performing bhops or doubleducks.
2020-01-31 23:03
Japan 0x0393
thats in css and csgo too
2020-02-07 03:10
'interp 0' can be used at any time and is way better than ex_interp 0 .. makes hit reg perfect
2020-02-06 23:45
Europe im_we
Bullshit. Bullet registration works server side in CS and it doesn't depend on client variables at all.
2020-08-03 19:24
lol stupid noob
2020-08-03 19:32
Europe im_we
Alright mate, show me your source then.
2020-08-03 19:35
interp is done client side what the actual fuck how did you get here
2020-08-03 20:33
Argentina yoKex
yeah bro, i remember the CT auto sniper on aztec through the double doors :)
2020-02-06 23:46
getting other ppl IP and ddosing them
2020-02-07 01:23
Fast double crouching drops your viewmodel harder then lebrons helicopter.
2020-02-07 01:24
>defuse >use scope >can move while defusing
2020-02-07 02:59
Uuuuhh what? Move the Mouse or keyboard?
2020-08-09 18:59
Europe jigglepeek
you could disable the zoom cross from snipers with crosshair 0
2020-02-07 03:04
You can 'noscope' with 100% accuracy as long as your first shot was scoped and every subsequent shot was held down. The bullet decal would appear just as if you noscoped, but it would connect deadcenter every time.
2020-02-07 03:09
Denmark r0zen^_^
You can defuse a bomb planted upper on nuke, from lower If you make a 4 man boost! Defuse through floor. You can surf on the pipes in the lower hall on nuke. You can flash most of d2, If you throw a flash in between the boxes outside of B.
2020-02-07 22:57
Imagine making a thread about 1.6 OMEGALUL
2020-02-15 23:04
It's still got decent numbers playing it in 2020.
2020-03-08 18:55
Yeah I know. But none of them speaks english . All are from Romania or Brazil and other 3rd world country . And yes from my country too . When You connect to a server it takes an hour to join because all the skins and stupid mods the servers have .
2020-03-08 20:52
1.6 is a game of exploits
2020-02-15 23:06
Denmark Skejzen
when you are dead, switch fast between m8s and you can see a bit through walls
2020-02-15 23:12
2020-08-03 19:35
Good one... I used this a lot in gathers
2020-08-09 19:01
There's more maps than just dust 2
2020-02-27 12:16
Europe im_we
There was even a map with three bombsites in the official game map pool in the very early days.
2020-08-03 19:28
According to steam stats CS 1.6 is the most played game after Cs : GO in the CS series. Though its old it has more player base than CS: CZ or even CS:S with better graphics than 1.6 I started playing CS from CS:CZ and then to CS: GO and I never played CS 1.6 or CS:S. But I wanted to feels that old CS feeling so which one should I get CS 1.6 or CS:S ?
2020-03-04 10:51
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-08-03 19:00
Cs 1.6 has been patched in 2012 changing movement and others stuff that makes the game really different from the competitive days
2020-08-03 19:01
overcapping fps which made 1.6 complete shit. Purpose was that in the summer 2012 closed beta of CS:GO came out I believe, may be a bit earlier.
2020-08-03 19:28
Europe im_we
What "overcapping"? Stop spreading lies.
2020-08-03 19:29
100fps before the patch - 999,999999~ now. "What's overcapping? Stop spreading lies"
2020-08-03 19:33
Europe im_we
What the hell are you talking about? What's "999,999999"? Whats that number for?
2020-08-03 19:36
developer "1 fps_override "basically any number you want" not even sure you need the developer anymore if you put fps_override over like 120ish, you can't even bhop anymore lol.
2020-08-03 19:37
you mean fps_override 1 and fps_max 100
2020-08-09 19:07
No making your fps_max above 100 fucks up the movement by making the slowdown from landing stronger than normal.
2020-08-10 00:29
And I wrote fps_max 100, so it's on 99.5
2020-08-10 13:49
That's what it should be set at, settings fps_max OVER 100 fucks up the movement just like kakanner said .
2020-08-10 13:58
yeah sorry i meant developer 1 fps_override 1 fps_max "any number you want" except anything over 120ish destroys your movement, so i just leave it at 101 like always
2020-08-10 19:04
Europe im_we
That's simply not true.
2020-08-03 19:28
2020-08-03 21:44
Can turn interp all the way off by removing "ex_" and just typing 'interp 0'
2020-08-03 19:05
Aight, if you set sv_gravity 0 and 16k money and start buying smokes and throw them into the skies, after you run out of money setting sv_gravity back to 800, all the smoke nades would drop down and low PCs were near to death. On dust2 there's a hiddden place where you cna get only as spectator with credentials and memory of the guy who died and I believe he was a friend of the d2 creator? (????) If you come close to D2 long door wall at certain place (thats a bug that still exists) from the outer side you can see thru the wall who approaches the door from inner side. if the sv_teamattack(or whatever it was called) is set to 1 you can take your friend and boost him nearly anywhere by shooting his ass while he jumps. (I did it personally boosting my friend to the nuke's CT rock on the left side if you are running out of the base) (you can find on youtube Pubmasters The movie and its second part) None of you knew but there was a FPL-C type mIRC gather in the last CS 1.6 years called led by the german guy cRzY. The gather was kind of elite and included either professional players or young and ambitious newcommers who were already representing national team of their country. And way way way more things to remember.
2020-08-03 19:25
too many things actually. 1 - there was a website called gather-network for matchmaking and it was the "faceit" of 1.6 but much better. players could join matches with IRC, every match had admins, active anti-cheat software and an actual anti-cheat team that detects griefing or hiddenly hacking people. too many things, I'd literally talk about this forever. 2- you could use planted bomb to reach to unreachable places if someone else planted the bomb. 3- there was a flash bug on dust2 that blinds b tunnel entirely. 4- you could be entirely unvisible if you stay on A house balcony (outside) for out library area. 5- in train, a HG that thrown up the building would give you sound if there is anyone pushing B upper pop 6- train ladder jumps were not special, very well known jumps. But there was 1 which is the hardest. You could jump B bomb upper way with ladder if you go up and do a reverse jump. It was a very hard jump and would not be effective if you do it on a match. 7- dust2 bomb could be planted outside of the bomb area but I think too many people already know this 8- -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd 9- there was a game file and if you delete that one, you would have the simple half-life crosshair (like crosshairstyle 4) and every enemy or ally model would look up to sky so you could see their gun on impossible positions. I was a part of the anti-cheat team on gather-network so I know this. I actually remember that I reported this to sXe anti-cheat which was very common. 10- using shield would give you %100 accuracy with pistols, I remember deagle but I'm not sure about the rest.
2020-08-03 19:18
Europe im_we
> an actual anti-cheat team that detects griefing or hiddenly hacking people. too many things, And a plugin on servers that screwed up your movement. Fuck that. > 3- there was a flash bug on dust2 that blinds b tunnel entirely. It was fixed around 2008 or something. > 8- -noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd Not relevant anymore with m_rawinput.
2020-08-03 19:31
which anti-cheat was doing that? our team was actually investigating demos that requested during the match by admin and uploaded by the player. all anti-cheat softwares back in days were terrible. They were always uplaoding something during the game and internet was bad these days so pings were way higher. I don't remember when it was fixed honestly, but I started playing 1.6 at 2006 so I remember. around 2011 (few months before cs:go release) valve actually released an update on cs 1.6 and removed noforce commands. before that those were raw input commands.
2020-08-03 21:37
Lebanon Dogman69
Sometimes in c 1.6 when you wanted to join a server it was sometimes full
2020-08-03 20:42
i think most of the people dont know that map de_kabul had only 1 bombsite.
2020-08-03 20:57
Its easier to kill people on run n gun tham csgo. Weapons are way less accurated than go.
2020-08-03 21:41
soccerjam he_glass these are the best party game maps by far
2020-08-03 22:02
I was dont know this details
2020-08-06 18:16
2020-08-06 18:22
D2, bombsite A, you could plant the bomb on the ramp that is completely silent. Like makes no noise whatsoever. That and another plant, also on the ramp, if you plant it correctly you make make the bomb slowly go down inside the box on the ramp
2020-08-06 18:24
yeah as long as you plant with the bomb a certain percentage inside of a box, it would be silent. for example, on nuke upper site, you can hop on top of the boxes, plant so the bomb touches just the right amount of two boxes next to each other, and it's completely silent.
2020-08-10 19:14
The mouse look accuracy in 1.6 is only 16-bit.
2020-08-06 18:57
Adding 1 little .dll file into your files will give you wallhacks.
2020-08-09 19:10
France heakalele
You could boost short wall dst 2, jump and be able to see ts at long or inside bedroom
2020-08-10 00:33
Lots of maps had glitches that allowed you to boost other players through the walls. Like the hut on de_nuke or you could boost a player into a secret room on cs_italy.
2020-08-10 14:11
can also boost on cpl_mill un underground tunnels and come out above ground :D
2020-08-10 19:12
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