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A dream you have regularly?
Norway Sunset_at_midnight 
Is there a dream which you have had several times and still do? Tell us!
2020-01-20 19:51
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Shagging your mum is like a dream come true, does that count?
2020-01-20 19:52
you have entered the comedy area
2020-01-20 19:53
Is not HLTV a big comedy website most of the time?
2020-01-20 20:30
2020-01-20 21:03
If you have had that several times... yes, that does count, sir.
2020-01-20 19:53
Sorry man, I couldn't help myself.
2020-01-20 19:54
I was expecting something nice and cordial. Flair does not check out.
2020-01-20 20:22
2020-01-20 21:25
Poland PanArek 
now I'm scared of you
2020-01-20 23:24
men))) you gained my respect
2020-01-21 18:26
2020-01-20 19:52
I don't know if this is good or sad.
2020-01-20 20:18
Seeing old friends I haven't seen for a long time
2020-01-20 19:53
Care to tell me how these dreams are? Like, hm, where you are when you see them, if they are always the same etc.
2020-01-20 19:57
I see them at places I used to see them mostly (school etc.)
2020-01-20 19:58
Do you at least keep in touch with them somehow? It's always weird to think of long lost friends in the distant past that you can't find anymore...
2020-01-20 20:33
I could find them relatively easily if I wanted but yeah no news
2020-01-20 20:42
buy gtx 960
2020-01-20 19:53
That's outdated these days.
2020-01-20 19:57
Finland suur_suomi 
flag and name checks out
2020-01-21 10:42
Hungary 1treaz 
I have a reoccurring dream where I visit a girl's house
2020-01-20 20:49
Then the girl must be really good. Literally a "dream girl"?
2020-01-20 21:01
Not anymore, it’s always different but when I was a kid I always dreamt about being in some sort of capsule surrounded by wolves howling. My father would go out fighting them and my sister and I would try to watch through the window but it always was too dark to see anything.
2020-01-20 20:57
That, somehow, sounds BLACK METAL as fuck.
2020-01-20 21:01
NiKo | 
Europe Aco_ 
That i fucked my crush and we always hung out together
2020-01-20 21:02
me and your mom
2020-01-20 21:03
#6. Be sure to not let your mom see your jizzed shorts when she enters your room.
2020-01-20 21:05
dude we are brothers
2020-01-20 21:05
What? My brother does not use HLTV. You filthy imposter!
2020-01-20 21:17
That I get the best grades in the school and that I spend a lot of time with my crush
2020-01-20 21:04
Have you ever tried bonding with your crush?
2020-01-20 21:07
2020-01-20 21:08
She is just not very receptive?
2020-01-20 21:20
2020-01-20 21:22
If it's just a crush... it will be ok soon. If it's something real... you are screwed because it probably will never go away.
2020-01-20 21:37
me having sex with a girl
2020-01-20 21:06
2020-01-20 21:07
United Kingdom Megamo10 
2020-01-20 21:25
tabseN | 
Europe oofmens 
i dream regularly that many people are around me somewhere in a big hall. i feel anxious in my dream just like in real life bcs i dont see people very often((((
2020-01-20 21:08
You don't interact and don't go out?
2020-01-20 23:45
tabseN | 
Europe oofmens 
interact not really only if i have to go somewhere, and i dont go out very often only when its dark outside lul i lost trust in every human tbh and dont feel like i want to trust anyone again
2020-01-21 12:52
juice | 
Iceland vvrid 
i used to have exactly the same dream like 8 times but i dont remember what it was about
2020-01-20 21:10
Every hltv member has same dream. Sex
2020-01-20 21:11
when I was a kid and I had a fever I almost always had the same dream, it was like I would go real fast on roundabout and everything was black and it had like neon lights everywhere, hard to explain but I still have it clear in my mind
2020-01-20 21:16
Sounds like something you would see in a synthwave video, really. Specially the "neon lights everywhere" part. But it's just like that. Fever dreams are known to be very crazy and it has several studies that look deep into it.
2020-01-20 21:25
I googled it and this one is kinda similar lose the car, make it faster and darker and make it turn leftwards and it would be similar, dreams are hard to explain tho :D yeah dreams in general are quite weird imo, like most stuff in humans makes sense for survival but what would the need for dreaming be? from evolutionary point
2020-01-20 21:24
Dreams are said to work as threat simulations. I'm happy you found something that is similar to what you see. Feels good, huh?
2020-01-20 21:32
United Kingdom Megamo10 
Same I would be on a slide and it has weird lights and loud noises
2020-01-20 21:23
United Kingdom Megamo10 
I had a gay dream where I was in shower with a girl and a guy and the guy had a big cock and I remember stroking it and then I came (IRL) and it felt good but I thought it was just jizz in dream, I woke up with my pants soaked in jizz. that was day 20 of nofap. I'm not ghay though so i think maybve I was imagining dreaming from girl's point of view
2020-01-20 21:22
gay confirmed
2020-01-20 21:26
Makes sense. It's said that it is normal to have this type of dream when you don't fap for too long. I too had this type of dream before.
2020-01-20 21:30
Denmark Sir_Cumcised 
Wtf Megamo sounds like you had a good time
2020-01-20 23:45
United Kingdom Megamo10 
it was good until I woke up soaking + bed sheets soaked. I was mad
2020-01-20 23:57
I was imagining dreaming from girl's point of view wait what
2020-01-21 19:28
nobody has me regularly cuz im that special ed kid that cant spell poteighttoe
2020-01-20 21:25
Austria bobobossboi 
i dont dream
2020-01-20 21:26
That must be so sad... but also good in a way because you don't have to deal with extreme fear of terrible recurrent nightmares many people have.
2020-01-20 21:30
prosus | 
Germany ske0 
I can say (my mom is a doctor in sleeping and so stuff) that the human dreams per night(7hrs) about 10-14 times. We just don’t remember every dream because we only remember the dream which is not in the phase where we are in the "biggest" phase of sleep. If u have questions about sleep etc just dm me, I can ask everything :)
2020-01-20 22:10
I know what you are talking about. It's called REM sleep.
2020-01-20 23:15
To much weed uh?
2020-01-21 00:05
Austria bobobossboi 
you think so? i only sleep 5-6 h per day
2020-01-21 14:43
If you smoke regular (every day) your dreams will eventually skip. They come back (vivid in the beginning) when you quit.
2020-01-21 17:59
Romania Anonym20 
i was dreaming quite often that i visit a pyramid and suddenly a giant gum ball dropped behind me and i was struggling to run so i won't be crushed, really weird dream but i was dreaming it a lot.
2020-01-20 21:27
LMAO sounds like the stuff from old Crash Bandicoot games.
2020-01-20 21:28
ive had thiz dream for dayz now where i find motor glider in pubg and jump out of it into river in 1v1 and the glider crashes into my enemy and i win epic chicken dinner
2020-01-20 21:52
ceh9 | 
World mukas17 
when i was little i used to have a recurring nightmare where i was being chased by a pig among a maze of beehives
2020-01-20 21:53
H1te | 
Other rssyo 
When I was younger I often had this dream that I got chased by something unknown, and when I tried to run away from it everything moved so slow lol.. terrible dream was that tbh more like a nightmare
2020-01-20 21:56
Fuck I hate this shit, dude. We have to hit and don't have strenght. We have to run but we are slow... I love sleeping so much but these things ruin it almost everytime.
2020-01-20 23:42
Do you have many bad dreams?
2020-01-21 00:06
Yes. Many... and my paranoia does not help. Most of the time I just have awful nightmares. Sometimes I'm even afraid of going to sleep. This sucks.
2020-01-21 00:33
H1te | 
Other rssyo 
I barely dream nowadays.. the last time was probably a few months ago if I can remember.
2020-01-21 00:18
When I was like 12 I used to play a lot of kreedz in 1.6 and had a dream where I was basically kreedz jumping irl and failed at a certain point. The day after I had the same dream, but managed to overcome the obstacle. :D Never really had the same dream for more than once I think.
2020-01-20 21:59
I dream about 1.6 KZ pretty often. It's just so good, dude...
2020-01-20 23:36
halo | 
United States QastLe 
I used to dream about fighting with my family. Not just arguing, but struggling to survive kind of fighting. I still have dreams like this involving my older brother, but no one else in my family ever since coming out to them. Have a good day 😊
2020-01-20 23:21
How do you feel when you wake up from these dreams?
2020-01-20 23:40
halo | 
United States QastLe 
Before coming out, I would wake up feeling scared, guilty, and paranoid. Now, I wake up and laugh at how stupid my subconscious is. I could probably end the dreams altogether by coming out to my older brother(seeing as the rest of my family isn't hostile toward me in these dreams anymore). He's the only one who doesn't know that I'm gay, as he lives in another state and I don't want to tell him over the phone.
2020-01-21 00:03
But is your brother hostile?
2020-01-28 21:34
halo | 
United States QastLe 
In the dreams? Yes IRL? I don't know if he'd ever commit hostile action against me, but he does say a lot of hateful things. Like the famous "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve". He thinks all gay men go to orgies, cheat, and are closet pedophiles. Him and my stepdad were really the only ones I feared would hate me. My stepdad has changed a lot since I came out. I'm hoping my older brother will become more accepting when I tell him as well.
2020-01-28 21:45
Sorry but that's classic from religitard bigots.
2020-01-28 21:46
halo | 
United States QastLe 
No need to apologise. I won't disagree. My struggle with faith and my sexuality was a big detriment to my mental health. The boost in overall life quality when I stopped believing was immediate. I don't hate religious people, but religion itself I can't stand. Like a meme I saw. "Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one. If you are proud of it, good on you. However, please don't whip it out in front others and start waving it around unless they consent".
2020-01-28 21:55
France WENMAN 
I often dream about me fighting giants insects, especially spiders. I find it fun. Freud ? What do you think about that ?
2020-01-20 23:41
no. I had some quite impactful dreams that I still remeber and wonder about, but nothing really repeats. I have new weird dreams and all, crazy af, but nothing on repeat. even though my habits are quite the same. edit: to me they seem like communication or hidden messages, but most of them are random and so far meanigless
2020-01-20 23:55
Well, many say our minds encode dreams in metaphors. They somehow mean something most of the time. Funny how wild the human brain can be.
2020-01-28 21:39
Don’t have anymore but I used to get this one (a couple times a year) where I get put into some board game and they roll dice and stuff which was pretty scary
2020-01-20 23:54
going to school during the summer break
2020-01-20 23:58
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
lucid dreamin...
2020-01-21 00:08
United States Nohj 
Rowing a boat in Rio de Janero. Idk why.
2020-01-21 00:34
Russia VeryFemboyGuy 
I usually dream about playing football since i am a football player so i guess i am kinda practicing when dreaming
2020-01-21 09:13
I heard that dreaming with something can make you better at it because of improved muscle memory. Idk if it's true.
2020-01-28 21:31
Singapore BOOMZOOM 
Dream of my ex :(
2020-01-21 09:37
Fuck dude... I completely understand you. I still see mine in many dreams...
2020-01-28 21:32
Finland ThroneB 
A miniature combine harvester from the movie Cars chases me around the house
2020-01-21 09:45
2020-01-28 21:30
French kissing my crush
2020-01-21 09:47
Make that happen.
2020-01-28 21:30
she's like 8k km away
2020-01-28 23:05
Fuck, that's sad... where is she from? If you don't mind the question. The sweetest, most beautiful and caring girl I've ever met was too far away and I still love her 5 years later...
2020-01-29 00:20
I once had a dream that women had rights it was hilarious
2020-01-21 09:53
When i was a child i used to have a nightmares in which some strange creature has been killing me by tearing me apart, sometimes my parents also. It has been happening every single night for like couple of months.
2020-01-21 10:33
I dream that I am a DJ, I earn 32k/month and sex all the grils I want to mens))
2020-01-21 10:35
720 | 
Germany felixlulz 
having this nightmare every 2-3 weeks getting chased by something on a open field, i dont know what it is but i always see eyes in the darkness. then i get shot or something like that and i cant move, fully paralyzed. i feel the thing that is chasing me coming close and closer and then i wake up
2020-01-21 10:38
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
Im always in danger in dreams , why is that ? Xd
2020-01-21 10:40
Same here... 99% of the time. I fucking hate it.
2020-01-28 21:29
Having sex with my gf but she is against it pre-marriage D:
2020-01-21 10:46
I had a dream: I was in a dark huge place sth like Moria but it was so silent only a sound of a torch in my hand. At the end of 3 corridors in each one there were standing mirrors (total of 3) there were also signs with their names. First was Mirror of Truth, second mirror of desire and the third was blank I've been approaching the blank one but then sth happened and I had been woken up by smn.
2020-01-21 10:50
Sounds creepy but also pretty cool.
2020-01-28 21:29
Me flying.
2020-01-21 10:58
NiKo | 
Belgium Akkawaka 
I used to have this one dream where every single member of my family tries to murder me in a weird way. My mom tried to kill me with a fork one.
2020-01-21 11:05
Korea XigNw0w 
I don't see any kind of dream regularly where one thing keeps happening constantly.
2020-01-21 11:05
Finland petemeister 
I often dream about being back in either of my two first jobs. The dreams don't have anything else in common usually, often the workplaces are even completely different but the people are the same. As a child I had a recurring nightmare where I was playing in the woods right next to our house and suddenly it got dark really fast. I would start running back home and all sorts of creatures would start appearing around me. I always got back to our home door, but the dream would end there, leaving me wondering if I got in before getting caught.
2020-01-21 12:52
You got caught. wft, you think monsters can't break down a door?
2020-01-21 18:02
Finland petemeister 
Monsters can break down a door, but they couldn't have stood against the superheroes that were my mom and dad :)
2020-01-21 19:07
They would ripe their heads right off bruh
2020-01-21 19:26
Finland petemeister 
I don't think my parents are that brutal, a good spanking would probably do it.
2020-01-22 07:05
Sounds like a scene from a cliff hanger movie.
2020-01-28 21:27
2020-01-21 14:45
when i was a kid i dreamt about hundreds of naked women chasing me while i ran laps around a track. thats the only regular dream i used to have
2020-01-21 14:47
I multiple times dreamt of flying, either by using my arms as wings and moving them up and down quickly, or , the weirder variant, by using a floating noodle like a flying broomstick.
2020-01-21 14:53
Similar to me. I levitate in many dreams.
2020-01-28 21:26
Poland Blanc1337 
I dream pretty often that im on the edge of something I Can’t really see and literally falling down into nowhere, I instsntly wake up getting scared that its really happening but well luckily its not.
2020-01-22 07:15
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