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Zywoo, s1mple and Device
Serbia P4wn7 
Let me make things clear, this would probably be my last topic since there are so many toxic people who are coming up with unreasonable arguments and dumb statements. 1. Zywoo - Player far better than s1mple because he seems like a chill guy, super skillful and he would never have a single problem to change his playstyle if he was to join coordinated team like Astralis. He would win multiple majors there and be proclaimed the best player of modern CS:GO era. I like him so much and he 100% deserves spot number 1 this year without any competition. He carried the team that is kinda bad, without having ego and many requirements. 2. S1mple - Also a super great player who never won major and never will because of his inner toxic personality, because his team is decent but he wants to be the main guy. DO NOT tell me that there was a part where i said that s1mple didn't deserve top 1 spot last year, because he did, Na'Vi's best year was last year since players allowed him to shine at his brightest and still put up some decent numbers besides his. He will remain a legendary player because of his insane skill and great flashy plays. S1mple would never be s1mple if he was a player on Astralis because Gla1ve would most likely cut his balls off if he didn't listen to what team wants, not what HE wants. Still, these are not arguments which are supposed to say "He's shit", these are the things that are truth but it makes him no less than one big hybrid superstar that he is today. 3. Device - I might even take it back, because it is just too early to call anyone GOAT here, but player of decade? Definitely. Here's why. First of all, he never left HLTV's top 20 since 2014, he never was below top 5 since 2015 (5th once, 3rd 3 times and 2nd once) which was a period long before Magisk came to complete Danish superteam. Why do i consider him a player of decade? Cuz he never played bad, against any team, under any circumstance, he always did put up the numbers in 3 seperate eras (End of Fnatic era, SK era and at last Astralis era, the most competitive time of CS). In Astralis, you have no room to be s1mple or Zywoo, you are a team player, listening to your IGL and Coach and your main objective is to WIN everything. To do that, you have to put ego aside. Astralis is a team which makes it hard to decide who's better there, because there is small gap inbetween each one of them and all of that is because of their superior coordination and teamplay. Even teams like that will always fall at one point, but hardly anyone can do what they did. Device is a great player and top fragger ON A SUPERSTAR TEAM WITHOUT *EGO*. For that you need strong consistency and skill. Astralis players are making him look like he's super good, which he is, but just not as good as, let's say Zywoo. It is hard to stand up in team like Astralis. He should've been 2nd, honestly, not 1st because Zywoo deserves every inch of it. If Device was to leave Astralis, he'd still be a teamplayer, he'd bring the coodrdination rather than super insane plays. He's different than s1mple and Zywoo, but can still match them and help his team in different ways. This is why he is 4 time major winner and 2 time major MVP and many other things. Conclusion, Zywoo is better player than Device, s1mple is too, but only skillwise. There are aspects that s1mple cannot bring, and that device can and there are things that s1mple can bring in but Device can't. Zywoo came too late to be considered the player of the decade because there is someone who exists on pro scene long before him, and it's Device. There are things that each one of these 3 players bring to the table, but each one in their own way. Individual awards won't make you GOAT or player of decade unless you are on top for a long period. Ego took away a lot from superstars, Niko thought that Coldzera would be the solution, but it is not. These players require dominance and they will always stand above individually, but in terms of achievements, they could win some, but oh, how accidental is it that neither Niko or s1mple won major? Coldzera was a player just like Device, he was in a team that was a great fit for him, there were not too many flashy plays, he was just good and well placed but as soon as better teams came, SK looked mediocre, he couldn't do a single thing despite him being 1st twice in a row. Each player had their own era and prime time, but only these 3 will be able to keep it on top. We're lucky to see them play and win trophies :)
2020-01-21 01:12
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Who cars its only gejm, only people who are trying to bait and idiots are making threads, and i am the first
2020-01-21 01:15
zywoo may be passive emotionally/not toxic but he has 4 bots who flash for him lmao, once you check rating at big events vs top 5 nobody on vita besides him even has a 0.95 rating. if zywoo was on astralis, he would have the same rating as device at best. its a lot easier to kill flashed opponents and have 4 tacos otherwise well said +1 and i agree with everything else
2020-01-21 01:16
Wasn’t it what everyone said about S1mple?
2020-01-21 01:54
Wtf is that logic? Put device in Heroic and see if he carries like ZywOo in Vitality (he won't).
2020-01-21 01:58
flair checks out he’s obviously not going to carry heroic as hard as zywoo or s1mple would. but put s1mple or zywoo in astralis and see how well they’d fare. s1mple does not want to be bossed around by gla1ve and anyone for that matter. zywoo won’t have a 1.30 rating at all under gla1ve. because in astralis you aren’t going to be able to make flashy plays by baiting 4 teammates. watch shoxs rating, from a potential top 20 player to being a zeus-level bot because every player on vitality is destined to be zywoos flash throwing bot. zywoo has a lower t-side rating than ropz because he is dependent on baiting 4 bots who flash for him and won’t take peeks otherwise because his team can’t win without him. also he’s 6th in the % of winning opening duels. that’s below device lmao there is a reason zywoo and s1mple has and will never win a major or grand slam. because you will never win those titles if your team plays around you. that’s why astralis and liquid have won grand slams, because they have 5 players who can work well together and not have 1 player bait 4 teammates. even cold 2016-17 only baited taco and had fer open up sites for him
2020-01-21 06:21
Stopped reading at shox is a potential top 20 player
2020-01-21 14:20
he had a a ~1.15 rating all the way until he joined vita. definitely could’ve contended for it better than allu and miikka “firepower” kemppi for sure
2020-01-21 14:56
1.15 rating playing mostly T2 events or groupstage in big events. You gotta stop with the "they flash for ZywOo" bullshit. Because nobody flashes for device in Astralis? It means they have bad teamplay I guess ;) Of course if ZywOo was surrounded with 4 good players his stats would decrease mechanically but its not the case. He is not more of a baiter either. Now didnt you think that by playing in a dominant team, device plays a higher % of rounds with the AWP/a weapon? I guess its fair to say.
2020-01-21 15:13
valde | 
Denmark QBE_ 
SK era? axaxaxa
2020-01-21 01:19
ZywOo isn't far better than S1mple S1mple in 2018 > ZywOo in 2019 Trust me, S1mple will be #1 this year
2020-01-21 01:27
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
Ah for sure, zywoo isn't anything special. Stuff just worked out for him. I've seen it all and I'm far from impressed
2020-01-21 02:01
I'm not saying that ZywOo is not talented it's just that in 2019 he wasn't so good like S1mple was in 2018 Btw, I'm really impressed of ZywOo. First real year of pro CS and he's already the top 1 But I think that S1mple will be #1 this year
2020-01-21 05:17
First real year of competitive cs and carries 4 washed up bots to multiple titles and finales and being the best player of the year. If someone would've told me that a team with players like alex, rpk, nbk and apex would win tournaments in 2019, with teams like astralis liquid and even mouz, eg and some other high skilled teams around, I wouldn't believe it. But that's still far from impressive.
2020-01-21 15:04
SK didn't have an era
2020-01-21 01:59
didnt read but shit thread who cars
2020-01-21 02:03
Ranking based on stats, not based on "plays for team, cares about wins" etc, if it was it would be biased. Anybody crying about the ranking is biased and an idiot anyway. Respect the stats and move on
2020-01-21 02:04
The problem is that they dont stay consistent throughout the list
2020-01-21 02:14
Russia ToughGuy 
Oh yeah sure as u say guy like u know everything what is going on the teams for sure
2020-01-21 02:08
"he seems like a chill guy.." stopped reading there to declare op's entire post INVALID
2020-01-21 02:54
tf is wrong with you?
2020-01-21 06:25
tf is wrong with you?
2020-01-21 15:06
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