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I want to become rich
CIS Jva4ka 
But I’m lazy af mens(((
2020-01-21 11:53
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then go to business school
2020-01-21 11:53
There isn’t such thing here and it probably costs money itself
2020-01-21 15:10
2020-01-22 13:33
thrive on bets, invest in Apple
2020-01-21 11:54
Finland Karri 
invest in apple OMEGALUL
2020-01-22 09:24
What do you suggest? Watermelon?
2020-01-22 09:40
Pear is still a solid investment. Even tho it holds a very small portion of its markets share, the seasonal fluctuations in value are way bigger (%-wise) than its competitors.
2020-01-22 10:59
Apple has been one of the best investments for many years. I made over 50k on them alone.
2020-01-22 09:43
while true, now might not be the best time to buy their stock
2020-01-22 11:01
They haven't collapsed in years and continue to grow
2020-01-22 11:54
I agree but most people also said that 3 years ago.. And buying 3 years ago was a really good investment.
2020-01-22 13:32
Finland Karri 
kinda late to invest in apple
2020-01-23 15:01
"kinda late to invest in apple" Everyone for the last 5 years.. And it just keeps going up.
2020-01-24 08:15
Finland Karri 
up, sure but you can invest in something more lucritive if u know what ur doing
2020-01-28 20:21
Germany Bier 
Lowkey flex
2020-01-28 20:28
Other SportMode 
bet your family men)) worked for me 😎😎
2020-01-21 11:54
Brazil JazZ98 
Or change your family for camels in egypt
2020-01-23 00:31
Then win the lottery
2020-01-21 11:54
Ok how do I do it?
2020-01-21 14:38
If I knew how to do it I would do it myself
2020-01-21 14:38
what would you do if you were rich?
2020-01-21 14:41
Brazil Norddeutscher 
2020-01-21 14:42
Invest in cocaine and hookers
2020-01-21 14:42
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
2020-01-21 15:13
TenZ | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina yebije 
gods plan
2020-01-21 14:39
just get born in rich family or royal family and take a small loan of a million dollars or something mens)))
2020-01-21 14:39
France OtelloO 
You have to make people work for you then
2020-01-21 14:40
+1 smart baguette
2020-01-23 05:06
Brazil Norddeutscher 
Kill yourself and hope that you will get reborn in a rich family, if you aren't, just repeat.
2020-01-21 14:41
Liechtenstein j9q 
2020-01-21 15:11
+1 it works mens i was a slave in ancient rome in past life
2020-01-21 15:11
2020-01-22 21:40
Iceland ban1c 
Harvard has requested to know your location
2020-01-21 15:12
Kazakhstan MahNinja 
God on the other side: 0iq move lmao
2020-01-22 08:18
Azerbaijan vocaroo 
2020-01-28 20:26
2020-01-21 14:42
Iceland ban1c 
beta male: "i want to become richh" ::(((( alpha chad: *works hard and gets rich* or just be born in a better country loser B-)
2020-01-21 15:11
Norway FriggeK 
flag doesn't check out at all
2020-01-21 15:13
Iceland ban1c 
i could say the same to you
2020-01-21 15:13
Norway FriggeK 
2020-01-21 15:14
Iceland ban1c 
2020-01-21 15:14
Norway FriggeK 
2020-01-21 15:15
Iceland ban1c 
2020-01-21 15:23
Norway FriggeK 
HTC 3D evo
2020-01-21 15:26
Liechtenstein j9q 
u trash men
2020-01-21 15:14
Iceland ban1c 
damn you couldn't have been from a richer country hahaa
2020-01-21 15:14
Liechtenstein j9q 
u trash men
2020-01-21 16:11
you simply won't
2020-01-22 07:40
United Kingdom Megamo10 
Work smarter not harder. Ez
2020-01-22 07:45
- Albert Einstein, 1938
2020-01-22 07:52
It's also a question of what you consider rich, a few millions? A Few hundred millions? A billion? It's rare, but not uncommon for people to make a few millions through investments or smaller businesses which get bought out. If you're looking for more than that you're probably screwed though. Also the lazy part really doesn't help your case.
2020-01-22 07:48
150 rubles
2020-01-22 07:52
You sir, you will be rich in no time.
2020-01-22 07:53
Hooray!! Yes! But I didn’t mention from which time are the rubles that I want, heheheheh
2020-01-22 07:56
cringe af
2020-01-22 08:00
Cringe? Is that some sort of cheese?
2020-01-22 08:31
You seem like a younger brother of the most annoying dude from Russia aka Jovik
2020-01-22 09:22
Ohohohoho, and who are you then?
2020-01-22 10:28
You need to learn how to grow your wealth
2020-01-22 09:24
bruttJ | 
Australia JPT 
That's like watering a non existent seed lmao. He doesn't seem like he has wealth to grow.
2020-01-22 12:01
Diploma level stock market education will give you the skills to easily achieve 5% per month growth on the stock market which is 80% pa but let's says your annual growth is 50%. If you were to get a full time job at coles and invest 20k every year for 5 years into your own speculative ventures you would end up with a sweet 264k. Now 50% of that is already over 100k
2020-01-22 12:56
bruttJ | 
Australia JPT 
Taking into account risk capacity and the ability to study from where this guy is from, I still down think it's achievable. What you say is true, however the stock you choose largely depends on the risk your willing to take. If you are looking for capital growth, your generally looking for companies focused on innovation, like the CSIRO, or other companies that have a certain type of business model (I dont remember the name, but a stock that benefited it was called CSL limited, search it up on the ASX). Also in AU our economy is kinda fucked, bit the ASX is doing real well. I think it's mainly about people ditching these low yield term deposit and transcending th capital structure in search for higher yield. In this day an age, conservative investments are dead.
2020-01-22 21:45
Yeah if you're where this guy's from you'd probably need an even higher growth rate of something like >1000%. You have two ways to achieve this, trade penny stocks (this is how Warren Buffett started out) or use a much more advanced strategy for technical analysis than a diploma level education such as Elliott wave theory (this is how my mentor found his success). For the latter of these two options you'll need to start out with about 50k usd so that you don't get eaten alive by commissions as you'll be doing 100s of trades every month but if you can't get your hands on that money the former is your only choice and you need to develop a very good fundamental analysis of those penny stocks. Unfortunately I can't give much advice for fundamental analysis of stocks but I can definitely give a few tips for trading blue chip stocks. Firstly, I wouldn't buy CSL atm it looks like they're due for a correction and market euphoria is too high. If you can spot a reversal pattern then go for a short. If you want to buy wait for a price drop, if the 200 sma is broken wait until the price goes back above it and be very cautious, it might not be the end of the correction
2020-01-23 00:26
bruttJ | 
Australia JPT 
Ok, people pay others shitloads to hear about this stuff. Glad to see another Australian with great incite into markets :)
2020-01-23 04:59
Germany Bier 
Can you recommend good literature for learning the market?
2020-01-28 20:35
rko | 
Saudi Arabia WWF 
Work hard
2020-01-22 09:31
sell your kidneys, also if you are child you can sell your ass for phedos
2020-01-22 09:43
2020-01-23 05:20
Rich | 
North America Gumdrop 
Come to Murica and climb the ranks of Capitalism.
2020-01-22 09:46
United States Budz 
2020-01-22 12:00
Want yet too lazy? Bullshit, that's not how motivation works. If you realy desired to be rich, then you'd act out towards that goal.
2020-01-22 12:02
that's not even remotely true
2020-01-22 13:34
True is when idea is real, manifesting itself in reality. Wanting something, yet not acting on it, it's just a fleeting thought with nothing supporting it.
2020-01-22 13:49
Wanting is a desire of something, doesn't mean you have to do anything in order to have a desire
2020-01-22 14:19
So how would you describe it when you lie to yourself to feel better? Where do you draw a line between determining when something popping in your head is something real or just a fleeting appealing idea?
2020-01-22 14:40
Ahmad Hamzeh, an Iranian MP has announced a 3 million dollar reward to “whoever kills Trump” be rich fast mens just need kill an old fag))
2020-01-22 12:58
Germany Bier 
Rednecks will drone strike you in a day
2020-01-28 20:36
Becomes a sugar baby
2020-01-22 13:52
First of all you need to be 18, then you fill out some papers, you change your name to rich and now you are rich. Not that hard actually.
2020-01-22 13:56
Become a DJ and earn 32k/month mens))
2020-01-22 14:00
Russia GrafFrost 
I mean you can't be rich if you are hard-working anyway. Just befriend some oligarchs and buy the factory or something.
2020-01-22 21:39
United States theory^ 
Invest in virtual reality companies 😎😎
2020-01-23 00:28
Visit MulliganBrothers on YouTube, changed my life honestly
2020-01-23 00:32
Every one I know is reach is enterpeneur. Never become an employee, and try to start some business, doesn't matter how small is. After you fail, take the lessons, study startup books, get some pratical course (no more than 1 year) and keep trying.
2020-01-23 00:35
Yugoslavia ensaRRR 
2020-01-23 00:38
Croatia piKoMiKo 
U lazy lil fuck strt with cleaning toillets Like i did than u Will appreciate urself and money a lil bit more.
2020-01-23 05:03
Ahahhahahahahahahah, I don’t know why, but this comment made me laugh
2020-01-23 05:21
Were you really cleaning toilets?))
2020-01-23 05:22
Hungary subzera 
1. get off discord 2. get full time job (doesnt matter if professional job or just shitty fast food job. work 40hours/week) 3. invest all money in amd stock 4. continue grind for a few years 5. enjoy
2020-01-23 05:24
China SwooksarV2 
Then buy some stocks, and pray
2020-01-24 08:19
Change your name to rich easy.
2020-01-24 08:52
Ukraine Sla1ter 
people who wants become rich, do it
2020-01-24 09:40
Assets, good Liabilities, bad Go get rich mens)))
2020-01-28 20:23
Go to Brazil
2020-01-28 20:32
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