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Most underrated singers/artists?
potter | 
Europe HermioneGranger 
I'm nominating Andra Day: She has one song that has become mainstream, but she still doesn't get the recognition that she deserves imo
2020-01-21 14:57
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Sara Bareillas
2020-01-21 15:01
device | 
Denmark bebm 
none are underrated, some are just more overrated than others
2020-01-21 15:01
so every artist ever?????!!!! even when only 10 people know of it's existence is underrated?` all other artists in the entire world are overrated in comparison to that one artist?
2020-01-21 15:02
device | 
Denmark bebm 
every artist today at least any artist who has to cover up flaws in their voice using autotune
2020-01-21 15:03
i disagree on the most part some people use it to distract from the fact they can't sing and pretend they can with autotune others, especially in cloud rap / the hip hop genre use it as their own style instrument which i kinda like. some overdo it but some artists like travis scott make perfect use of it
2020-01-21 15:05
+1 pretty obscure artist
2020-01-21 15:03
device | 
Denmark bebm 
dont click its virus
2020-01-21 15:03
rain | 
Czech Republic CyberBOT 
Dan Bull, Celldweller, Belle Mt, D-Low, MB14, Hiatus Also, Mandragora
2020-01-21 15:07
Sleeping At Last
2020-01-21 15:09
The singer that is singing this song
2020-01-21 15:10
rain | 
Czech Republic CyberBOT 
INKIE - - Awesome looper Julian Gray - Ryan Sheridan - KRNFX - Nigel Stanford - M-Sphere - - My default Bass testing track Jeremy Blake aka Red Means Recording -
2020-01-21 15:25
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