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Device raw mechanical skill
s1mple | 
Asia baitv1ce 
How good is his mechanical skill? I'm not talking about any gamesense/positioning skills (holding angles which he does best) My guess is around 10th best at max
2020-01-22 05:19
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Flair checks out
2020-01-22 05:20
Singapore Kerk
2020-01-22 05:32
God | 
Poland henlo
i think he is good mechanic yes would let him work on my 1997 corsa batmobile 👍👍👍
2020-01-22 05:20
Spain N0Love
2020-01-22 16:45
Highly underrated comment
2020-08-03 06:09
axaxaxa from toilet cleaner to comedian real quick
2020-08-03 12:48
nice joke mens))
2020-08-03 12:58
2020-08-03 13:13
2020-01-22 05:21
+643773327888 Thanks for the cheap laugh
2020-01-22 05:28
His skills are underrated, can use rifle as much as a rifler
2020-01-22 05:25
For the likes of s1mple, Zywoo, NiKo, electronic, ropz, elige, rain, hunter etc. (i can name more) in their standards device is average rifler. But thats ok since he is awp player and it should be like that.
2020-08-03 11:40
Sont forget he was the riffler in tsm and they were a top 3?! Team
2020-08-03 12:28
That was years back lol. New talents came and its clear that they are much better than him.
2020-08-03 12:31
We dont know, he barely plays riffles....but his succeed comes more from the structure and teamplay and his high ig iq than flashy aim tbh...
2020-08-03 12:34
When glaive left and astralis played their 1st game. Device looked lost, just like whole astralis, he just kept his rating cuz he plays awp and its easier for him to get the kills.
2020-08-03 12:37
Yes they played a game with jugi instead of their igl what do u expect? New roles and positions, new comms etc etc If i had to chose a player to build a team around it would be zywoo or device since they will provide u propably the most value as complete players
2020-08-03 12:39
Imagine thinking that niko and s1mple arent complete players, lol. Faze plays with a stand in and they are still in top 10 and they are talking on their 2nd languange. So the part of jugi comming doesnt mean anything, faze kept winning games after bymas came.
2020-08-03 12:42
Yes cz they just put in bymas in olofs role + faze was never a really tactical deeply structured team...they can just run out and win through pure skill on good days....yeah but i wouldnt want niko on my team or s1mple....s1mple has everything built around him, i dont oniw if thats the teams decision or if he wants to have it that way, fine for me but i want teamplayers...and niko would he too expensive...
2020-08-03 12:46
Pretty sure that S1mple would do everything for a win. Like he said in his streams, Wins>top 1 for him. And back in the days he said that team Cs practice is prioritized by him rather than his individual because he actually wants to win. And when they start playing well again, he will focus on individuall skill to rather than only team Cs. Same about Niko, he would play every role, if his team wins the games.
2020-08-05 12:11
Yeah but somehow navi still play avangar like cs with s1mple i said i dont know if he is the egoistic part that makes them do it, i dont think so though....navi should just losen up and give the other players more space and not drop s1mple everytime and bait for him Thats kinda wasting s1mples potential tbh
2020-08-05 12:37
Yeah. You might be right but we could never know. Maybe zywoo and S1mple would be a lot better in better teams because their current teams limit their potential. Or they could be worse. No one knows as a Cs watcher. Only pros themselves know. Maybe S1mple and zywoo would have 1,50+ rating every time if they played in the same team together. S1mple would give him the awp because he trusts him as an actual good AWPer who is at the same level as him. S1mple even said in Interview that he would give the awp away if his teammate is good enough with it. So I don’t think that S1mple as egoistic as people claim.
2020-08-05 14:34
2020-08-05 14:33
Navi needs a zeuslike igl thats it
2020-08-05 14:52
U wanna say old sk/lg lineup was only good cz of taco too?
2020-08-03 12:40
s1mple is trash rifler, rain used to be good but now pretty decent.
2020-08-03 13:02
He is one of the best entrys in the game. Its the problem of how u use him(there was a lot of plays when they just send rain without flashes or anything, just dry peak) . NiKo is a bad igl and thats the problem.
2020-08-03 13:11
He is so trash that when he gave up awp for guardian he lost little of his rating in 2019 cuz he is a good rifler lol.. Every awper who would do that, their rating would drop.
2020-08-03 13:13
Georgia Xeeh
and device still rifles up there with the best of them while also awping
2020-08-05 01:37
Around top 10 yes
2020-01-22 05:26
> raw > mechanical Pick one.
2020-01-22 05:37
Irrelevant since CS is not just about mechanical skill and there are many different types of playstyles.
2020-01-22 05:47
Pure mechanics, let’s say flicking, crosshairs placement, aim, headshot ability. s1mple, NiKo, ZywOo, Twistzz, EliGE are clearly better. But I would say he is below them so around 6-9th in terms of pure mechanical skill. People forget he was a top tier rifler in TSM and was known as a aimer who just headshots people for fun. There are clips of him last year and 2018 with rifles where he is 1 tapping people.
2020-01-22 05:52
yeah man 6 guys above him: s1mple, NiKo, ZyWoO, coldzera, EliGE and Twistzz
2020-01-22 16:13
electronic, ropz, kscerato
2020-01-22 16:20
kscerato is dogshit man
2020-01-22 16:22
not really, but i would also add brollan, magisk and naf
2020-01-22 16:26
kserato is only good with krieg,
2020-01-22 16:32
he has 2 good highlights, with usp and glock
2020-01-22 18:17
kennyS JaCkz huNter nexa
2020-08-03 06:37
Niko is the most low sensitive abuser in the entire pro scene, the guy never flicks even with rifles lmfao
2020-08-03 07:10
Ok then if its so easy why dont other players do it? Wait i know... They probably tried and discovered that they suck with low sense.
2020-08-03 11:43
If device is just "positioning" himself right with no aim or mechanical skill why dont other people do it? why arent they 4x major champions with 15 mvps?
2020-08-03 12:23
Cuz other teams dont have the best coach and igl on the scene in their team?
2020-08-03 12:28
Device plays well in any team with structure....he is so smart and very consistent on the awp....
2020-08-03 12:32
So having BEST coach and BEST igl in the scene doesnt help? Ur delusional, zonic and glaive are the reason why astralis have 4 majors.
2020-08-03 12:35
And device And xyp, dupreeh, kjaerbye and ur on about?! Just cz they win everything with this team doenst mean the players couldnt shine in other teams as well....
2020-08-03 12:37
So why are astralis dogshit now when glaive left? Every astralis fan crying "when glaive gets back astralis top 1" nobody saying anything about device carry.
2020-08-03 12:39
Why was faze around rank 20 at some point? Every player shit on roster? Or the lack of leadership, strats and teamplay....
2020-08-03 12:41
Ofc it sucks the most if ur igl leaves lmao
2020-08-03 12:41
G2 didnt suck when shox who was igling for them left. Nexa came as igl and G2 became top 1. How do you wanna explain this?
2020-08-03 12:47
Cause shox is a dogshit IGL and nexa isnt, are you retarded you actually compare G2 with Astralis LOL
2020-08-03 12:50
Ur delusional kid. We are talking about igl impact in the team, not comparing the teams. By most astralis fans karrigan was shit igl and when glaive came they started to win.
2020-08-03 12:52
They won countless of trophies with Karrigan as well what the fuck are you talking about? Btw you still havent answered why Faze became shit after Karrigan left? Besides there is a big difference switching 1 IGL for another, what astralis did was change 1 IGL for 1 rifler who have never lead a team before and brought in 2 t4 players LOL
2020-08-03 12:54
Niko is trash igl i agree. Astralis didnt majors with karrigan and gimme the links of those countless tournaments they won lol. Ur talking out of ur ass now. Btw karrigan was the one who said that they should pick up glaive. It was discussed beetwen him and zonic.
2020-08-03 13:04
Ok, let me see CCS Kick-Off Season Finals Faceit League 2015 Stage 1 finals Fragbite Masters season 4 finals Faceit League 2015 Stage 2 finals at DreamHack Valencia PGL Season 1 finals 3rd best player in 2015, without gla1ve and zonic
2020-08-03 13:28
Thats not even more than liquid won in 1st half of 2019 when they had an insane run. People still saying no major no era lol.
2020-08-03 13:33
2020-08-03 13:35
He mentioned countless trophies. And if those are countless trophies then dont mention them at all
2020-08-03 13:39
they replaced their IGL + support player with 2 t4 players + made their best rifler IGL for the first time, ofc they are gonna perform worse u dumb fuck LMFAO Why are faze doing so shit ever since Karrigan left? why havent they won things like back then? same story, faze is a t5 team
2020-08-03 12:49
+1 But faze actually got decent top 10 team again, at some point this year couldve even been top 1 If navi didnt beat faze that close in katowice, faze wouldve propably won Both teams destroyed their opponents and navi had the edge....faze finished top 8 i believe although they couldve easily won
2020-08-03 12:56
Any team lol. He literally played with the same core players for 5+ years.
2020-08-05 01:46
So what? Hes a teamplayer, not an egoistic drop me first playstyle and is really smart....and due to his astralis days he will bring a lot of knowledge to the team as well...
2020-08-05 12:35
lol shit excuse, i could say the exact same thing with Niko "cause all the other teams dont have cold and Rain to bait for him, stfu
2020-08-03 12:47
Go on hltv Facebook Page and check updates for about a week ago (u have very few of them it will take u a sec) and when u find "most 1st kills in rounds with 1.22 rating in oppening duels" the name NiKo will pop out.
2020-08-03 12:50
why the fuck would i go to facebook LMFAO go check Devices hltv page there you will find a person with 15 MVPs 2 major MVPs 4 major trophies, 1 IGS, top 5 for 5 years in a row always ranked higher than Niko and won a ton more
2020-08-03 12:52
Yesyes but dont u understand with glaive and zonic even i would win multiple mvps and get my top 1 robbed???
2020-08-03 12:57
We are talking about baiting since u mentioned it. Not who won the more. Device is the one playing passive and waiting for calls.
2020-08-03 12:58
Passive player? he has the most entry of the entire team: Niko is just clueless running around pretending to IGL
2020-08-03 13:02
U know that its easier to get kills with awp? Niko is main awper on dust2 only and also statistics say that it is his highest rated map since he started to play awp on it .
2020-08-03 13:07
Yes zywoo abuser as well, im 4500 elo EU with 3 sense and 8000 dpi wtf im sooo good
2020-08-03 12:33
Canada Herodionus
True there are better mechanical players, but there's alot more to CS. For example in a 1v1 xyp vs simple I'd bet on xyp
2020-01-22 16:17
2020-01-22 16:32
Canada Herodionus
2020-01-22 16:33
s1mple won more clutches than xyp in 2020
2020-08-03 07:08
There were several 1v1 between s1mple and xyp9x across both Blast and Katowice this year. I think s1mple won like 90% if not all of them.
2020-08-03 11:47
Comparablke to Niko. Both crosshair placement abusers.
2020-01-22 16:21
lol I was gonna comment that. Dev1ce still cleaner I think
2020-08-03 05:24
If he is better than niko then whole liquid are shit compare to device in rifling.
2020-08-03 11:45
Friberg is clearly better but not bad.
2020-01-22 16:24
United Kingdom Newm1
good mechanic mens )))
2020-01-22 16:29
Impossible to tell, but he couldn't be top5 player for 5 years if he wasn't excellent
2020-01-22 16:33
He had the second best crosshair placement in the top 20, after KRIMZ - Not sure what statistics were used to calculate and if awp stats have been included
2020-01-22 16:37
he is really good like top8 player aimwise, people just hate him because he is not as good as zywoo, s1mple or Niko some people just look at aim
2020-01-22 16:37
mechanical skills scream is the best , most of pros says so
2020-01-22 16:38
you have to realized that he probably isn't top 100 in mechanical skill, positioning is just as important.
2020-08-03 05:07
Similar style to NiKo IMO but more clean. He could prob tap everyone and his positioning is 10/10.
2020-08-03 05:25
definitely not in top 10
2020-08-03 07:07
mechanics aren't that important in tactical shooters
2020-08-03 11:30
definitely not top20. just consider guys like elige, brollan, brehze etc adds up quickly to a top20 list. dev1ce is only top5 because astralis was so dominant and he's the statpadding awper. we will see how quickly he'll be out of top20 after astralis' downfall.
2020-08-03 11:33
>Device >Raw mechanical skill Choose one
2020-08-03 11:38
Top-30 player i think
2020-08-03 11:42
Around top10. He doesnt display it as much due to how his team is playing and his role in the team. Definitely underrated in terms of mechanics.
2020-08-03 12:00
Ukraine ksay
around 8/10 his mechanics are very calm and precise. there is no unnecessary movement going on. flashy aim is just less reliable in the most cases
2020-08-03 12:43
+1 many people think more mouse movement/faster mouse movement = better
2020-08-04 01:16
He is so good with every weapon. He is the most consistent player of CSGO until now. s0mple and zywho are baiters! The whole team plays for them and they bait for kills but in devices case is the opposite. He plays for the team, he is the one who supports the team and thats why he doen't get a lot of rounds with multiple kills. s0mple and zywho get at least two exit frags in every round they loose and at least one in every round they win.
2020-08-03 12:50
United States _Nohj
pretty good, he just isnt flashy hence some people think he has mediocre aim.
2020-08-03 12:51
Being smart is also mechanical skill And his aim is pretty good even without holding angles
2020-08-03 12:55
Lebanon Dogman69
the thing with dev1ce is that he never misses the easy shots
2020-08-04 00:22
I would put in terms of just pure mechanical skill (with rifles specifically) these guys ahead of him. 1. Electronic 2. Elige 3. NAF 4. Magisk 5. Twistzz 6. Brehze 7. Niko 8. Ropz 9. Coldzera 10. JKS After that I think it's kind of a hodgepodge of guys like him, Dupreeh, Rain, Ethan, Krimz etc So quite good actually. But his strength is in repositioning, decision making and game sense. Which isn't a bad thing Mr. Danes. In fact it was a huge factor in Astralis becoming the best team of all time. In terms of AWP play he's no lower then fifth at worst. Zywoo, Kenny, Simple and then maybe guys like Woxic and Cerq. He's a beast.
2020-08-04 00:29
Are we talking about raw skill or mechanical skill? Mechanical skill is something you can train, raw skill isn't you either have good hand eye and fast reactions or you don't.
2020-08-05 01:58
HAHAHAHAHA you noob, you knew s2mple will get destroyed by ZywOo and you posted this about ZywOo
2020-08-06 01:15
So you never heard about the game deficit ? I never knew anything I can't predict the future and I'm not a blind fanboy, s1mple replied to me here in HLTV not that long ago and I didn't even kiss his ass I told him to stop lie about cheat in CS 1.6 when everyone know he cheated in CS Go so stop this non sense, good player but a toxic liar kid that still isn't matured enough to know how to act civilized.
2020-08-06 01:19
You are right, ZywOo bestest!!!!!!
2020-08-06 01:20
He became the best csgo player, s1mple played good too but not as good as ZywOo plays now, s1mple cant keep up as much as ZywOo will do, i predict the future
2020-08-06 01:21
Honestly where you found that old ass comment? You're actually a pest now that I think about it so I won't reply again.
2020-08-06 01:25
Wrong, I AM THE BEST ZywOo fan number 1 fan, and an admin, how else am i supposed to find a comment from 2 years ago, there are literally 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 comments in the last 2 years..
2020-08-06 01:27
New Zealand Eauor
He has the game mechanics down so perfectly that it makes his play look almost effortless and helps him remain as probably the most consistent professional player ever. He doesn't play flashy, doesn't go for mad flicks, he just frags and wins rounds and games.
2020-08-05 12:35
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