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Magisk | 
Israel epicgamermoment420 
Can anyone suggest me some good WIRED(emphasis on WIRED) earphones??? I currently have the old apple earpods. I like the shape of it cuz it fits my ears, but I want to buy another one with better quality. I want those with similar shape to the earpods because they fit my ears the best. Suggestions, audiophiles? Greatly appreciate it
2020-01-23 12:01
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2020-01-23 12:05
France OtelloO 
Just go for JBL. Very fair price, decent quality, comfortable and good sound. I have JBL T290 for outdoor trips (bus rides, etc, ...) and never had a problem in 1 year.
2020-01-24 03:09
apEX | 
steelseries arctis 5
2020-01-23 12:06
in ear headphones bro
2020-01-23 12:07
steelseries arctis 3
2020-01-23 12:15
United Kingdom Megamo10 
they're not great
2020-01-24 03:54
Agreed but cool light up effect (only reason I bought them)
2020-01-24 09:42
United Kingdom Megamo10 
2020-01-24 14:54
get bluetooth ones
2020-01-23 12:06
ALSO, I WANT SOMETHING THAT DOESNT GO BEYOND 100$ish maybe like 60-70$ MAX cus i dont wanna cash out that much(i wont get broken hearted if i lose it)
2020-01-23 12:08
Apple airpods or Samsung galaxy buds
2020-01-23 12:08
WIRED please. no wireless shit
2020-01-23 12:10
i have galaxy buds and they are great, i would recommend
2020-01-24 04:08
2020-01-24 10:25
France laglory 
Apple Airpods my crush
2020-01-23 12:08
i want WIRED bro gg
2020-01-23 12:10
France laglory 
Apple Airpods
2020-01-23 12:28
Europe truth_speaker 
Apple AirPods Pro
2020-01-24 09:54
Turkey Sodope 
Shure se112 Or Sennheiser cx300s These are really good for their prices. You'll never regret
2020-01-23 12:13
bro those kind of shapes dont really fit into my ear and they fall off easily when I jog and sweat.. what im lookin for is the shape of apple earpods but with BETTER quality. also i want wired
2020-01-24 02:59
Turkey Sodope 
Idk then man. The type of earphones you want are low tier right now. Old iphone earphones seem to be best option for you. Or you can check sennheiser mx365 out
2020-01-24 10:19
India JW_BesTesT 
Go for Sennheiser
2020-01-23 12:14
Sennheiser CX300 / Sennheiser CX300s Amazing sound quality vs. price You won't regret :)
2020-01-23 12:19
too bad its shape doesnt fit my ears :((( more recommendations pls??? similar shape to apple earpods.. also no Airpods ty
2020-01-24 02:59
HenkkyG | 
Czech Republic cortan 
Wtf are you an elephant?
2020-01-24 09:52
Change the buds if it's too tight/loose. Sennheiser are great quality(both audio and the product itself) considering its price point. Edit: try the Sennheiser CX-180 if you're okay with earphones without mic. Or look at CX-275 S(this one has mic).
2020-01-24 10:26
Turkey Sodope 
Name checks out lmaooo
2020-01-24 10:22
Apple Airpods
2020-01-23 12:31
Apple Airpods Pro? Why you need wired and not bluetooth? I got the first gen airpods and they are very VERY good.
2020-01-24 03:00
China SwooksarV2 
I mean, they're convenient, but I wouldn't exactly call them good... The pros on the other hand, are amazing. Would recommend 90% (cause for many, 300 is a lot)
2020-01-24 03:16
because i use headphones when sleeping and i dont want them to turn off in the middle of sleep
2020-01-24 03:48
Oh, ok. Thats make sense
2020-01-24 20:55
akg 240s with a good soundcard If you want in ear monitors and/or are on a budget check out the KZ ZS 10 pro IEMs
2020-01-24 03:02
bruttJ | 
United States natta 
JBL or Skullcandy earphones are good. I forgot what model mine is but its a JBL i got it off at a Best Buy machine in an airport in the US five years ago and its actually working still. Didnt cost me more than $50.
2020-01-24 03:08
China SwooksarV2 
Seinnheiser momentum Beats urbeats Those sony ones, forgot name.
2020-01-24 03:15
man they dont make earphones similar to earpods shape anymore
2020-01-24 03:51
China SwooksarV2 
Yea. They're so unique but they don't make it cause that shape doesn't fit many people and it's less insolation. You can buy those Huawei earbuds, legit same shape lol.
2020-01-24 03:58
Finland BMW_xseveN_2 
2020-01-24 03:20
Temporary out of stock lol
2020-01-24 03:49
Razer hammerheads
2020-01-24 03:23
Kz zs10 pro
2020-01-24 03:25
Australia iBlooDx 
razer hammerheads v2 or whatever the best one is, very high quality
2020-01-24 03:38
ropz | 
Europe SadPuppet 
good vegan meat ?
2020-01-24 04:03
smn | 
i have tried many different in-ears. Koss The Plug have been the best. +No annoying sound level. (screeching highs, faded mid, nothing like that - - the bass could be a bit too strong, depending on your taste) +the cable doesnt stick anywhere and is easy to manage (jays ajays had EBOLA CABLE) +fits good in ear and mutes almost everything that is on the outside. +not expensive -lifetime is 6-12 months usually until the cable wears out. They have 2 year warranty tho and should give you a replacement on spot if you present your purchase receipt i'm on my 8-10th pair, i will never consider buying anything else until i can keep buying these
2020-01-24 04:08
it looks like it could easily fall off my ears. i wear earphones when sleeping and i dont want them to fall off when its pushed against the pillow
2020-01-24 06:01
smn | 
they're foam. unless you have craters for ears, you should be good
2020-01-24 08:52
I have some beats in ears idk pretty good
2020-01-24 06:18
Air pods
2020-01-24 09:46
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