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Democrats Explain
poizon | 
Bulgaria GenderStudies_Professor 
2020-01-23 12:40
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USA explain pls
2020-01-23 12:43
Okay Germany aint better LOL Delivering Weapons to the middle east
2020-01-23 12:44
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
2020-01-23 12:45
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
they buying their products and selling them oil. theres your explanation
2020-01-23 12:45
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
cuz orange man bad
2020-01-23 12:44
United States saekson 
False. "Orange Man" cleansing the deep state.
2020-01-23 19:34
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
no orang trump bad!
2020-01-23 19:50
muhamed with hltv acc, interesting
2020-01-23 12:44
brooooooooo thats so haram delet pls
2020-01-23 13:15
United States NA_LULW 
Take that atheists
2020-01-23 19:55
Denmark GenericPilot 
Because americans only care about laws in their own country, and only left-wing at that...
2020-01-23 12:44
Greenland FreedomFighter 
Because their founder had slaves working on his farm, they opposed the slavery ban and now they like to play the victim card. Typical hypocrites.
2020-01-23 12:44
Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage until 2013. None of these people are genuine in what they believe, this goes for the republicans as well. I am talking about establishment types, not the voters. There is a reason trump got so much flak, he doesnt need money. He is either in it because he is a patriot or wanted to satisfy his ego by becoming a president. Until he got nominee from the republicans, ted cruz jeb bush etc were gunning for his ass now most of them are behind him cuz trump's got a strong base.
2020-01-23 12:48
He's not as rich as he says he is. He's using his presidency to enrich the trump family for generations.
2020-01-23 13:06
Democrats are Friends with the Saudi?
2020-01-23 12:48
USA torture and suppress their citizens as well every day. What is the difference between Iran and the USA? Iran has no Orange alien man
2020-01-23 12:49
Still no explanation but a lot of tears.
2020-01-23 12:50
They appear totally fake these days, only Tulsi Gabbard has some integrity left
2020-01-23 12:51
2020-01-23 13:03
Tulsi is a Russian asset. Thank god she has 0 chance.
2020-01-23 13:12
"Tulsi Gabbard sues Hillary Clinton over Russia comment"
2020-01-23 19:32
Yep. She was right about trump being a Russian asset and she's right now.
2020-01-23 19:51
You are a genuine libtard, postulating without evidence.
2020-01-23 19:54
I just gave you evidence. She's talked about very favorably on russian media. There are also thousands of bots promoting her on social media just like in the trump 2016 campaign. It's obvious that she is the top alternative for the ruski gov. btw "libtards" love her.
2020-01-23 19:59
Mongolia bozgor 
you are very good at cosplaying redditors men)))
2020-01-23 20:13
Libtards when asked in west they answer in east, you are as I said a classic Libtard. If you had just an ounce of integrity you'd grow up and advance life instead of spewing your non-sense.
2020-01-23 20:21
Is leftism an ideology for dumb, failed in society people?
2020-01-23 12:52
United States Bonger 
No it's for smart people
2020-01-23 13:08
Why does it attract only failed in society people then?
2020-01-23 13:13
"A Father confronts @SenWarren Father : My daughter is in school, I saved all my money just to pay student loans Can I have my money back? Warren: of course not Father: so you want to help those who don't save any money and the ones that do the right thing get screwed?"
2020-01-23 19:35
So sad
2020-01-23 19:38
That's leftism for you, their politicians just buy and pander for the votes. Every four years up to every election they pander to the blacks and other groups.. Watch Candice own this pathetic liberal blonde
2020-01-23 19:50
Poland Hanse 
No, you mean alt-right
2020-01-23 19:58
Shouldn’t we try to have a lot of allies so we can prevent war as much as possible? The best way to defeat an enemy is to make them your friend.
2020-01-23 20:01
Your comparison is ridiculous! The US is an imperium, the US doesn't care about anything like human rights, free speech or oppression in allied countries. And even if they were no imperium it wouldn't really make sense to cut relations because of countries' domestic policies. Trump should be impeached, not for the use of power, that is crazy! His war crimes on the other hand (just like Obama) should lead to an impeachment.
2020-01-23 20:10
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