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Google Nest Mini
s1mple | 
Ukraine s1mple_op 
Looking for a portable chargeable music player and randomly came across this. Does this work without direct ac supply? Sorry if silly ques.
2020-01-23 20:33
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It always had a cable connected to it during demo that's why
2020-01-23 20:38
Eh, cmon. I've once had one of these and it worked really well for many years. 10/10 would recommend Pros: Very good looking. Girls will fall in love instantly. You'll never look bad with this tied to your pocket. Cons: You have to download the music and transfer it which can be illegal and very boring because of uTorrent, LimeWire or BearShare. Anyway, gl using it.
2020-01-23 20:41
Sweden wtf_men just bring your AAA batteries and u good))
2020-01-23 20:41
Yeah I get it but I have a 50 dollars discount on this so wanna know if this does the job
2020-01-23 20:43
It has never disappointed me. I can't count the amount of ladies I've slept with only because of showing this.
2020-01-23 20:45
Haha that's wild, thanks for ur opinion anyways
2020-01-23 20:46
No problem. I can send you my old batteries in case you're running out. They're great to use when picking up ladies. "How y'all doing gurlsss. Check these never-dying Duracell AA+ batteries." "Omg, you're so sexy. Girls, we should all sleep with him" Ez
2020-01-24 15:02
desi | 
Switzerland medkit4u 
The answer to your question comes at the beginning of it
2020-01-23 20:40
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