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NaVi management 0iq?
Azerbaijan Tungun 
why would you take some nonamer aka Perfecto when there are much better options available? They could buy out somedieyoung, mir, possibly someone from forZe, Jame/qikert/buster/AdreN from AVANGAR, even Flarich from HR or Hobbit from WinStrike would be a better pick, also Gambit Youngers, etc, etc
2020-01-24 10:40
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Who cars
2020-01-24 10:41
i do
2020-01-24 10:42
imo from Syman Keoz would be a more reasonable pick
2020-01-24 10:41
Ukraine Pham_ 
are u retarded or just pretend to be one? FORZE AND VP are rejecting NAVI offers, just fucking read the news
2020-01-24 10:42
Sweden Edmanis 
So your Ukranian undeveloped brain implies a certain person is retarded just because he is not aware of some news? makes sense.
2020-01-24 10:45
Making thread about navi management having 0 iq Not knowing the recent news that was posted on hltv Make more sense now?
2020-01-24 10:46
Sweden Edmanis 
He's got a point either way. Literally loads of others players from smaller CIS orgs who are way better on paper and probably not that cheaper
2020-01-24 10:48
2020-01-24 10:51
OP made post not knowing obvious circumstances, so maybe there are more of them we don’t know? Spirit finally have sth like a promising roaster, maybe they don’t want to sell one to Navi (their players cost a lot more too, so Navi may not want to spend so much) Also, u making a point that insults are bad by insulting guy with subtle racism? It’s kinda weird man
2020-01-24 10:59
India KNOX23 
Perfecto is good I have watched him play Blad3 said he fits the role and mentality so they picked him Obv he is not retarded
2020-01-24 13:09
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
imagine not being informed on something then arguing it, then when you get manhandled you resort to personal/ethnicity name calling. I quote: ´So your Ukranian undeveloped brain implies ´ Just stfu you nation of cucks
2020-01-24 10:54
k0nfig | 
Hungary kruam 
change it to DIG bro
2020-01-24 13:00
Jesus man. You’re The one with a undeveloped brain.
2020-01-24 13:02
Dosia | 
Latvia hellsave 
no, you are brainless swede
2020-01-24 13:05
There are still tons of other players and opportunities besides these 2 orgs but nt BARVINOK subhuman tard
2020-01-24 10:46
NaVi doesn't want buy player with price above 100.000$.
2020-01-24 10:44
Apparently Perfecto cost $200.000 so I think you are wrong
2020-01-24 10:45
Then ceh9 was wrong.
2020-01-24 10:46
Yeah most likely
2020-01-24 12:18
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
nobody wants to play for navi* fixed it for you only desperate people who need money will go there hence why players who have even average salary in teams like forze or avangar before VP decided to stay
2020-01-24 10:46
You should reply this to creator of thread.
2020-01-24 10:48
2020-01-24 10:44
0 games against tier 1 teams 0 big lans attendent 1.08 rating against Tier 2-4 teams(Looking good but not something amazing)
2020-01-24 10:45
EspiranTo is good if he speaks russian Flarich also not bad nukkye maybe
2020-01-24 10:47
Zywoo good if he speaks Russian too
2020-01-24 12:57
nice autism many people in Lithonia speak russian just like in Latvia and Estonia
2020-01-24 16:00
perfecto looking amazing?
2020-01-24 10:48
1.12 lan against top 30 last year 1.25 last 3 months Apparently the best option
2020-01-24 10:50
would be an incredibly dumb way to search a replacement based on just pure lan stats
2020-01-24 10:52
against who? Algerian gamers or against Juggernauts :D ???? He is good but not good enought for Na`Vi ATM would like to see him in team Spirit or HR smtng like this not together with NOOBLANDER and WashedEdit.
2020-01-24 10:55
Hobbit is the best option you fools if not Sdy or forester or Yekindar
2020-01-24 11:04
Mongolia k0ng0 
Yes. This comment has actual content.
2020-01-24 10:44
Finland Vkims 
You do realise not everyone wants to be s1mple's bitch?
2020-01-24 10:45
For the salary NaVi is offering people in CIS are willing to suck actual cocks lmao
2020-01-24 10:49
CIS kryto203 
Im surprised you didnt say t0rick because of the flag We'll see. Guardian was awful and they didnt keep him for long. If perfecto is a total bot he wont avoid same treatment
2020-01-24 10:46
navi 0 iq you are 1iq s1mple and bottronic will be out of top20
2020-01-24 10:46
why do you car navi is never going to be a good team. they could buy out device, glaive and elige and will still suck.9
2020-01-24 10:46
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
lol navi are poor , they gave away all their money to keep s0mple when he wanted to leave
2020-01-24 10:48
ofc they will suck cuz they would have to speak english in-game lmao
2020-01-24 10:53
??? they would suck with the best russian roster aswell 0iq albania
2020-01-24 11:35
are you actually delusional or braindead? you said "they would suck even ifthey could buy out device, glaive and elige" Of course they would fucking suck BECAUSE THESE PLAYERS DONT SPEAK RUSSIAN YOU DUMB SHIT
2020-01-24 16:02
forze was clearly never interested in selling any of their players, that's why they had the $1.5M flit price
2020-01-24 10:48
players from vp and forze ARENT viable. end of story
2020-01-24 10:49
End of story? You realize there are still many other players?
2020-01-24 10:53
not rly... mir pretty much failed on high level in gambit flarich? i dont think so hobbit - completely washed up gambit youngsters? only sh1ro showed some promise but navi doesnt want to take awper and he has literally 0 exp on lan vs good teams honestly i dont see better options right now(viable options)
2020-01-24 10:55
The "fact' that he failed in Gambit doesn't mean he will not fit in a completely different team somedieyoung is literally the best option out there mir is still good Sh1ro/zorte - if they need an awper magixx is an upcoming young talent chopper is a well-balanced and experienced player (not good stats atm but he would be NaVi Im sure) Ax1le from Gambit Youngsters Flarich/YEKINDAR are decent Hobbit probably lacks motivation playing for garbage top50 team (and in HR he had to speak english so perhaps thats why they failed) kinqie/Krad/rAge from Hard Legion Players from Nemiga like lolipop21k or Jyo or someone else you could find loads of options
2020-01-24 11:03
The "fact' that he failed in Gambit doesn't mean he will not fit in a completely different team but its even bigger risk since he already had a chance and failed somedieyoung is literally the best option out there even tho that i agree, s1mple has problem with him from what i know Sh1ro/zorte - if they need an awper they dont want to awp magixx is an upcoming young talent 22 maps on lan with 0.98 rating chopper ok i could agree with this i guess ax1le from what i know gambit is the same case as forze so they dont want to sell players=massive buy out YEKINDAR ok i can agree with this as well hobbit imo no. his individual performance is horrible+he is married and has a kid kinqie krad look at his numbers against top5/10/20 rage all in all i can agree with only chopper(and its not like he would be 10x better option) and yekindar but thats it...imo perfecto is solid and from viable options he is one of the best options
2020-01-24 11:29
s1mple | 
Sweden Onkov 
NaVi xizt
2020-01-24 10:55
Hallzerk 1v5 in dicknitas
2020-01-24 11:44
s1mple | 
Sweden Onkov 
2020-01-24 12:46
Russia KotLeopold 
If NaVi ceo has 0iq your must be negative then
2020-01-24 10:55
Hobbit was the best option!!!!! if not sdy or Forester Fucking good player +major winner
2020-01-24 10:59
get SDY ffs
2020-01-24 11:06
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
team spirit want $3039589408750945694876 for sdy, just because navi can pay this sum of money
2020-01-24 12:46
i doubt they want exactly that sum, but I guess it's better to pay a bit more for proven player who played on big events and performed really well, rather then guy from t4 team who never played any relevant tourney
2020-01-24 14:40
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
10 years ago everyone shittalked the same about ceh9. he was nonamer and there were a lot of better options like ANG3L, valentiNich, kucher etc. but ceh9 answered "SUCK, MORONS! SUCK! F*CKING SCUMS!"
2020-01-24 12:44
Exactly, Flamie also was total nonamer even on CIS scene before joinining NaVi Perfecto >>>>>> GuardiaN
2020-01-24 12:52
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
flamie was not nonamer at that moment. he was so hyped that navi choosing between s1mple and flamie, in the end, they chose flamie
2020-01-24 12:56
ZywOo | 
France CKs1 
From virtus pro*
2020-01-24 12:47
Russia MeowZer 
Buyout from VP,ofc VP want to sell player from a team which they bought recently 200IQ
2020-01-24 12:49
Billy | 
United States Russso 
should have got forester
2020-01-24 12:49
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
you are stupid
2020-01-24 12:52
VP,Gambit and Forze players would be way too expensive
2020-01-24 12:54
Finland HARD4ENCE 
At least they are replacing the right player (guardian) and clearly aware of where the problem lies. Could have had even less IQ like ENCE by replacing the igl, the heart and soul and brains of the team.
2020-01-24 12:59
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