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Why are Europeans the only people that treat animals well?
Europe Inhabitant 
In light of the batsoup images spammed around everywhere, it made me think about the torture and unneccessary killing of animals in e.g. Asia and Africa. Why is it that these people have zero remorse or feelings of disgust doing this? Why are European (and people with European ancestors) the only people in the world feeling disgusted by this and pushing for animal welfare? Can someone explain the origin of the European connection to animals. Is it genetically and did we evolve along each other? We aren't necessarily raised that way, I know for a fact I never was taught in school to respect animals or anything yet I'm still sick to my stomach when I see some exotic animal being poached.
2020-01-24 14:01
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God | 
Poland henlo 
because we are the only civilized continent
2020-01-24 14:01
What is the difference between killing a cow and a dog?
2020-01-24 14:02
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
One has been created for milk and meat, other one for watching over that milk and meat.
2020-01-24 14:13
Bulgaria cuddleslut 
It was created for these reasons? Who created them, god? God created these animals for us to slaughter them, is what you're saying?
2020-01-24 14:22
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
Doesn't matter what you believe in. Cattle and poultry has been naturally the most effective source of life. Now the amounts and ways which they are slaughtered in is different talk.
2020-01-24 14:40
Mongolia bozgor 
neither cattle nor dogs are natural beings, we bioengineered them over thousands of generations
2020-01-24 16:00
Russia oldbiven 
>Nobody kills cows just for frags
2020-01-24 14:22
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
my grandfather shot his teacher's cat and got expelled from school lol
2020-01-24 14:03
Norway stekt_laks 
good ol' 1930's. this generation is full of millennial snowflakes. back in my day thing were much simpler.
2020-01-24 14:17
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
i guess you could argue it wasn't the norm since he did get expelled
2020-01-24 14:21
ares you the fuck you's? or are the fuck you , you, you?
2020-01-24 14:19
google average IQ in Africa and you have your answer
2020-01-24 14:03
Czech Republic Noxar 
2020-01-24 14:22
United States ClickHole 
0/8 All Muslim countries treat animals well otherwise they cannot be qualified as 'halal' meat
2020-01-24 14:06
I ate a "halal" waffle today
2020-01-24 14:07
Norway stekt_laks 
2020-01-24 14:18
We got some waffles in here with "halal" sign on them
2020-01-24 14:23
Norway stekt_laks 
2020-01-24 14:33
rko | 
Saudi Arabia WWF 
China: hold my nutrilon
2020-01-24 14:08
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
I guess because we are not overpopulated and poor so we can afford proper meat instead of a rat available on the ground.
2020-01-24 14:14
You mean like the Spanish people that fight against drugged bulls which can't fight back?
2020-01-24 14:16
Spanish retards* I hope Jonathan doesn't like it either otherwise cya
2020-01-24 15:33
The more civilized people get, and the less their genetics match up with the enviroment, the less they get a connection to nature itself. This means that peoples connected to nature treat it in a more honorable way. Africans are the same, but in the face of death, everyone would violate stuff like this, just our instincts. Nothing worse or better about anything
2020-01-24 14:16
Ukraine ksay 
cus Europeans loved starving to death
2020-01-24 14:17
device | 
Sweden plikz 
europeans are just stupid i guess
2020-01-24 14:21
Myanmar Guzhas 
europe best continent that's why
2020-01-24 14:24
Are you asking why people who have the best circumstances in the world treat animals a tad bit better than people who have the worst circumstances in the world?
2020-01-24 14:25
they come from animal))
2020-01-24 16:01
Quake | 
Ivory Coast s1v9mple 
Hyperempathy. That's why Europe's so dead.
2020-01-24 16:13
I know several asian or african people vegan, wtf are you talking about?
2020-01-24 21:37
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