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grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
This guy is insane, he remind me a player like jaCkz : He start his pro career in 2017 and started to play on tier 2 only in 2019, exacty like jackz He's 26 (jackz 27) so it's never too late to start
2020-01-24 17:32
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grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
* They got a hight HS% rate even at 27
2020-01-24 17:33
2020-01-30 18:03
Denmark Sir_Cumcised 
+1 roeJ bestest
2020-01-24 17:34
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
2020-01-27 21:48
ropz | 
Europe STFU_M8 
He is beast.
2020-01-24 17:34
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
2020-01-24 17:46
Netherlands Armipotent 
mf looks 17
2020-01-27 21:49
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
2020-01-28 22:59
Netherlands Armipotent 
2020-01-29 10:11
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
2020-01-29 15:15
Netherlands Armipotent 
2020-01-29 16:54
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
i'll say no
2020-01-29 17:28
Netherlands Armipotent 
and I'll say yes
2020-01-29 17:29
2020-01-30 04:52
Croatia feelsbadmane 
ty for this info now i drop my college and social life to go pro im also 26!
2020-01-29 10:47
26 in college? What u studying fellow future CS pro?
2020-01-30 12:24
Croatia feelsbadmane 
electrotehnics but im like i go 1 year then pause 1 year and stuff lol not really serious about it even tho im on last year now
2020-01-30 18:01
Sweden New@ac@low@id 
uh big boomer
2020-01-29 10:48
you dont get worst by ur age, your motivation is what matters
2020-01-29 15:16
Exactly, that's why pros who have been playing for years get worse as they get close to and pass 30, but players who start getting serious at like 26 or 27 can stay motivated and prove that age doesn't really matter
2020-01-29 15:19
Too much money is a Factor as well. Takes away a lot of motivation.
2020-01-29 15:21
f0rest better than any of you here typeing shit in hltv, so..
2020-01-29 17:33
he's an outlier, the point is still true also no one is talking shit??
2020-01-29 21:47
Most of guys saying 30yo are bad will never be like them even in their 20s
2020-01-30 04:09
Yeah obviously, but many 30+ yo's are bad when compared to other pros.
2020-01-30 04:33
But still bettet than 90% of cs players
2020-01-30 05:06
That doesn't matter, since most pros need to be better than 99% of CS players to be playing at the top level.
2020-01-30 12:20
What does that have to do with the conversation though? Lots of global elite ranks, G ranks, and FPL-C rank players are better than 90% of cs players but they'll never be good enough to go pro. 30yo players who lost their motivation to play have the same issue, they're still good in the context of all cs players, but they aren't that good compared to the upper tier pro scene.
2020-01-30 15:46
so, people say "oh 30yo are shit" when they actually ain't shit just lost the motivation.. right? thats the point im proving
2020-01-30 16:37
You're fucking dumb bro
2020-01-30 18:06
Expected argument
2020-01-30 19:22
Yeah they just lost motivation. Dude my original reply agreed with you, it's why I was so confused when you started arguing about it. Players like JaCkz and roeJ prove that when older players get the chance to be a top player they can still be amazing players. It's just that players who have played the game for 10+ years who reach 30 start to lose motivation because of how long they've been playing. Those are the main players in the scene who people have seen reach that age, so it's not too outlandish for people to believe that you just get worse as you head towards 30. In reality though, it's just motivation issues.
2020-01-30 21:28
f0rest is, of course, an outlier to that. Most players can't play as long as he has and still keep up form though, he's truly one of a kind.
2020-01-30 21:31
Agree with everything
2020-01-30 23:05
i think f0rest is one of the few guys who still care a lot about the game. im sure he enjoys cs unlike others who just hang around because of paychecks and no purpose in life.
2020-01-30 12:22
Passion and motivation bro
2020-01-30 19:22
yes, if the fire burns inside the age doesnt matter
2020-01-30 19:24
People dont understand that a videogame has nothing to do with age, "old" people just get over it and look and life with other eyes
2020-01-30 19:28
yeah, even the highest physically demanding sports have top contenders at the age of 40.
2020-01-30 19:32
Buffon, ronaldo, ibra, totti, de rossi, that hungarian keeper, jez
2020-01-30 19:34
2020-01-30 19:42
Oh yea
2020-01-30 19:44
North America toxicthegod 
The whole Mad Lions Team has been really impressive over the past year.
2020-01-29 15:17
Especially: Bubzkji roej acoR
2020-01-29 15:22
Especially: HUNDEN
2020-01-29 15:32
yes roeJ bestest (jackz bester too)
2020-01-29 15:33
kNgV- | 
Brazil rbk1 
it's nice to watch jackz and roeJ playing, such good players! roeJ raw aim and jackz mech skill are incredible
2020-01-29 15:36
Believe me its only 20% of his own skill, 80% of his performance right now is down to HUNDENs godlike in game leading "roeJ play better than opponent", "roeJ push the site and kill them with bullet", "roeJ don't losing this situation man!" . Insane 200IQ calls like these are pushing Mad Lions to be a top15 team when without god HUNDEN not even top30... Nobody can deny the smartest player in gaming history.
2020-01-29 15:36
Denmark Farmand 
Can confirm. Played a game with Hunden some years ago and he basically said "shoot enemy dont die" and we 16-0'd them with 0 deaths. He is inhuman
2020-01-29 15:38
It's crazy how he comes up with these calls, scientists are studying his brain currently they have a thesis that he might have been born with 2 brains and he is communicating with himself about how to make perfect call. He is rlly just too smart to be human
2020-01-29 15:41
grux | 
Montenegro Kladiz 
He was good aswell with C. Flames
2020-01-29 16:17
Poland humen)))) 
I thought roeJ is a support player in that team but seems like not
2020-01-29 17:31
Germany MackyGee 
2020-01-29 21:48
Turkey ltachi 
2020-01-30 04:20
God roej
2020-01-30 05:07
its actually røj
2020-01-30 12:22
But why do casters pronounce his name like ''ROY"?
2020-01-30 19:48
* They got a hight HS% rate even at 27
2020-01-30 15:50
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