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B Site vs EPL
United States 10YearBansRUs 
What one do you think is better? I predict EPL will stay very similar in terms of production quality (pretty high) and the format wont be too radical. Broadcasting will be the same but the only thing will change is the progression in a league table etc. B Site can only claim better talent and perhaps production quality. The problem is they didnt secure the main part, the best teams. Sure they've got some NA fans in C9 and Liquid and a large Brazilian viewerbase in MiBR but other than that i dont see this being more than a tier 2 league. TLDR: I think EPL >>>> B-Site by far
2020-01-24 18:31
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Spain Granjero 
EPL for sure Blast sucks simply cause they didn't invite 2 tier1 teams (mouz & fnatic) B site don't have as good teams as EPL does
2020-01-24 18:33
Germany naeqode 
Liquid is in EPL m8
2020-01-24 18:34
United States 10YearBansRUs 
Oh shit nice. Yet another reason the B-site is ass
2020-01-24 18:39
Ukraine Pham_ 
ofc EPL, better quality, better teams
2020-01-24 18:34
I don't really like what esl is doing. Don't think monopolies are healthy.
2020-01-24 18:35
United States 10YearBansRUs 
Was it not in response to B-Site? Also since Blast, EPL and B-Site exist i wouldnt call it a monopoly. The only downside of this is T2 will find it harder to break through. But the majors changing up may fix that
2020-01-24 18:39
Switzerland Sylleo 
thorin will end up working with mibr, c9 and old nip (dig), the teams he despised for so many years karma lul
2020-01-24 18:36
Germany Cyasera 
MIBR C9 MAD Lions c0ntact Dignitas GenG yes great league you got there faceit... xD
2020-01-24 18:38
Korea XigNGODtop1 
The B-site logic was/is that after a few seasons pros and teams realize that they’ll be making much more in the side of B-site, and thus in the long run they’ll be the preferred tournament. However, looking at the short term, of course EPL has the better teams. That’s not the goal for a B-site though
2020-01-24 18:41
United States 10YearBansRUs 
Why would teams convert over to B-site? What is the incentive?
2020-01-24 18:45
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Richard Lewis did an interview about this on a BTN yesterday (vod up soon), but if I remember correctly the main point is that the profits go more directly to the players and orgs, whereas ESL has some shady stuff about the way they pay their prizepools. So their incentive basically in the long term is that they’ll produce a more economically sensible tournament for orgs and players
2020-01-24 18:56
It'd be interesting to hear Jason Lake's take on why he chose EPL over B Site, considering his history & involvement in NACS.
2020-01-24 18:57
b site sucks even the name sounds bad
2020-01-24 18:59
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