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Perfecto? wtf
Peru __________ 
wtf NaVi why not sdy ffs What the actual fuck why would you sign this dude
2020-01-25 00:53
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Spain akproxx 
sdy overrrated
2020-01-25 00:54
2020-01-25 00:54
Canada suzi 
How so? He’s always top fragging for his team
2020-01-25 00:57
Ethiopia sexiestuser 
he doesnt?
2020-01-25 01:07
2020-01-25 10:19
what does that change...? all his team mates have also 0 maps played
2020-01-25 12:19
Finland Miroyev 
2020-01-25 10:39
Guys send me images i should put as my steam artwork and profile pic
2020-01-25 00:55
Google sexy man
2020-01-25 00:56
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Google Margot Robbie The Fappening
2020-01-25 01:00
Ok men senk up
2020-01-25 01:01
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
Np Don't forget the lotion
2020-01-25 01:07
give the guy a chance before shitting on him sincerely your fellow hltv user who has had to witness 20 threads on this topic (he played well for syman at major and is good potential, to answer your q.)
2020-01-25 00:56
because he is perfect LUL
2020-01-25 00:59
Lithuania verslininkas 
people on hltv doesnt understand about roles lmao, they just look stats and can say if this player is good or bad LOL, sdy woudn't frag in navi like he is doing now, because they would put him in shit role, simple and electronic are stars on that team... perfecto can fill in
2020-01-25 00:59
yeah I love the arguments coming from these kids "he always topfrags on his team". like they need another topfragger with s1mple and electronic rofl
2020-01-25 01:00
More like you’re too naive thinking roles in csgo actually exist. There are specific setups on each map ofc but there is no role as “support” and etc
2020-01-25 10:20
2020-01-25 10:24
xsepower | 
Russia zj2 
nt elige
2020-01-25 10:27
wft, ofc there is. Entry? IGL? Lurker?
2020-01-25 10:30
Russia Islademuerto 
Obsolete, most pros ,at least, can do any of those roles ,with the exception of maybe IGL, to some extent and would often assume them depending on the situation
2020-01-25 10:43
Not everybody can IGL and still be able to play well and make the right calls. Lurker, sure everybody can be a lurker. But it's like saying there is no positions in football, bc the whole team can kick the ball.
2020-01-25 10:50
Shit comparison, football players are being distributed by physical attributes, therefore even if u wanna try central defender on the wing thats simply impossible.
2020-01-25 11:25
Ok nice
2020-01-25 13:00
Russia Islademuerto 
of course some ppl are better than others in something, still tho, anyone can preety match do anything
2020-01-25 13:26
Russia Ypp1 
what did you expect from HLTV?
2020-01-25 10:28
u know nothing about cs then he is amazing talent last major he had some amazing games u should watch him before u comment
2020-01-25 01:37
he is perfect for Ivan
2020-01-25 10:25
Russia Ypp1 
2020-01-25 10:28
why would sdy sign up with a dead team?
2020-01-25 10:32
name checks out
2020-01-25 10:40
2020-01-25 12:11
Monkey | 
Poland $o$ 
this guy is perfect
2020-01-25 10:37
sdy doesnt want to play with toxic p1mple p1mple doesnt want to play with such a positive person as sdy thats it.
2020-01-25 11:27
more like opposite
2020-01-25 11:28
Germany yourmomMetroN 
imagine signing a match fixer for 200.000$ gj NaVi
2020-01-25 13:01
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