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IQ Hierarchy
Faroe Islands Croton 
I have pleasure to introduce to YOU, the only one true about IQ Hierarchy study it carefully and take advantage on it right now, YOUR life depends on it leftist - 90 IQ max and below capitalist 105 IQ at best people who see pros and cons of both 115 IQ, people who thinks there might be better system and are open to it 120 IQ ++ we created it and we can change it, the system should be for us not to enslave us anlong with that is YOUR consciosuness level
2020-01-25 03:09
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2020-01-25 03:10
kobE | 
Japan zeroxzero 
You sound like a leftist
2020-01-25 03:11
you sound like being stuck at 105, feel sorry for you
2020-01-25 03:14
kobE | 
Japan zeroxzero 
132 iq sorry sweaty
2020-01-25 03:15
explain why there is something rather than nothing and we might start conversation
2020-01-25 03:20
kobE | 
Japan zeroxzero 
Vague nonsense statements
2020-01-25 03:24
error 404 wisdom not found
2020-01-25 03:27
I am very sweaty also this country is damn hot
2020-01-25 03:32
Mongolia bozgor 
third way only way 👌😎
2020-01-25 03:11
Germany Neckarstadion 
The problem with trying to find a new working system is that it has to work on an insanely large scale. That's a problem for most concepts
2020-01-25 03:14
Korea kaiske 
Chinese state-sponsored capitalism and national socialism both proved to work on large scale
2020-01-25 03:20
yeah it's a hybrid
2020-01-25 03:21
Person who knows the perfect system and knows exactly how to rise to power and implement it - 195 iq
2020-01-25 03:29
there is no perfect sytem, but a lot can be done by improving education napelon hill wrote about 100 years ago, and nothing has changed since then they still teach those kids how to fail in life I N S A N E another aspect is understanding globalism - that we are on one earth and we are one big tribe at this moment - there is no point to comptee with each other but starting collaborating who is going to win if earth lose? who is going to win if humanity lose? teaching how brain works and managing primal instincts should be first lesson at schools
2020-01-25 03:52
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
2020-01-25 03:39
Is Trotskyism counted into leftism?
2020-01-25 03:54
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