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ESL B-Site and Blast
Thorin | 
Egypt BomberMan_ 
How in the fuck do ESL come out of all this shit looking like pieces of shit. Blast actually has a decent format for once. B-site has amazing talent and have been far more transparent. ESL are screwing everyone pro league teams and players with pro league spots and at the same time the rev share splits have like 7 steps in it. wtf is this clown fiesta.
2020-01-25 21:06
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> fan of Thorin you are braindead.
2020-01-25 21:07
thanks man really adding to the conversation
2020-01-25 21:08
thorin is the definition of a shill and you are braindead for not seeing it. not even trolling. people that support thorin and can't see through his shit are truly the dumbest people in the entire scene.
2020-01-25 21:10
ok, sure maybe you are right please prove the times he has been a shill?
2020-01-25 21:11
he is literally paid by B site and Blast. and he used to cry about Blast for like year. now the y pay him so he attack their competition. also ESL, Blast and B site are all doing the same thing. if anything B site is the worst and he is most involved with them.
2020-01-25 21:13
Just saying shit doesn't mean its true. I can say your are a ESL shill hired by them to convice hltv users that thorin is a shill because of whatever reason ESL told you to say. If you look at how the revenue is split in B-site it is 100x simpler and fairer than in the ESL league. ESL take 15% off the top and then the teams get 25% of that 85% and then after that ESL recoupe production costs and then there is another split between the teams and ESL and Players get a cut of the team's cut. While in B-Site its 80% to the teams and from that 80 1/3 is for players. You are a clown on the highest level. You are also a massive pussy. You talk shit about someone I am a fan of while you dont show anyone you are a fan of.
2020-01-25 21:17
As I said, you are braindead. He said himself that he will have an official job at B Site (not just casting) and Blast officially announced him as a commentator. B site is an exclusivity and buy in league. Absolute cancer and the definition of anti competitiveness. Thorin crying about ESL is peak hypocrisy. Also he claimed to be a a journalist but gets paid by TOs and constantly shills for them. > while you dont show anyone you are a fan of. because being fan of a person is fucking stupid? or at least be a fan of a player, not some guy paid to spread propaganda
2020-01-25 21:24
B site does have qualification system while ESL doesn't you got your shit all wrong. You have proven shit and are just saying thorin is a shill reeee. Also, why is being a fan of someone stupid? When a person is a fan of someone no matter who they be they aspire to be somewhat like them whatever that trait may be. You are just a little rat who probably is apart of that moronic r/vacsucks in which everyone thinks everyone else is paid by someone and everyone is in this fucking conspiracy war.
2020-01-25 21:27
B site require a buy-in. Otherwise you aren't a full member and don't get any revenue share. And they are completely in-transparent, they haven't even made any of this official. And again, Thorin is literally paid to promote them. And you claim he isn't a shill. Perfect example for my point that Thorin fans are truly the dumbest people in the entire scene. > When a person is a fan of someone no matter who they be they aspire to be somewhat like them you aspire to be a hypocrite, lair, shill and racist?
2020-01-25 21:33
Switzerland Sylleo 
" B-site has amazing talent and have been far more transparent" transparent about what ? We know close to nothing about it, its sole and de-facto PR strategy so far is thorin's twitter lol
2020-01-25 21:15
B-Site is just new version of ECS so ESL is leagues ahead of them in terms of production and prestige BLAST finally starts thinking and new format is pretty good
2020-01-25 21:21
I think production between ESL and ECS isn't different during the league itself, but is shown more during the LAN tournament
2020-01-25 21:24
ECS HUD was pretty amazing imo both have good production without big delays but i think ESL is a little bit better cuz they're present in CS for 10+ years if i'm correct Also B-Site sounds not that good, imo ECS sounds much better P.S Imo they should just ban minor companies like StartLater cuz they're just very unprofessional
2020-01-25 21:27
I mean I agree they should ban companies that don't pay up, but its just a problem with the scene in general and valve dont do much
2020-01-25 21:29
Europe rushbnoflash 
I think B-Site will be only NA and tier 2 EU teams
2020-01-25 21:29
ESL can do what they do cuz they are running the whole csgo scene alone. All the guys who cry now about esl that are the one that take their money. Nobody not even S1mple has the background to criticism the ESL for their business decision. All would cry if ESL and dreamhack would quit csgo and make more Dota events or sc1, wc3. So I can only laugh about Thorin and his fans like u. Take the money but cry how pathetic they are. Hypocrites.
2020-01-25 21:43
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