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Electronic > EliGE
xsepower | 
Austria sometime2 
Change my mind, EliGE is just krieg abuser without krieg he is not even close to NAF
2020-01-25 23:51
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2020-01-25 23:52
Portugal astacp 
0/8 but eletronic still good. elige real numba 1 hate guys that need an awp to kill someone and hide their poor game knowledge.
2020-01-25 23:54
Tbh agree, AWPers in most of the cases are just baiters or angle holders
2020-01-25 23:54
not all and not everytime, but i agree that awp is easier to get kills
2020-01-26 00:02
f0rest | 
Mexico bfish8 
right, for instance: s1mple and zywoo not just baiter angle holders. dev1ce: baiter, angle holder, exit killer, eco fragger zywoo s1mple elige electronic naf dev1ce magisk
2020-01-26 00:19
2020-01-26 01:48
device holds angles well and plays incredibly well s1mple baits af, he doesn't deserve to be respected ZywOo is between s1mple and device, playing agressive and passive, it depends but he doesn't bait imo the real ranking should be : ZywOo device EliGE electronic/Magisk Magisk/electronic s1mple NAF
2020-01-26 03:18
2015-2017 fallen bestest, used it like a shotgun
2020-01-26 00:22
top 1 baiter HLTV users
2020-01-26 03:40
xsepower is just Awp abuser
2020-01-25 23:53
Russia KotLeopold 
You're right but not because Elige bad, but because Electronic is too strong
2020-01-25 23:54
Electronic #4 player without krieg/aug meta EliGE #15 player without krieg/aug meta
2020-01-26 00:00
yes | 
Korea mryes) 
what? how do you know that?
2020-01-26 00:07 Liquid was top3 team of 2018 so arguments about their individual form aren't good way to prove something
2020-01-26 00:16
He showed the stats electronic used the kreig more than elige, watch the games not just the highlights lol
2020-01-26 03:25
Myanmar Guzhas 
someone check electronic pc he's good but not natural
2020-01-25 23:56
rain | 
United Kingdom Kaiiid 
elige literally used the krieg a year before everyone?
2020-01-25 23:56
2020-01-26 00:01
rain | 
United Kingdom Kaiiid 
so krieg abuser isn't a good term considering he wasn't in the top 5 in 2018
2020-01-26 00:04
elige is beast without the krieg, have you seen his m4/ak? brehze is the na krieg abuser that will fall off once the krieg gets nerfed electronic = elige in terms of rifling tho. both are the best pure riflers in their respective regions and i wont be surprised if electronic was above elige if navi has a good year
2020-01-25 23:58
Agree, but EliGE is still a little bit krieg abuser but still he just adapt to the meta he used to buy krieg even few years ago so i'm not suprised But Electronic AK-47 is just above everyone else
2020-01-26 00:02
Frankie | 
Ukraine d3adLY 
no, but in 2020 he will be
2020-01-25 23:58
why would someone want to change your mind
2020-01-25 23:59
Estonia 424hhhh 
u seen him with ak? just as insane lmao.
2020-01-26 00:03
United States LiquidEra2020 
Fact: Electronic used the krieg more in krieg meta than elige did If this fact doesn't change your mind, nothing will, because you are a stupid person who holds opinions because they are what you want to believe and not because they are true, and changing your mind is wholly irrelevant as your opinion does not matter.
2020-01-26 00:03
The difference is Electronic is still 4 level above elige with AK. That is the truth. But we all know with Trump IQ nothing can change your mind, because NA education level after 20-year school is equal to a stone
2020-01-26 00:29
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
EliGE krieg abuser, top tier quality bait
2020-01-26 00:06
Edward | 
United Kingdom 0outof8 
Electronic is more consistent and can just do his job well, Elige has absolutely absurd first bullet accuracy and spray control and can just change games and win games, would probably put him at #4 for that
2020-01-26 00:10
wow Elige was #15 because he wasnt carrying liquid consistently like this year and the thing is that elec is not as consistently good as elige whereas elige is just so fucking good every single game
2020-01-26 00:11
"Lmao kennyS wasn't even a top 15 player in 2014/2015 without the awp." Who gives a shit your what about x logic is fucking stupid, the gun is in the game and elige uses it. If other pros don't use it then its their own fault.
2020-01-26 00:20
awp compare sucks. Cuz AWP is the only real sniper ingame. There is no real substituted. But NA and logic never fit
2020-01-26 00:25
Doesn't matter, what you are saying is exactly equal to someone saying any awp player is worse than any rifler because they could just not use the awp. Or even every player is shit if they use anything other than the default pistol for each given side because they're too bad to not just use glocks all game.
2020-01-26 00:55
S1mple can use rifle and awp at a top-level. S1mple is and was with awp and rifle a top 10 player. So your argument makes no sense.
2020-01-26 00:58
Elige can use ak or sg at top level. So your argument makes no sense.
2020-01-26 00:59
Elige cant use Ak on the same level as Electronic. Also not at zywoo or S1mple level.
2020-01-26 01:00
why change? Everyone knows Elige is only good cuz of krieg meta
2020-01-26 00:21
0/8 I’ve already told you that elultronic stat pads in group stage just to get made a bitch by Elige in playoffs
2020-01-26 00:29
ELIGE - can play with aug, sig only
2020-01-26 01:01
0/8 Doesn't even use it that much
2020-01-26 03:33
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