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Ukraine QuietRiot 
Hello! Going to Alps with a group of friends in July after Rammstein concert in Turin. Thought about Courmayeur and/or Chamonix for 4-6 days. Mostly for hiking. Few questions to locals or people who have been there – can you legally set a tent with fireplace to sleep overnight? We're gonna live in the town but wanted to spend a night out in the woods there. From info I've seen on the internet – Italian law is more strict about fireplaces and you just can't do it. Can you say from your own experience? And, well, would you recommend Courmayeur and Chamonix in summer? If not, what other Alps towns near Turin?
2020-01-25 23:59
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Norway AdNiB 
ez 4 STYKO
2020-01-26 00:00
Belgium RobinDG 
2020-01-26 00:01
LEGIJA top 1
2020-01-26 00:01
Im finn
2020-01-26 00:01
You are welcome here as well!
2020-01-26 00:17
thank you mr ukraine
2020-01-26 00:17
Vyjdy zvidsy rozbijnyk
2020-01-26 00:01
Search for rifugio / baita u cant set fireplaces Even at 3000 u can find places where Cook and sleep
2020-01-26 00:02
Yeah, I've seen that you can do it in a big campsite where it's official, but it's not as atmospheric as a small fireplace next to your tent with nobody around. But "rifugio" is the only option left, at least on the Italian side, thank you!
2020-01-26 00:05
I wont take that risk... In Trentino if they found u they literally open your ass
2020-01-26 00:09
We're tourists and gonna take it with respect to the country and the law, not gonna risk and try out luck for sure :) It's just not typical for us since here you can make a fireplace anywhere you want as long as it's safe for the area.
2020-01-26 00:12
2020-01-26 09:56
2020-01-26 10:24
World ayyypepito 
It's not Alaska bro 1. In July in France, vegetation is mostly dry af and generally that's when there is some wild fire. ofc you can do a firecamp with friends but NOT in a place with grass/trees, more in something like a gypsi camp lol. Keep in mind that every summer they fight fire 2. Chamonix is the Aspen of France lol , its more Rihanna then Rammstein there
2020-01-26 10:53
Thanks for the reply! Of course we will be extremely careful with anything regarding fire :) Also, 2 – originally we were planning to rent a house in Courmayeur, but since Chamonix is really close and I've never been on a French territory, we thought about renting Airbnb and hike there for a few days. Neither of these towns should be expensive in the summertime as far as I know.
2020-01-26 22:53
Norway therealdagon 
yes you can pitch a tent. trust me.
2020-01-26 10:54
France dagonmaxime 
fireplace is forbidden and you will be freezing outside. Find a hotel or a airBNB. glhf in the snow dude
2020-01-26 22:58
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