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Deathmatch pros
Canada suzi 
What pros have you played against in Death match? I’ve played with Brehze, ANDROID, freak and jdm
2020-01-26 01:13
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Czech Republic itsenvyboy 
FalleN, JKS, Mir
2020-01-26 01:13
s1mple | 
Spain aquacsgo 
Apex scream and lowel in NBK deathmatch
2020-01-26 01:14
Canada suzi 
Was scream insane???
2020-01-26 01:14
SS | 
Germany cya_in_10 
>insane >Scream pick one
2020-01-26 01:50
It was an online game against t23 players so yeah he rekted the whole server (129-56)
2020-01-26 22:18
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
S1mple, NiKo, Taz, Coldzera, ropz, scream, NBK, Hiko
2020-01-26 01:19
Canada suzi 
Dang, Hiko on eu servers?
2020-01-26 01:19
ritch | 
United Kingdom Meffus 
Nah I went to a US one
2020-01-26 01:19
Canada suzi 
2020-01-26 01:21
Have only played against showtime on a retake server
2020-01-26 01:21
United States KEKWQUID 
destroyed Eliges ugly face multiple times
2020-01-26 01:20
Canada suzi 
Haha nice
2020-01-26 01:21
Username checks out. I let Bombla eat me though :D
2020-01-26 19:26
NEO, ShaZaM, swag, steel, shroud, Android, WARDELL... a few more
2020-01-26 01:21
Canada suzi 
I played vs wardell but he left 1 minute after I joined so I didn’t include him.
2020-01-26 01:22
Russia Slavaa 
he was scared of you
2020-01-26 01:40
i only remember playing with steel (the brazilian)
2020-01-26 01:28
what servers yall playin them on?
2020-01-26 01:31
Canada suzi 
I only play on HS only servers. Usually Chicago
2020-01-26 01:33
United Kingdom 8thwonderUK 
KennyS and he was insane with AK 1 taps.
2020-01-26 01:34
2020-01-26 01:34
vsm, kscerato and lucas1
2020-01-26 01:35
Russia Slavaa 
xizt, furlan, almazer, hobbit, edward, el1an, flusha, rez, lekr0, twist, bubzkij, HS, radifaction, kjaerbye
2020-01-26 01:44
jackz,k1to and mirbit
2020-01-26 01:37
2020-01-26 01:38
playing cs in 2k20 xD
2020-01-26 01:45
flair checks out
2020-01-26 22:23
don't cry
2020-01-26 22:36
loli lover
2020-01-26 22:41
myself (cool face emoji)
2020-01-26 01:45
I had played against Meyern before he went to sharks, tatazin, landin, 1962, Nokse, Felps and Vsm (i "played" against him, 'cause we only had 3 people in the server and we were more like chilling, doing jumps in the map, just 4fun then he went to the server just to test skins combinations with his girlfriend acc when we started to mock his steam name he started to talk and we started to conversate like AMA)
2020-01-26 01:47
United States JuriTakahashi 
dominated daps with a scout in hs dm
2020-01-26 01:48
Serbia K4bby 
I played with draken on a retake once, it was only 6,7 rounds but he dominated.
2020-01-26 01:48
Serbia TheSerb 
Allu,fallen(when he was playing the berlin major),edward, nexa, adren, and some other tier 3 pros like crisby,kressy,zehn The only one i met multiple time in duels is adren and ill tell you hes nothing special i killed him more times than he killed me and i play dm ffa on 120 fps and 75hz mby he was on a off day, allu for instance dominated everyone
2020-01-26 01:51
killing someone more times than they kill you doesn't mean you're better than them. score means nothing in deathmatch, he would most likely destroy you in a pug.
2020-01-26 19:47
Serbia TheSerb 
I never said im better i just said his aim is nothing special in fast paced dm
2020-01-26 21:22
rmn | 
Portugal _NEDER_ 
sergej and Fallen
2020-01-26 01:51
Canada suzi 
2020-01-26 19:19
TaZ, Pasha, Ex6tenz, olofmeister also I've met Skytten on solo MM
2020-01-26 19:22
k0nfig | 
Germany Trax_ 
A lot. Whole BIG team, karrigan, ropz, chrisJ, KennyS, shox, jackz, Maniac (now ex-pro of course), gade, gob b, k1to, syrson, denis, spiidi, and some more Also once played against Tizian in a matchmaking game EDIT: Forgot HUNDEN (no joke he is deathmatching a lot)
2020-01-26 19:26
Denmark Jonasnhj 
K1to on Faceit game. Rain, Shaney, Karrigan, Hunter, Tahsen, Dev1ce.
2020-01-26 19:26
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
Frozen if I remember correctly, but it was before mouz, when he played in extatus
2020-01-26 19:28
Felps tizian k1to fallen
2020-01-26 19:29
United States Nohj 
Elige snax stewie2k android swag nitr0 niko auti s0m koosta brehze RUSH Ethan tarik and a few more that I'm forgetting.
2020-01-26 19:30
pronax, gob b, nbk, fer, nexa, jkaem, f0rest, lekr0, mantuu, amanek, smooya, byali
2020-01-26 19:31
Serbia avaterR 
2020-01-26 19:33
-Deadfox, said nothing -NBK and kennyS right after they formed the "superteam", people were flaming them about getting rekt by ScreaM, they were actually cool and playing along with it -NiKo, I think before Faze. He was nice. Said he would sign my profile if I showed up next time he streamed. Never caught him streaming since lul
2020-01-26 19:33
I remember playing with kqly in mm
2020-01-26 19:37
the old C9 and one of the french teams G2 or nV cant remeber which. They were DMing before their match and i was in their server
2020-01-26 19:38
India Wise_Indian 
I have played with forsaken quite a few times on DM
2020-01-26 19:41
Full ENCE (With Sunny)
2020-01-26 19:43
2020-01-26 19:44
Angel, Crush, Lowel, Frozen and S1mple. I played against more, but I don't know against who.
2020-01-26 19:45
sh1ro | 
Russia R3YBAH 
Zeus friberg woxic kas9k spiker s1mple electronic
2020-01-26 19:47
2020-01-26 19:48
rain | 
Israel ReakZez 
fallen ropz and some more that i cant remember tbh some of them didnt got the name and i was lazy to check their steam
2020-01-26 19:49
Jame | 
Flusha Brollan Get_right F0rest Draken Rez Dennis Scream Stavn Sunny Snappi Aleksib Zywoo then i don't remember + i got into Zywoo team on Faceit Premium i didn't understand him
2020-01-26 19:51
rain | 
Netherlands Yourii 
Xantarens, gade and boombl4
2020-01-26 19:52
2020-01-26 19:54
But it was in popflash not dm :(
2020-01-26 19:54
Played against Perfecto. Whole server were laughing at him for being on 6th place. It was year ago. Before he rage quit server he said “See how you laugh at me when I join navi noobs”. Well...........
2020-01-26 19:54
Turkey Slapdash 
Zywoo, tarik, apex when they came to Turkey
2020-01-26 20:05
HAHAHHA imagine remembering pros who you play against in fucking dm :D:D:
2020-01-26 20:09
gade and farlig
2020-01-26 20:10
Bosnia and Herzegovina mirzach0W 
only some fplers
2020-01-26 20:14
No I've never played deathmatch
2020-01-26 20:15
scream, amanek, coldzera, bondik, lots of iberian ones, nexa
2020-01-26 22:22
Why in dm lol
2020-01-26 22:24
Finland botkebu 
2020-01-26 22:41
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