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Population Control
United Kingdom TheDayMan 
Coronavirus is literally Mother Nature trying to defend it self against its biggest threat - the Chinese ever growing population, also worst for out putting Carbon and not even trying to slow down. Mother Nature is cruel, but you really can’t stop her.
2020-01-26 02:56
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nuke china
2020-01-26 02:56
Only way to stop climate change
2020-01-26 16:03
also has the side effect of creating nuclear winter to directly counteract global warming double-stopping climate change
2020-01-26 16:32
Germany xsyzzz12345678 
China's population isn't really growing
2020-01-26 02:57
It’s fucking out of control dude. They have no control over the rural areas
2020-01-26 02:58
Their fertility rate is 1.6, far below replacement
2020-01-26 03:00
Are you serious? It really doesn’t matter what current birth rate is, the population it self is fucking out of control and has been for decades
2020-01-26 03:02
No it's under control since the fertility rate is below 2.
2020-01-26 03:05
it really isnt if you factor in how huge the country is
2020-01-26 03:05
Their population will plateau in the near future and decline eventually. India and Africa are the ones to worry about. Just look at their population projections. And even then the world population will plateau eventually.
2020-01-26 03:20
2020-01-26 05:14
India dragoblood 
India will plateau at 1.7B and the world will plateau at 11B from present 7B.
2020-01-26 14:53
xDD you have no clue what you are talking about
2020-01-26 14:55
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
+1 lol estimated to decrease by 400 million in the next 80 years
2020-01-26 03:04
Estonia 1922 
wtf are you serious? that's more than the entire current U.S. population holy shit
2020-01-26 03:04
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
yes. africa will account for the majority of the human population growth in the next century
2020-01-26 03:06
France Neejla 
But the evil colonialists stole all their ressources and massacred or enslaved all their people how come they got from 100M in the 19th century to 2 Billion in 2100 i really wonder :'(
2020-01-26 03:16
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
your first statement doesn't negate the other
2020-01-26 03:24
+1 but they are too stupid to stop the population growth and start gaining wealth they're "eating" all their total surplus to population growth
2020-01-26 03:44
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
fertility rates in africa are actually decreasing. the estimated population growth is attributed mostly to better living standards.
2020-01-26 04:37
It doesn't work well in most of the Subsaharan Africa.
2020-01-26 17:04
friberg | 
Sweden günT 
what doesn't?
2020-01-26 17:05
Nice racism ez report
2020-01-26 14:56
it's a fact scientifically proven by professors of economics, not racism called "Malthusian catastrophe" or commonly "pig trap" look at Green Revolution. In middle XX age it was India with the biggest hunger problem. They've used green revolution just like LATAM countries and the rest of the South-East Asia and subdued hunger. Africa instead of do the same just made population growth and they're still hungry. They're just bigger in numbers now... Proven fact. Can handle ban if someone is banning here for facts. MiF here. +If Nigeria will really make it to the 700-800 millions people they'll totaly destroy their environment and their population density will be as big as Bangladesh nowadays so... Nigeria will turn into huge slums probably seen from space lol.
2020-01-26 16:09
2020-01-26 16:54
chinese population isnt even growing that fast
2020-01-26 02:57
No, but the tumor in OP's brain obviously is.
2020-01-26 02:58
Estonia 1922 
we have to help him
2020-01-26 02:59
Why? "It's mother nature defending itself". lol
2020-01-26 02:59
2020-01-26 03:00
Estonia 1922 
2020-01-26 03:01
2020-01-26 09:53
Poland Grahdens 
Even the version with the USA spreading the virus is more convincing.
2020-01-26 02:57
That would be more fucked up but Mother Nature is definitely trying to take her land back
2020-01-26 02:59
what are you smoking xd???
2020-01-26 15:01
Ethiopia sexiestuser 
mother nature
2020-01-26 17:00
China's population isn't growing very much anymore
2020-01-26 02:58
if Mother Nature were smart she'd send the virus to sub-saharan Africa and Pakistan instead.
2020-01-26 02:59
2020-01-26 03:00
They aren’t the ones pumping carbon into the environment
2020-01-26 03:03
United States JoshDAA 
They are overpopulating, if they ever turn into a stable country their pollution will far exceed china’s shit
2020-01-26 04:20
??? How tf does that affect the probability of a virus outbreak
2020-01-26 05:00
China’s population isn’t growing much??
2020-01-26 02:59
It’s fucking out of control what are you talking about? Not to mention, they are pumping carbon into the environment faster than all nations around world pretty much put together
2020-01-26 03:00
Sorry but you are wrong
2020-01-26 03:02 China is responsible for one third of the worlds carbon emission....
2020-01-26 03:05
Changing the topic?
2020-01-26 03:51
Canada The_HD_Is_Now 
??? china's population -> ~1.4 billion (30% of co2 emissions) USA's population -> ~330 million (16% of co2 emissions) an average American literally produces 2-3 TIMES more co2 than an average Chinese lol
2020-01-26 04:24
Canada is literally exactly the same as the US in this regard edit: didn't see you had already noted that below until i scrolled further down
2020-01-26 05:24
yeah because they have many people. The average chinese person however produces way less carbon than the average american person for example. Chinese per capita emissions are pretty low and you also have to keep in mind that they basically produce everything we use in our daily lives. If we'd be producing them in europe we would have much higher emissions too.
2020-01-26 03:07
THEY HAVE NO PLANS. NONE. To reduce their carbon footprint. All they got is a dumb fucking solar farm which won’t be ready for like 10+ years. They will have helped destroy the planet long before then. The reason they produce everything you idiot is becuase they have no restrictions around low pay workers and environmental protection.... are you that dumb?
2020-01-26 03:10
"The reason they produce everything you idiot is becuase they have no restrictions around low pay workers and environmental protection.... are you that dumb?" welcome to capitalism. If you care about the environment so much like you act around here, stop buying chinese products. You can't just ship off all your production to china and then complain about the emissions said production causes.
2020-01-26 03:11
It's not growing that fast. They have controlled it a lot
2020-01-26 03:01
Doesn’t matter what current rate of growth is - it’s already well out of control and too large
2020-01-26 03:03
How is it already well out of control if it's being controlled
2020-01-26 03:05 China responsible for 1/3 of worlds carbon emissions. They are destroying the plant on their own and have no plans to reduce carbon out put other than some dumb fucking solar panel farm
2020-01-26 03:07
The carbon emissions are out of control, the population is under control. They are 2 very different things.
2020-01-26 03:09
You wouldn’t have the carbon problem if their population wasn’t so fucking vast and they didn’t have to allow pretty much slave factory work with no environmental restrictions to ensure rural populations have work... You are dumb as shit
2020-01-26 03:11
Nah, there would still be a carbon problem if the population was much smaller. The U.S. has less than 1/3 of the population of China but still a large amount of carbon emissions.
2020-01-26 03:13
United States caliprep 
Has little to do with their population. Everything to do with their management of resources and lack of regulations. Fix those two, and the pollution would be massively reduced
2020-01-26 03:36
Canada The_HD_Is_Now 
considering the size of their population they are actually doing quite well (relatively speaking) china's population -> ~1.4 billion (30% of co2 emissions) USA's population -> ~330 million (16% of co2 emissions) The USA, Canada and Australia are real big offenders in terms of per capita emissions.
2020-01-26 04:27
United States caliprep 
Then how come it didn’t come from India?
2020-01-26 03:34
United States me_0_major 
dk what you mean "mother nature", clearly bioweapon engineered by chinese scientists
2020-01-26 03:40
Incorrect, it's the demonic globalists trying to control population, especially with this man-made biological weapon virus
2020-01-26 04:18
There is no mother nature.
2020-01-26 04:22
Ill wait for virus that Will come in India
2020-01-26 04:23
population density China 145 per km2 UK 271 per km2 fertility rate China 1.7 UK 1.8
2020-01-26 05:16
Australia Finalization 
but the corona virus was made in a lab by the chinese military. it's not nature.
2020-01-26 05:17
No Chinese are not the worst in carbon emission, USA is the worst. Also, a big chunk of chinese emission is caused by its export, cf its commercial balance. Said otherwise, it is what other countries import the cause of it and so their fault. For exemple, the keyboard you use, if made in China, then it created carbon emission in China yet it is your fault.
2020-01-26 05:28
Europe _EpiC_ 
yes I thought the same
2020-01-26 14:54
Dunno if autistic or its just a british brain
2020-01-26 14:56
or secret military biological weapon :)
2020-01-26 15:04
China SwooksarV2 
Bruh. Even the bioweapon created by China or USA is more convincing.
2020-01-26 16:11
Mother Nature. Fact. Bioweapons wouldn’t be this slow/non-fatal
2020-01-26 16:46
Brazil 1930 China isn't the problem of overpopulation.
2020-01-26 17:08
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