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I'll explain. So in december the whole tension between Germans x Brazilians went down when a user named baitlander attacked fallenzera, exposed all his alts, the brazilian got 10yeared just like his 10 alts. Everything was suppose to be fine, since germans and brazilians made a ceasefire, since aparently fallenzera accepted he threatned baitlander b4 the attack, plus he once also helped another brazilian user "singforthemoment" to expose Mibr_is_overrated on the past But something went down on German side, and an internal debate started, and aparently Zeolikk and his dudes : mibr_is_overrated, sttutgart, mikeybieber etc, is now threating Baitlander, we dont have any info of what exactly happened BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED For some reason guccilele is also a target now, and a lot of others users. Baitlander with no other option, warned fallenzera and cia that a new attack would happen, he was probably trying to recruit some help. Now this whole tension in the air, nobody knows what will happen in the next few days! Tbh ? im leaving for a month or more!
2020-01-26 03:05
Behold the barren field on which I grow my fucks medic!
2020-01-26 03:06
Let's not waste a perfectly good opportunity to make fun of Turkish hackers boys.
2020-01-26 08:10
wtf is this video lol
2020-01-26 08:14
Me being salty because I got kicked after carrying a 4 man Turkish stack that had 1 lowkey cheater giving them info. I killed him twice, proceeded to win them the game and got kicked at round 15.
2020-01-26 08:21
Yes, Turkish players might really be cunts, gotta agree. But don't get me wrong, it happened to me in few 4 stack games, I mean players from other nations could kick just for no reason aswell
2020-01-26 08:46
true that, any nation can produce cunts, they are like cockroaches.
2020-01-26 09:39
2020-01-26 08:21
Don't be mad, you should join the cause and hate on Turkish hackers along with the rest of us legit players.
2020-01-26 08:23
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