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rocket league players
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
A question to fellow rocket league players, is that worth getting a controller ? I have 170 hours and most of the time I'm playing 2v2 and my rank is around gold 3 - platinum 2 Will controller improve me as a player ? I never had a controller in my life and I don't know if I will even get used to it, I have been a pc gamer over 15 years
2020-01-26 19:12
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Does eating cum improve gaming performance?
2020-01-26 19:14
United States Jaksin 
Yes, that's why I'm goodest player
2020-01-26 19:16
Lithuania ateivis 
Kinda, you can make better combinations with a controller as everything in the reach of fingers. I've never held a controller before rocket league, and it was hard to adapt, but I gave it like 2 weeks and got pretty good at it.
2020-01-26 19:19
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
what rank ? any controller you would recommend ?
2020-01-26 19:21
Lithuania ateivis 
Was plat. Got xbox for no reason, saw first just bought.
2020-01-26 19:24
Portugal DeviphZ 
either a ps4 or a xbox controller, but that will be from your own choice, go to a store and just pick both controllers and feel which you like more, it's really your own opinion
2020-01-27 02:34
I mean, pro's use controllers but cod pro's use controllers too although keyboard and mouse would be superior so don't know. If you've never played with a controller it's probably not going to make you better but I find playing with a controller more enjoyable and chill and learning to play with a controller opens you up for more games to play and potentially for console gaming
2020-01-26 19:19
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
Ok, ty I will probably buy controller, some day.
2020-01-26 19:24
This doesnt apply to rocket league, controllers are definately not a downside in this game. If you use keyboard and mouse, you dont actually use the mouse for movement/accuracy, you basically only use the buttons. The only difference would be that a controller (in addition to buttons) has sticks and triggers. I think it doesnt matter in this game and in fact most pros use a controller, while a few use KBM.
2020-01-27 02:20
You really need a controller for this game my friend, give it a try and you will see
2020-01-26 19:20
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
2020-01-26 19:25
Not true, see Rizzo, Genocop
2020-01-27 18:32
United States MeggieSimpson 
2020-01-26 19:22
Schnauze baitlander impersonater
2020-01-26 19:27
ZywOo | 
France Qaze 
yes also be sure to start using controller with a good controls layout
2020-01-26 19:28
Canada suzi 
Yes. I’ve used controller from the start. If you’re in gold, literally just practice hitting ground balls into the net from a bunch of different angles. If you master this, you will be unbeatable until diamond 3
2020-01-26 19:30
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
I do this but somehow people are just too good, I usually get like 2 goals per game and then lose cuz my teammate is literally going for the ball all the time and not hitting it, like he is just flying around while my enemy can do ceiling shots just fine, fuck that I'm so mad
2020-01-26 19:41
Canada suzi 
Yeah. It sucks. Try to find a good player then queue up with them
2020-01-27 01:08
Netherlands n0b8m8 
I'm dia 2 in 2v2 & 3v3 with like +/- 500 hours by using keyboard but i would suggest using a controller if you want to grind to the champ ranks
2020-01-26 19:33
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
2020-01-26 19:41
I used keyboard from the beginning and when I switched to controller I improved my flights, shoots accuracy and ranked up from gold to Diamond. Not needed but I think improves gameplay.
2020-01-26 19:34
Germany Jixxahh_CS 
ok thank you
2020-01-26 19:42
Keyboard and champ 2 here
2020-01-27 02:09
same champ 3
2020-01-27 02:44
Controller (only game I use a controller with) and Im champ 1-2 in 2v2, 3v3 and rumble.
2020-01-27 02:22
Australia JAY_DAWG 
I would definitely try it and see whether you play better with KBM or controller. EDIT: There's really no guarantee that controller will improve you as a player, most players do prefer controller, but it really is based on the individuals preference.
2020-01-27 02:29
i have 2k hours so far, i only use keyboard and got gc. If you starting now its not too late but it would be late for me to switch.
2020-01-27 02:59
Brazil zZ3USz 
off topic ... just me with problems when i try finding a match?
2020-01-27 03:02
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