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AO winner
Russia Maybe|Next|Time 
your predictions mens)))))))
2020-01-27 01:20
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Germany Neckarstadion 
Not serena omegalul. Anyways, I think that Nadal will win in the mens)) category
2020-01-27 01:26
what about womens)) category?
2020-01-27 02:06
Germany Neckarstadion 
Looking at the bracket, it's probably going to be Barty if she manages to beat Kvitova. I have to be honest, I don't really follow womens)) tennis all that much, though. The matches are not epic enough because to me they feel like they end before they even really begun since they are only best of 3. It's unfortunate that Andreescu is unable to play at the AO, she was entertaining to watch in New York last year. I hope that Kerber goes far, that would be kind of cool. Also, I am sad that I won't be able to watch Zverev Rublev later, since I will be at the Uni. men((
2020-01-27 02:36
Australia flashi 
all hail legend dojokabitch world champion of slovakia or something mens nadal is malding OMEGALUL ))))
2020-01-27 02:57
Germany Neckarstadion 
I personally hope someone other than Nadal wins. Medwedew would be really cool, Zverev would be freaking insane, but I doubt it will happen.
2020-01-27 03:00
Australia flashi 
bruh i dont really follow tennis but when the AO is on ya know australia actually gets attention so yeah its pretty gnarly mens )))
2020-01-27 08:08
CIS Hentaiisgay 
Who cares are they djs that make 32k a month?
2020-01-27 01:29
no they make 1mil a month
2020-01-27 01:31
CIS Hentaiisgay 
O shit I car already
2020-01-27 01:32
Australia DenseQuasar 
king kygrios! if he can win against nadal tonight he should win the whole tournament but idk how he must be feeling after his last match it looked like it took everything out of him
2020-01-27 01:41
Czech Republic mirtN 
he was devestated, tonight it is gonna be even more demanding for him, i am afraid he hasnt saved enough energy for that.
2020-01-27 02:22
Nadal looking pretty strong
2020-01-27 02:14
gonna have to go with nadal on this one unless kyrgios pulls off something magical. my heart wants federer but nadal seems like the most likely candidate. if nadal loses then djokovic imo.
2020-01-27 02:26
Uruguay Kas9k 
Daniil i have faith
2020-01-27 02:28
zet | 
Switzerland MRKNUSPER 
hoping for fedal final
2020-01-27 02:38
Australia Chereska 
Gotta be Nadal or Djokovic. After Federer had match-points against himself in the Millman match and dropped an opening set yesterday to an unseeded Hungarian, I cannot see him winning the whole thing.
2020-01-27 03:01
Medvedev or Nadal Barty on females
2020-01-27 03:14
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