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2020 Worst YEAR
Brazil morf_ 
Corona Virus World War 3 Australia Fires Earthquake in Turkey Kobe Dead
2020-01-27 01:36
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people do this stupid "worst year" meme literally ever year
2020-01-27 01:38
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
+1, but this is a pretty bad start, less than a month in
2020-01-27 01:41
maybe but a month isn't that new anymore. Iran didn't end in a war, which is actually positive Corona nobody knows how bad it will get but so far not that many people died Australia fires were bad for Australia but e.g. California in 2018 more land was destroyed Celebrities die all the time, e.g. 2016 had Prince, Bowie, Mohamed Ali, Debbie Fisher
2020-01-27 01:50
Yeah only 50 😅
2020-01-27 02:04
on a global scale and across multiple years 50 people dying on some disease isn't unusual. even the common flu kills far more people in absolute numbers. it's news because the fatality rate is fairly high and there is no cure or vaccination and unclear how good we can contain it.
2020-01-27 02:11
still too much... and there are 11 millions ppl in quarantine
2020-01-27 02:57
okay but none of that makes this year particularly bad. we had e.g. SARS and Ebola before and there are generally way worse things, like someone starting an actual war.
2020-01-27 03:12
yeah but still confusing
2020-01-27 03:35
kennyS | 
New Zealand INxNITY 
California in 2018 more land.... So over 4.9 million Hectres?
2020-01-27 03:23
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
1. its about how kobe died, for a big part at least 2. corona is a completely new and unknown virus which does not happen every single year. 3. more as 10 million people are literally locked up in cities as of quarantine 4. the Australian fires have destroyed over 14 million acres, the fires in california in 2018 only destroyed about 300.000 5. the fires in australia have damaged wild life way more than those in california did 6. i fear that iran has not stopped yet with being stupid. i agree with you on the fact that everybody is blowing the ''worse year'' thing a bit up, but everything you said does not make sens. this is a terrible start of the year and you need to be extremely delusional to be able to deny that.
2020-01-27 03:54
none of that is particularly unusual and unlikely to be remembered from a global and across years perspective. you are just overrating current events. E.g. Ebola and SARS were a thing before. wild fires are pretty normal and every few years some area that gets hit particularly badly. no war was started, that alone already makes it pretty much impossible to consider it a particularly bad year.
2020-01-27 04:02
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
i agree with you on the fact that everybody is blowing the ''worse year'' thing a bit up, but everything you said does not make sens . you were lying about a few things and i corrected it for you
2020-01-27 12:35
the only thing I got wrong was the land size for the fires but the fires are bullshit anyway as they started in 2019. e.g. state of emergency for several states was declared in November 2019.
2020-01-27 15:17
Yes but you do understand everything happened in one month. And you are downgrading the impact of these things as well
2020-01-27 12:41
no, people are exaggerating current events, I am putting them in context. E.g. the whole Australia fire is kind of bullshit too because it didn't just happen in January anyway and if anything fires are more under control now. You could easily see it as "January was the month the fires finally decreased".
2020-01-27 15:06
it doesnt matter that it is under control now lmao, look at the effects that the fire has had. we didnt have this many problems in 2019, in 2018 fires were a joke compared to this. stop being delusional its pretty bad.
2020-01-27 16:11
most of the fire happened in 2019.
2020-01-27 16:14
no not rly actually
2020-01-27 16:36
Man 2016 was the worse. My granny also passed away that year.
2020-01-27 04:32
Canada ProvexPyker 
[*] F No one else will do it. But your Canadian brothers will..
2020-01-27 05:39
Oh thx bro, ur awesome
2020-01-27 15:03
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
fuck you're right
2020-01-27 04:19
??? what recent year has had that much shit happen before February?
2020-01-27 01:44
2020-01-27 01:50
BOT Clan won something finally
2020-01-27 01:38
which one
2020-01-27 01:39
BUG clan
2020-01-27 01:39
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
+1 worst year ever
2020-01-27 04:20
What's World War 3 supposed to be?
2020-01-27 01:39
India Noobdian 
USA vs iran
2020-01-27 02:10
How is that World War 3 The U.S. has been doing stuff like that in the middle east for the last 20 years so nothing has changed.
2020-01-27 02:10
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
WW3 became a meme here, and it was pretty nice tbh
2020-01-27 04:21
Denmark Jimz2740 
And we just started 2020 :/ Wonder that happens next :/
2020-01-27 01:39
Economic crisis inc.
2020-01-27 01:40
Kobe beef best beef
2020-01-27 01:40
Overrated, overpriced and it is just a brand effect There are a few places in Japan which produce beef with similar quality
2020-01-27 03:22
But people don't create thread when few kilos of beef from these other places are wasted in a transport crash.
2020-01-27 12:00
I got your point now
2020-01-27 12:35
2020 TRUMP MAGA will bring balance mens son worry
2020-01-27 01:42
2020-01-27 01:48
Brazil morf_ 
at least something good haha
2020-01-27 01:51
United States ShawnM 
1. yea ok 2. that shit aint happening 3. yea ok 4. who cares about an earthquake 5. of course it's sad/bad, but doesn't ruin a year
2020-01-27 01:53
Sweden crittaN 
All respect to kobe and his family but unironically comparing a celebs death to natural disasters and world wars... bruh
2020-01-27 03:14
2020-01-27 03:24
Europe Vallon3 
2020-01-27 04:24
People dies every day
2020-01-27 03:24
ofc in every day a deadly virus is formed and billions animals are dead in flames
2020-01-27 04:07
World war 3 isn’t real
2020-01-27 04:11
Denmark U w0t m8? 
I broke my face yesterday
2020-01-27 04:23
i've been looking forward to the puns for so long, i guess i didnt really have a 2020 vision of the future
2020-01-27 04:35
Czech Republic aLEXIOf 
Overreacted but yeah, kinda sad start.
2020-01-27 15:05
You forgot ukrainian plane
2020-01-27 15:05
2020-01-27 16:37
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