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lost all respect for larry david
Germany smartest_hltv_rightist 
I always enjoyed his comedy, especially "curb your enthusiasm". Im watchin the first episode of the 10th season right now and he goes the cheap "orange man bad" way, implicating that african americans hate donald trump etc (which is not true). I dont like trump, but I expected more finesse of him. god Im disappointed right now.
2020-01-27 15:51
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Germany Bier 
Ok hdf
2020-01-27 15:52
was willst du lappen, du weißt nicht mal wovon ich rede, du insekt.
2020-01-27 15:53
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Halt die schnauze.
2020-01-27 16:36
Sweden Rezeter 
haha he always been rascist with bad jokes, you just woke up now?
2020-01-27 17:14
2020-01-27 15:52
I should not write in a forum full of teenagers, im sry.
2020-01-27 15:54
not a teenager i just dont watch television
2020-01-27 16:13
Sweden GUUSHi 
2020-01-27 15:55
2020-01-27 15:53
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
username doesnt check out
2020-01-27 15:53
Idk about the show but being black and supporting trump is next level stupidity. also black really don't like Trump: e.g. 90% disapprove of his job, 83% say he is a racist
2020-01-27 16:03
interesting. never heard anything of trump that was racist towards the black community. iirc his standing in the black community was better than expected, it seems to have shifted.
2020-01-27 16:22
there is a whole wiki entry about it lol:
2020-01-27 16:29
well, where did he state something racist towards african americans in his presidency? maybe you can quote something here.
2020-01-27 16:33
So.. nothing?
2020-01-27 17:00
??? I just gave you a whole list. e.g. not renting flats to blacks is obviously racist.
2020-01-27 17:03
Reunion 1iquser 
watch him pull the "they're sketchy tho" excuse
2020-01-27 17:04
Your name checks out.
2020-01-27 17:07
If you didn’t have the reading comprehension level of a fourgrader you would have understood that there merely has been a lawsuit filed, which was settled without admitting any wrongdoing. Do you really think, if there would have been substantial evidence they would have gotten away with that? But that is beside the point. I want you to provide a racist statement or political act of trump during his presidency. Im honestly curious if you can produce anything of that kind. No sarcasm.
2020-01-27 17:07
Towards the black community that is before you pull anything.
2020-01-27 17:08
you don't accidentally end up with a 50 entry long wikipedia article showing racist behaviour consistently for decades. and just because he isn't always openly racist doesn't mean he isn't racist. same guy that didn't rent flats to blacks also took out ads to accuse black teenagers of rape even after they were found innocent. same guy created the whole Obama birth certificate conspiracy revolving around Obama's skin color, same guy retweets neo nazis, calls them "good people", doesn't really distance himself from them... it's clearly a pattern. also let's be honest, even if he showed up in an SS uniform saying all jews should be killed most of his supporters would still make up excuses.
2020-01-27 17:45
So... you’re saying you can’t produce it? That’s all I wanted but nice try. :)
2020-01-27 17:47
I literally already showed up like 50 cases and you are literally rejecting them all. This shit is racist: This shit is racist: This shit is racist: This shit is racist: This shit is racist: This shit is racist:
2020-01-27 17:51
Ever heard of affirmative action? I guess not. Listen, no matter what I read it’s pretty much hearsay. I’m not saying I can’t imagine him saying that because I can. But I need proof. And whilst being really reckless when it comes to making statement on twitter etc I have never read anything racist towards blacks. That’s why I’m curious. All you produce is some wiki article which lets face it is not really what yoi would call unbiased. I bet if challenged on court this entry would be gone pretty damn quick.
2020-01-27 17:54
> But I need proof. I already provide that, you simply reject everything because it doesn't fit your narrative.
2020-01-27 22:20
No, you provided hearsay and lawsuits. That doesn’t mean shit. Also which narrative exactly? I was genuinely curious. And you didn’t produce anything but 30 year old greyzone crap that I can’t even confirm and that didn’t do shit even on paper. Read what I write you absolute moron.
2020-01-27 22:50
You clearly didn't even bother reading the wiki article, which just shows that you act in bad faith and don't want to hear anything that doesn't fit your views.
2020-01-27 23:11
Are you kidding me? I read it more thoroughly than you lol. Stop making assumptions and answer my points. You just drop a link and make vague claims. Up to this point you didn’t even deliver what I had asked for initially. Im done with you. This is ridiculous.
2020-01-27 23:31
no, you didn't read it, stop lying. it's full of events/comments Trump made during his presidency and public statements yet you keep making bullshit claims like it was all 30 years ago, hearsay... also keep moving the goalpost. the topic is that he has been consistently racist, so obviously old things matter too and dismissing anything he didn't say personally is just dishonest. it's like saying that a murderer never admit to it hence it's all just hearsay.
2020-01-27 23:36
If it’s full of it, then why haven’t you produced a single racist comment of him during his presidency towards the black community? Just post it here. Your analogy is heavily flawed btw lol.
2020-01-27 23:40
Again, you are clearly refusing to read the source. in fact you didn't even look at the content box because that already answers all your bullshit questions and claims. The whole entry is full of quotes. And yes, you keep moving the goalpost. Trump has been consistently racist. The wiki article has over 300 sources. yet you refuse to read it and keep making up new demands.
2020-01-27 23:42
Actually no, I’m not moving anything. My demands have been the same all day you little snake. Just go up and reread. How bad is your memory? Jesus. Again just post it here and we can discuss it. I had enough of your vague bullshit already. I’ve never even denied that trump makes racist remarks. You are totally missing the point.
2020-01-27 23:48
how do you explain that you keep making false claims about the wiki article? you are actually an idiot, you could have at least looked at the content box to realize that it's full of entries about his presidency. clearly you didn't read the article and hence clearly you are acting in bad faith.
2020-01-27 23:52
Holy shit you are Even dumber than I thought. It’s like talking to a wall. How do you not get this?
2020-01-27 23:54
Read #11 and #14 you cunt
2020-01-27 23:49
Oh and one last thing: the Central Park case. How is this even racist? Lmao. Because the perpetrators have been Latinos and blacks? This is so fucking stupid lol.
2020-01-27 23:34
Oh and again I don’t want some shit that happened 30 years ago. I’m talking about DURING his presidency. I thought I was clear about that but apparently you are too stupid to read. You have proven that now many times.
2020-01-27 17:57
Oh and lets be very clear about one thing: I’m not a trump supporter, I don’t give a fuck who is in charge of the states since it’s pretty much the same shit no matter if a dem or rep sits in office.
2020-01-27 17:49
btw, how many millions did the coronoa virus kill so far buddy? ;)
2020-01-27 16:23
Libya green_wizard 
Expected from low IQs
2020-01-27 18:31
flusha | 
Europe Telsek 
george costanza = larry david
2020-01-27 16:16
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
2020-01-27 18:16
Reunion 1iquser 
orange man do be doing bad shit tho
2020-01-27 17:05
Maybe, not the point.
2020-01-27 17:11
he do be living on twitter doe
2020-01-27 17:52
That's unfortunate
2020-01-27 17:08
do u know what you should do ?
2020-01-27 17:53
I think I should stfu with that flag lol
2020-01-27 17:54
lmao +1
2020-01-27 17:54
fat | 
United States girls 
2020-01-28 00:53
fat | 
United States girls 
jeff really looks like weinstein xD
2020-01-28 00:53
lost all respect which i never had
2020-01-28 00:54
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