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"kobe? who is that?"
Laz | 
Japan Unagi 
you guys either are trying really hard to troll and bait or haven't left your house since the day you were born all of you disrespecting kobe and saying "who cares" or "who the fuck is that" are just really sad human beings the dude helped globalize the game of basketball and is one of the most popular athletes to ever exist on this planet alongside people like lebron, cr7, messi, michael jordan etc. even my parents know who kobe bryant is luka doncic was one of those people inspired by him btw to all of the EU users
2020-01-27 20:14
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Israel OKOptimistic1 
American basketball man
2020-01-27 20:14
United States BlackLiquidFan 
exactly best black guy!
2020-01-27 20:14
Portugal Bubulatikas 
We should make a tribute to him of the Kobe moments in CSGO to show some respect to the basketball community :P Would make a great video tho!
2020-01-28 22:54
yes man!!
2020-01-28 23:00
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson all greater players
2020-01-27 20:14
2020-01-27 20:16
Magic Johnson said himself that Kobe is the greatest Laker ever
2020-01-28 09:41
1) lebron 2) kobe 3) jordan 4) who cars
2020-01-28 09:55
1) Jordan 2) Gortat 3) Kobe 4) Hayward 5) Fultz
2020-01-28 10:10
nah, i can accept any opinion, but every top 5 without james is a bait 0/8
2020-01-28 10:12
device | 
Denmark bebm 
both of ur lists are shit but obviously the other guy is baiting 1. Jordan 2. Kareem (3 soon) 3. LeBron (2 soon) 4. Tim Duncan (most underrated player of all time im not even a spurs fan but 5 rings 2 mvps 3 fmvps without another superstar, tony and manu were great but not true superstars duos like kobe+shaq kareem+magic, lbj+wade etc.) 5. Magic Johnson 6. Larry Bird (also pretty underrated nowadays) 7. Kobe Bryant 8. Wilt Chamberlain 9. Bill Russell 10. Shaq 4-7 are very close and interchangeable, rest is obvious
2020-01-28 20:37
lebron already 2 easily. kobe ahead of larry
2020-01-28 22:57
device | 
Denmark bebm 
kareems achievements are superior rn when lebron retires, his will be better no way kobe > larry larry is so underrated nowadays, able to take 3 rings in an era with magic and kareem on the same team the dude was 2v1ing and that lakers squad had a shit ton more peieces whereas larry had 2 solid teammates and a bunch of other alright role players
2020-01-28 22:59
if you dont consider the era then Wilt needs to be higher up
2020-01-28 23:05
not larry bird
2020-01-28 22:56
he is one of the brothers of sugma
2020-01-27 20:16
Joe Sugma
2020-01-28 09:34
who ???????
2020-01-28 10:19
2020-01-28 14:39
2020-01-28 16:55
luka doncic who's that? And btw I genuinely think that there are people who hasn't heard his name, ever. I bet if someone would mention the most famous Cricet player(The 2nd most watched sport) you wouldn't know him(neither do I)
2020-01-27 20:16
Europe god_of_hltv 
Kobe wasn’t just great player. He’s an icon, a philosophy
2020-01-28 09:22
yes watched by 3rd world asians who cars
2020-01-28 16:54
Doesn't matter. Still the 2nd most watched sport, therefore probably the most money in it
2020-01-28 20:33
not right but ok.
2020-01-28 22:41
Why isn't it right?
2020-01-28 22:55
2020-01-27 20:17
China SwooksarV2 
I will make sure to keep all my Kobe shoes even though these people are inflating the prices
2020-01-27 20:19
2020-01-27 20:20
Denmark Gomer_Pyle 
Basket is not a thing here. It would be like expecting thay you should know who Mikkel Hansen is. Michael Jordan is known here from hollywood movies and nike commercials, but hardly anyone saw his games.
2020-01-27 20:22
Finland Vkims 
Imagine not knowing Mikkel Hanssen
2020-01-28 09:39
Yeah, he died. Yeah its sad. But its just another day in the office, people die. Never had any emotional connection with the man, never heard of him outside of basketball, don't care.
2020-01-27 20:23
United States blessedMMA_ 
thats absolutely understandable, but hating on people who were genuienly touched by his death due to his immense impact on a lot of life's is just disgusting. tbh this was the first time i felt genuienly sad after a celeb/athelete's death. he was bigger than basketball, a fucking icon.
2020-01-28 09:26
There are idiots all over the world. I'm not surprised that some people act like retards and laugh at other's pain tbh
2020-01-28 09:46
Germany MackyGee 
2020-01-28 09:36
f0rest | 
Greece Graecos 
Cool story, bro. I honestly don't care at all.
2020-01-28 09:32
Sweden DeeColon 
Everyone ask who is kobe, but no one ask how is kobe
2020-01-28 09:38
Sweden PPH 
I'm pretty sure he's that russian guy that made the 200iq kobe throw in PGL krakow major
2020-01-28 09:47
2020-01-28 10:19
2020-01-28 22:57
Magisk | 
Europe s1xX 
because people cry over it louder than they would if it was their own blood. Which is a pinnacle of hypocrisy and two-faced behavior. And at top of that, someone who does not give 2 fucks about sports couldn't care any less if he was the Ghandi of basketball. Just another celebrity dead. Funny how him and his daughter are the center-point of all this, while there were more people in that chopper. Just proves my point, yall hypocritical bunch of ´humans´
2020-01-28 09:47
Finland Homeless775 
”even my parents know who kobe bryant is” Lmao what, why would they not know, they’re the ones who should know
2020-01-28 09:48
s1mple | 
Norway NoB8t 
2020-01-28 10:06
Why, it's the High Quality Beef Randy Savage himself! Who doesn't know about Kobe Beef?
2020-01-28 09:51
There is always 1% that didn't heard of someone famous and that's ok.
2020-01-28 09:53
My favorite rapper rip
2020-01-28 09:59
other than the us and lithuania nobody cares about basketball... most of the ppl wouldnt have been able to recognize him on a photo before the tragedy, some ppl just cant be bothered by news like this and theres zero problems with that
2020-01-28 10:31
jks | 
United States Fule 
what do we yell when throw grensde now
2020-01-28 16:50
Canada ProvexPyker 
2020-01-28 16:56
Ukraine ksay 
and why exactly are you so sensitive about it? i just don't understand your mindset
2020-01-28 16:58
most of HLTV wasn't even born when Kobe played
2020-01-28 20:35
who is Luca Doncic
2020-01-28 22:44
2020-01-28 22:58
I'm not disrespecting, but ppl die all the time and it doesnt really move me that much when celebrities die. So much more shit happens in this World. I'm more sad for 13 year old daughter who didn't get to experience this life very much :(
2020-01-28 22:52
+1 except last sentence.
2020-01-28 22:58
Philippines stiwa5k 
This. +1
2020-01-28 22:59
2020-01-28 22:55
Honestly I only knew his name because my friend is a basketball player. Not everyone watches the american basketball league you know. My mother would never know who kobe was.
2020-01-28 22:59
He was a great cricketer btw.
2020-01-28 22:59
not to mention, even if you're just a young kid who spent his life playing CS and never paying attention to the outside world at all, there's even the fucking KOBE meme in CS lol.
2020-01-28 23:01
REZ | 
Sweden katt1n 
Ah yes, globalizing the game of basketball. Totally something i care about and respect lol. Kobes death was tragic. He died way too young and that is sad. But it is not like it's any different from any random person dying in the same way.
2020-01-28 23:01
Other wholelottared 
adc for tsm
2020-01-28 23:02
Netherlands zuzelmonster 
a lot of people in europe have no interest at all in either basketball or US sports celebs.
2020-01-28 23:07
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