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hltv ranking system
Turkey BeaLzeBuB 
OG -> 80 points -> 24th place -> cs_summit 3-4th and shit open qualifier 8th BIG -> 92 Points -> 22nd place -> ESL One 1st and some achievements how can it possible? is "cs_summit 4th > esl one 1st" ?
2020-01-29 22:00
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Turkey BeaLzeBuB 
ok sorry. dh open. is "cs_summit 4th > dh open 1st" ?
2020-01-29 22:06
Sweden XenoRex 
2020-01-29 22:07
Turkey BeaLzeBuB 
i arent think like that but ok, it is understandable.
2020-01-29 22:11
cs summit is special event compared to dreamhacks that happen quite often + More enjoyable
2020-01-29 22:23
Turkey BeaLzeBuB 
cs_summit > dh open - ok cs_summit 4th > dh open 1st - this is not ok for me. cs_summit teams ; g2 - #10 mouz - #2 og - #22 vp - #19 furia - #18 mibr - #15 dh open teams renegades - #20 cloud9 - #17 heroic - #14 north - #23 sprout - #30+ vp - #19 mad lions and big cs_summit prize pool : 150k -> 4th took 21.5k dh open prize pool : 100k -> 1st took 50k (and going dh masters ticket) there isn't huge diff between 2 event give more respect to dh open :P
2020-01-29 22:32
United Kingdom HLTV_PATRIOT 
They replaced 2 players?
2020-01-29 22:02
og wont even be top30 in a few weeks dont worry
2020-01-29 22:03
I hope, literally most overhyped team imagine +3 for not passing through open qualifiers and lost to some noname polish team
2020-01-29 22:04
I srsly dont know what people were expecting with this lineup
2020-01-29 22:05
Aleksib = Nice igl but overrated af Valde = He used to be good but right now he is mediocre at best ISSAA = Few good performances in HR when woxic carried his ass so hard Mantuu = No comment needed, literally taken from tier5 german team NBK = Biggest joke, he beg another org to make another team from rejects and one nonamer Literally player like Electronic, Elige or S1mple/Zywoo have more firepower alone than this entire roster combined tbh
2020-01-29 22:08
Yeah pretty much, people were claiming top10 without having one tier1 player.
2020-01-29 22:09
Probably just braindead guys from Finland which like to lick ass of their midget Maybe if they cut Mantuu, NBK and ISSAA they become solid tier2/3 team but at this moment they're nowhere near to even tier3 And imagine inviting this shit instead of promising teams like BIG or forZe which are probably 10x better
2020-01-29 22:13
they will be because they got invited to the leagues, probably go Blast + EPL or B-Site
2020-01-29 22:06
big haven't won any esl one are you retarded?
2020-01-29 22:04
CIS kryto203 
dh open isnt a esl one not even close
2020-01-29 22:04
where the fuck do you see esl one? and even cs_summit > Dreamhack open OG played better teams that are higher in the ranking and played 2 close series vs #2 Big only won vs Renegades, Virtus pro and Heroic lost an OPEN QUALIFIER OMEGALOL to a team named AVEZ played absolute shit at champions cup
2020-01-29 22:05
#2 team played without their main star if i'm correct so it's not big achievement tbh ForZe or BIG deserves this invites 10x more
2020-01-29 22:14
yeah, but Big also got new roster and before this event they were absolute shit not even best german team. OG has the money and the names. AleksiB is one of the community favourites and brings viewership. the ranking is good imo its just that big orgs get more invites and so higer placings in this rankings
2020-01-29 23:16
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