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Upgrade pc
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Hello Dear HLTV Forums, I have birthday in about 2 weeks and I'd like to upgrade my PC a bit because my fps go down to like 100fps in DM sometimes and I have annoying stutters occasionally aswell. I don't a lot of budget, probably 180€ max. so don't come up with the newest processors and shit. My specs right now: GTX 1060 3GB AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler PRIME B350-PLUS Samsung SSD 860 EVO 250GB Random HDD 2x 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM (I also have a 144hz monitor already) So is there anything worth upgrading? I thought about getting 16GB RAM maybe.
2020-02-04 04:02
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deathmatch is fucked up with fps , i have ryzen 5 2600 and rx 580 and 150 - 200 fps on dm but on mm its 299-350 gpu doesn't really do shit in csgo so if its about csgo only just go for ryzen 5 3600
2020-02-04 04:09
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3600 seems like a nice upgrade, i play other games aswell but it's mainly for csgo
2020-02-04 04:19
nvm buy a ryzen 5 3600
2020-02-04 04:17
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yeah was about to say that gpu would be pretty unnecessary, 3600 seems nice
2020-02-04 04:20
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i read fast and thought that a new gpu would work for you but then i went to watch few reviews and with this budget 3600 gotta be a better upgrade
2020-02-04 04:24
Make sure your mobo supports 3rd gen ryzen. Lots of b350 boards don't.
2020-02-04 04:42
Sell your ram, buy 3200MHZ 16GB dual channel. Buy Ryzen 7 3800X EASY 300FPS.
2020-02-04 04:13
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ryzen 7 3800x is 400e his budget is 180e read before writing anything
2020-02-04 04:15
would love a ryzen 7 3800 for 180usd yes
2020-02-04 04:29
upgrade cpu first wtf is 1600 lul
2020-02-04 04:24
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good for a budget tbh
2020-02-04 04:26
upgrade case to Thermaltake Tower 900
2020-02-04 04:25
3600 is within that budget and I think your mobo supports it if you upgrade the bios. Alternative 1600AF is really good value for money (it's basically a 2600). Any other upgrades won't do that much and / or cost a lot more.
2020-02-04 04:29
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what's the difference between the af and the normal one?
2020-02-04 04:34
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It's 15-20% faster than the 1600 and costs just $85. But not sure whether it's really worth it if you already have a 1600. 3600 will be a much bigger upgrade. but that's only if you mainly care about CS as 3600 will probably bottleneck your gpu in other games. but a better gpu won't do much for CS.
2020-02-04 04:42
Get a 1600af and you should be at 200 fps in DM on average.
2020-02-04 04:32
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wat edit: #17
2020-02-04 04:34
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Normal 1600 is on a 14 NM node because it is first gen ryzen. Af is on 11 NM so it's more power efficient and has better performance. It's like that because amd ran out of 1600 stock so they just started using poorly binned 2600s that still provide decent performance.
2020-02-04 04:41
if you only care about csgo cpu should be first idk if that motherboard could support new ryzen 5 3600, if it does, go for it, 300fps that gpu aint that bad you probably can run some games on medium settings at 60fps
2020-02-04 04:52
for csgo cpu matters the most, buy some decent cpu, cooler, paste, OC it and u gucci
2020-02-04 04:57
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